HNA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes for April 23, 2015

Minutes: The HNA Executive Committee met on Thursday, April 23, 2015.

Executive Committee members present were Mark Harkrider, James Harkrider, Bruce Fairchild and Mary Sanger


  1. Kelly Willis and Kelly Ramsey presentation on the duplex and single family home being built at 3205 and 3207 Liberty. Kelly and Kelly brought to our attention their concerns regarding the height, floor to area ratio and car maneuverability in the alley. Kelly Ramsey had done some extensive analysis of the building permit plans and believed the plans did not meet code and asked for our assistance. Mary Sanger agreed to discuss Kelly's findings with the permit reviewer and Daniel Word of the City. (Mr. Word emailed msanger on April 28th noting there were Code Compliance issues regarding the FAR and he would be asking
    owner to come into compliance with the code. He will look at the maneuverability issue as well. As of this writing, we have not heard the final results of Mr Word's discussion with agent or his own findings.

HNA Zoning Committee Meeting May 4

HNA Zoning Agenda

May 4, 2015 

Time: 6:45pm         Location: Hancock Recreation Center basement


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approve minutes from March 2, 2015
  3. Code Next Document
    1. Discuss and review the Duplex category
    2. Recommendation of revisions to the HNA membership regarding Zoning changes needed to the Duplex category in the Land Development Code
  4. Discuss the newly added role of Development to the Zoning Committee
    1. Clarify process and Develop a plan of Action to respond to HNA Demolition permits. Historic Designation, and COA hearings
  5. Neighborhood Communication- Three minutes to address any zoning item not listed on the agenda
  6. New Business-Future agenda items
  7. Adjourn

Liberty Street Development Documents

3205 and 3207 Liberty Street development permit documents courtesy of Linda Guerrero.

Letter to CoA Regarding Code Next Concerns

Letter from Mary Sanger to Matthew Dugan at the City of Austin regarding Code Next and its lack of economic analysis

HNA Executive Committee Meeting April 23

The HNA Executive Committee will meet at 6:30 pm, Thursday, April 23d.

If you plan to attend, please email me and I will send you information on the location.

Mary Sanger

Austin Climate Action Plan

Thanks to Linda Guerrero for providing this reference:

HNA Meeting Minutes for March 18, 2015

April Zoning Committee Meeting Cancelled

The April Zoning Committee Meeting has been cancelled due to the lack of agenda items.

Please submit agenda requests one week prior to the first Monday of each month.


HNA Zoning Committee

Linda Guerrero

City of Austin Guadalupe Corridor Survey Results Now Available

Courtesy of Alan Hughes, P.E. <>.

City of Austin Guadalupe Corridor Survey results are now available for download!

The complete Online Survey results < > and Public Open House ‘Thought Wall’ Comments <> for the Guadalupe Corridor Improvement Program are now available for download. More than 780 participants took the survey from November 15, 2014 to February 6, 2015, and 81 people attended the Public Open House on December 3, 2014. The Austin community shared input on how to enhance mobility, safety, and quality of life along the Guadalupe corridor for pedestrians, bicycles, public transportation, and vehicles. A deeper analysis of public feedback will be available later this spring.

To learn more more, please see the Guadalupe Corridor Improvement Program.

Zoning Committee Meeting Minutes: 3/5/2015

Zoning Committee Meeting Minutes: 3/5/2015

  • Chair Guerrero appointed Hugh Bender to the HNA Zoning Committee.
  • 716 Harris : There are no zoning violations or variances pertaining to the permit that is currently being reviewed by the COA staff. ZCM Whatley did not observe any glaring design issues with the plan.
  • The HNA ZC members cannot meet informally to discuss zoning concerns with residents. For a residential zoning issue emergency the HNA ZC will provide a Special Called Meeting.
  • ZCM's commented on the HNA duplex issues and challenges as additional legal permits infiltrate our area. HNA ZCM's stated that best solution for change lie ahead in the CodeNEXT land development code (LDC) decisions and recommendations.
  • GROUP HOME, CLASS I (GENERAL): This category will trump occupancy limits. The majority of these legal uses will predominately fall into MF-4-NP category. ZCM Guerrero suggested the HNA code compliance officer be invited to a meeting in the near future.
  • New Business: ZCM Guerrero reported on a stakeholders meeting pertaining to Resolution 20141002-042. There will be one more meeting before any recommendations move forward to Council. One person at the meeting suggested amending the Temporary Use permit. The suggested change is to allow a Temporary Use Permit if the residents within 100 feet all agree. ZCM Guerrero asked to discuss this proposed change with CANPAC members and HNA members at their next meeting date.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 7:58pm

Linda Guerrero

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