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HNA Zoning Committee Meeting Minutes - June 24, 2020

Agenda for HNA Zoning Committee Meeting
Wednesday June 24th 2020
6:30 pm Zoom Mtg

Call to Order 6:30 pm

Hugh Bender
Carolyn Palaima
Linda Guerreo
Bart Whatley
Bob Mebane

Guests: Developer Representatives -Leah Bojo and Kate Kniejski

1) News and Intro: Hancock Shopping Center News
The Engineer was called and they are at preliminary stages/ No physical plans have been drafted to share. Engineer stated that at this time it involves an HEB expansion and may have something related to the old Sear bldg but those plans are still preliminary.

2) Presentation on East Avenue Amendment Presentation: Leah Bojo-respresentative for Developer
Developer wants to go to 120 feet in height which would be equal to the current highest height on the frontage road. They presented this basic plan, and are requesting no additional changes to the PUD at this time. They presented the plan, answered questions from the Committee related to current East Ave Build out numbers, traffic (Frontage access only), restrictive covenants and also any concerns, ideas or input from the committee.

3) Discussion related to, and possible recommendation to HNA, Proposed PUD Amendment for East Avenue
Committee expressed a desire to have actual affordable housing on site. The committee stated that they hoped no reflective glass would be used under this PUD or future amendments. If the height is granted, the committee expressed that any neighborhood facing sides of the structure have design details with shrubs, offsets and that no-tilt walls are allowed.

Both parties agreed that we do not have enough information to discuss MFI and plans, and split up responsibilities to gather more information and then meet again. Zoning committee to work in small groups to contact city staff, obtain, independently, facts and information then meet again in July.

Action Taken/Next Steps: Committee members and developer to gather additional information so we can make an informed recommendation. Next formal meeting of the Zoning Committee is unknown at this time and, as always, will be posted on the HNA website. The HNA should not expect to see a final recommendation for a few weeks to a month, based on the COA current review cycles.





HNA Zoning Committee Meeting June 24 to Consider East Avenue PUD Parcel A Amendment

Agenda for HNA Zoning Committee Meeting
Wednesday June 24th 2020
6 pm Zoom Mtg

Topic: Discussion related to, and possible recommendation to HNA, Proposed PUD Amendment for East Avenue.


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East Avenue PUD Parcel A Amendment - June 15, 2020.pdf

East Avenue Restrictive Covenant by Concordia University

Resolution_HNA and ENA, 2007.pdf

Joint HNA-ENA resolution on Concordia (East Ave) parks funding.

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