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Stop Stealth Dorms Update

Stop Stealth Dorms update document provided by Mary Sanger.

Stealth Dorms Updates

Current updates on the Harris Avenue Duplex, rental registration, and duplex occupancy limits can be found at http://stopstealthdorms.com.

Board of Adjustment Hearing Re. Harris Avenue Duplexes Monday, May 13 at 5:30pm

There is a Board of Adjustment hearing about proposed dorm duplexes at 718, 720 and 722 Harris Avenue on Monday, May 13 at 5:30 to consider an appeal filed for an interpretation that the zoning code permits only one building to be constructed on that site -- not three. Residents of Central and North Central Austin are urged to attend, and show support; and to also let the City Manager, City Attorney and City officials know we want the duplex occupancy limits lowered. The hearing will be held at City Council Chambers.

Help Stop The Destruction of Urban Family Neighborhood by Dorm Style Housing

Authored by Angela Pack Zia and Mary Sanger.

(Updated April 16, 2013)

The multitude of nuisance, safety and traffic problems that dorm-style housing generates is absolutely incompatible with family neighborhoods and can have a rapid devastating impact on single family neighborhoods. Mike Wong, President of Northfield Neighborhood Association (http://www.northfieldna.org/) stated that his neighborhood has lost 10 single family homes within the last six weeks to dorm-style housing, with a total of 20 single family homes being replaced by dorm-style housing within the past six months. The result is a high percent turn over within the past six months whereby single family homes in the neighborhood have been replaced with dorm-style housing. More are on their way as four more homes have been recently demolished on 51st between Guadalupe and Duval and more homes demolished on North Loop. Because of this incompatibility with dorm-style housing and single family homes, the single family occupants are forced to leave, thereby, creating a domino effect in the community that continues to greatly negatively impact existing single family residents.

Kevin Cutsinger and Ross Cole's proposed duplexes on Harris Ave.

This is a fact sheet on Kevin Cutsinger and Ross Cole's proposed duplexes on Harris Avenue. The document is authored by Mike Hebert with contributions from neighbors on Carolyn Avenue.

KEYE Story on Keven Cutsinger and Ross Cole's Proposed Duplexes on Harris Ave Across from Lee

Central Austin Parents Upset Over Proposed Duplex Development

Updated: Monday, February 18 2013, 10:32 PM CST

A developer wants to build three duplexes in Central Austin and add 18 parking spaces on a piece of property near Lee Elementary School, but parents are worried the increased traffic will pose a threat to children walking and biking to and from school.

Read More at: http://www.keyetv.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/central-austin-p...

Site Map 718, 720, 722 Harris Ave

Safety Study Request 718, 720, 722 Harris Ave Proposed Development

Harris Duplex - HNA Request to CoA for Interested Parties Recognition

718 Harris Ave Fact Sheet 1-25-13

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