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Red River Pilot Neighborhood Survey

We’re writing to keep you updated on the Red River Extended Hours Pilot Program that has been taking place between May 1,, 2017 and April 30, 2018 and to get your feedback on the pilot via the survey link included below. For more information please visit the pilot program webpage at:

The pilot temporarily allows five Red River outdoor music venues to play amplified music one additional hour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. During the pilot the city is collecting data to determine the impact of extended live music hours on venues, local musicians and residents. Prior to the end of the pilot city staff was directed to provide an evaluation and recommendations to City Council. The proposed City Council date is April 12, 2018.

The results of the pilot show the venues earning more revenue, venue staff and local musicians getting paid more, venue sound levels in compliance, significantly improved communication and relationships between venues and nearby neighborhoods and residents, and no impact on crime.

In focus group discussions between venues and residents a couple key themes were identified that can help support both venue sustainability and residential quality of life and lead to better outcomes for both:

  • Continue and formalize communication and relationships between venues and residents, work collaboratively to understand each other’s needs and resolve issues, and encourage mutual accountability
  • City staff to continue monitoring for compliance, investigating issues, gathering data and finding solutions.

The key points in the draft staff recommendation for the pilot include:

  • Change the city code to allow the extra hour
  • Create a committee of venues, residents and other Red River businesses that meet three times a year to discuss issues, work collaboratively, and resolve problems.
  • City staff to answer the hotline phone permanently, use sound monitors at venues and in the neighborhoods on an ongoing basis, and continue to utilize the night and weekend staff person permanently to monitor compliance, respond to hotline calls and investigate issues

Residents in nearby neighborhoods are one of the key stakeholders for this pilot. We are seeking your feedback about the pilot. To provide feedback and comments please complete this brief survey:

For more information about the pilot, please contact Brian Block at or 512-974-7966 or Kim McCarson at or 512-974-7963

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Red River Pilot NextDoor Neighborhood Survey Post_030618.doc

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