Agenda for the January 20, 2016 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

On Wednesday, January 20th the Hancock Neighborhood Association will nominate and elect officers for 2016. The meeting will start at 7:00 pm. I urge members of the association to attend this meeting. Yearly dues are paid in January. If you have not paid your $5.00 (per member) dues, you may do so at the door.


  1. Nomination and election of HNA Officers for 2016.
  2. Discussion and possible vote on elimination of occupancy limit ordinance expiration date.*
  3. Discussion on holding a forum for candidates running for State House District 49. This is the House seat held by Elliot Naishtat, who is retiring.
  4. Time for HNA residents to discuss issues of concern.
  5. Other items.

* The occupancy limit of 4 unrelated adults was put in place to stop demolitions that were destroying both neighborhoods and existing affordable housing. The occupancy limit applies only to new construction. It is not intended to exclude renters, new comers, young people, or anyone else from neighborhoods. The purpose of the occupancy limit on new construction was to eliminate the incentive for developers to replace existing housing stock with purpose built houses intended only for high occupancy rentals. The new 6 bedroom houses that were build in neighborhoods (before the occupancy limit went into effect) were always more expensive to rent (per bedroom) than the houses that were demolished. Since it passed, the demolitions have virtually stopped. The occupancy reduction is working and should be made permanent. Also, 339,000 properties were grandfathered with the occupancy ordinance, that is, these properties retain the right to house 6 unrelated adults. The current occupancy ordinance will expire March 31st, unless the Mayor and City Council eliminate the expiration date.