Agenda for the June 11 Special Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Special Meeting
Perry Estate Tract 3 Zoning Change Request
Wednesday, June 11, 2014
7:00pm at the Hancock Recreation Center

Agenda: HNA vote on support of the plan amendment and zoning change requests

Applications for a plan amendment and zoning change have been filed for the western portion of the Perry Estate property located at 710 East 41st Street. A City of Austin Public Engagement Meeting was held on May 21st followed by the HNA regular meeting. A quorum of the HNA was not in attendance to vote on support of the requested changes. An HNA Special Meeting is being held to vote in advance of the June 16th CANPAC meeting. Representatives from the Perry Estate will be in attendance to answer questions for those who did not attend the Public Engagement Meeting.

Zoning Change Request:
City of Austin reference:
NPA CASE NUMBER:  NPA-2014-0019.01

For more information on this case you can go to the city’s website at
The applicant has requested a change in the future land use map (FLUM) from CIVIC to HIGHER DENSITY SINGLE FAMILY.
The applicant has requested a change in zoning from SF-3-CO-NP (Family Residence—Conditional Overlay—Neighborhood Plan) to SF-6-CO-NP (Townhouse & Condominium Residence—Conditional Overlay—Neighborhood Plan) for single family residential, condominium residential and surface parking.

Note: The requests are consistent with the zoning designation in the Declaration of Restrictive Covenant on which HNA is the designee.