Agenda for the March 21, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

The Hancock Neighborhood Association meeting will be held Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 7:00 at the Hancock Recreation Center

Draft Agenda:

  1. Vote on HNA nominated officers for 2018 (*see their statements at the end of this article)

    Barbara Epstein
    Mark Harkrider

    Ann Tucker

    Mary Sanger

    Bruce Fairchild

  2. CodeNEXT’s zoning code and the Hancock Neighborhood
    Barbara McArthur, Member of the CommunityNotCommodity research Team
    Mike Hebert, Hancock resident & member of the CommunityNotCommodity research Team

  3. Possible Resolution on CodeNEXT

  4. Hancock NA Committee Reports:
    Jennifer Dillahunty: Historic Preservation District Committee
    Bruce Fairchild: Treasurer’s Report
    Jim Rankin: Transportation Committee
    Hugh Bender: Zoning Committee
    Mary Sanger/James Story: Music Venue Pilot Program
    By-laws Committee

  5. Discussion/questions

*In their own words:

Barbara Epstein: I’m running for Association president because I think our neighborhood should preserve its historic architecture and green spaces.  I’d also like to see more information sent out before meetings so we can have friendly, informed discussions before votes. I’ve lived in this area 44 years, moving to Hancock nine years ago. I’m an attorney with a background in land titles and zoning, During the 12 years I served as Eastwoods Association President and 8 more as the legal committee, I re-activated neighborhood meetings, challenged irresponsible building permits, obtained permit parking for Eastwoods, and organized funding for the Eeyore statue, commemorating the original Eeyore’s Birthday Party held there. I understand the issues facing Hancock and hope to see our neighborhood thrive through close-knit friendships, community participation and architectural preservation. 

Mark Harkrider has been a Hancock resident/homeowner for 26 years. He has a thirty-two year career in Public Sector, Political and Civic Engagement. His goals as HNA President are to improve neighbor-to-neighbor and neighbor to association communication using new platforms and initiatives; expand and broaden the HNA committee structure to be more inclusive;and increase association membership.

Ann Tucker: Ann, a native of Houston, Prior to founding Studio A Group in 2007, Ann worked with Black + Vernooy Architecture + Urban Design on residential and commercial design projects, and at The Vogt Group Architects in New Orleans, where her focus was concentrated in historic preservation. Ann received both a BA in the Plan II Honors Program and a Masters of Architecture from theUniversity of Texas at Austin. She has taught as an adjunct instructor in the interior design program of the University of Texas School of Architecture, and she is regularly invited to help critique student projects. Ann lives in the Hancock neighborhood with her husband,artist, designer and frequent collaborator Jack Sanders~ and their two children. As an officer I would like to work towards increasing neighborhood participation in the association. 

Bruce Fairchild: Bruce has lived in the Hancock neighborhood since 1972.  He works as a utility rate consultant and is a CPA.  He has served as the Treasurer of the HNA since 2012 and is willing to continue in this position.

Mary Sanger: Mary has lived in the Hancock Neighborhood since 1985. She retired from the Environmental Defense Fund some years ago; she has been engaged in community building and affordable housing issues for most of her adult life.  She has served as HNA secretary for several years and would like to find someone to run for this position in 2019. She is committed to cooperating with HNA officers, committee chairs, and local government offices in providing timely and relevant information to neighborhood residents and to providing materials to the webmaster so there is a continuous record of HNA activities and contact information.