Febuary 25, 2019 Letter from HNA President to City Council Re. Red River Realignment

From: mark harkrider <apache@austintexas.gov>
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Date: Monday, February 25, 2019 11:36 AM
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Subject: Red River Realignment

Dear Mayor Adler, Mayor Pro Tem Garza, Austin City Council Members, and City Manager Cronk:

On behalf of the residents of the Hancock Neighborhood, I am writing with concerns and questions about the proposed Red River realignment Hancock Neighborhood residents as well as many many others use Red River, the only north-south thoroughfare from 55th street to Caesar Chavez between IH 35 and Lamar. Users of Red River, particularly residents of neighborhoods which adjoin it, are concerned that one portion of the new Red River will be Robert Dedman Drive, which currently goes through the UT campus and is only two lanes wide. We foresee a future that will allow the University of Texas to close Robert Dedman Drive during football games and other events on UT campus.

With this as a major concern,

1. We ask that there be a firm agreement with the University of Texas that the new realignment will not restrict public use and specifically car use.

2. We ask that the Red realignment have four lanes, and include bike lanes and pedestrian sidewalks.

3. We would like to know if there has been any study showing the traffic impacts of the new realignment on 38th street from IH 35 to Guadalupe, from 32nd Street to Duval, from Harris Avenue to Duval,

or any other streets which might be affected by the realignment.

4. We would like to know the dates for when the realignment will start and the completion date.

5.We request a representative from the Hancock Neighborhood be included in any stakeholder meeting which is convened.

6. We request the City Manager or his designated person, keep me informed of all activities and major dates regarding the realignment.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Mark Harkrider, President, Hancock Neighborhood Association; Street address: 703 E 38TH ST, AUSTIN, TX, 78705 Council District: 9