Hancock Native Plant Swap Saturday, April 16th

It should be a great weekend for potting up volunteer plants.  Share them with others and make our town more lovely with every passing season!

Confirmed: It will be held April 16th at Mother's Cafe from 8-9:30am 4215 Duval Street   (Free event)

NEW: Some have asked if they can purchase plants because they have nowhere to dig up plants, so I will make some native plants available that attendees can purchase at cost.
Some info on it:

Here's how it works: 

- pot up some transplants, cuttings, or bring seeds

- set them in the appropriate area: Sun, Shade, Part Sun/Shade, or Water

- look around for plants that you would love to have

- Take as many home as you brought

Many people just hang out the whole time talking about plants, helping others id mystery plants, and generally enjoying their coffee, free doughnut holes, and all things gardening.  Master Gardeners and NWF Habitat Stewards will also be there to assist with plant identification.

Not sure if the plant you have too much of is native? Type in the name here:http://www.wildflower.org/plants/ see the Distribution section. Generally, if you can't find it in the wildflower database, it's not native.

Not native? Don't know the name? Bring it, we'll try to identify it and, if it's not native, you can toss it and pick up a native replacement.

Our mission is to make all yards in our neighborhoods more beautiful and easier to maintain, while consuming less water...for free!