HNA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes for August 5, 2015

The HNA Executive Committee met at 6:30 pm on August 5, 2015, at the Hancock Recreeation Center. Present were Executive Committee members Mark Harkrider, president, James Harkrider, vice president, Bruce Fairchild, treasurer and Mary Sanger, secretary. Also joining the meeting were Carol Moczygemba and Tiffany Scolnic. Tiffany had written to HNA expressing interest in filling the position of HNA historian. HNA has not had a historian for at least 10 years, though Carol Moczygemba has kept an ample file on its activities and information on the organization is available on the HNA website.

Tiffany has rented in the Hancock neighborhood for two years and also lived in north Hyde Park, and has lived in Austin for 15 years. She has a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from the University of Texas and a Masters in Public History from Texas State. Maybe most important, Tiffany loves the neighborhood. The Executive Committee, with substantive input from Carol ( and written comments from Terri Myers), agreed that one of the priorities of the HNA historian should be to collect and present, through photos, written word, oral histories, the activities in which HNA has engaged to retain the historical character of the neighborhood, to preserve the quality of life for the residents and the quality of its environment through projects such as the Waller Creek clean-up; purple pipe for reclaimed water for the Golf Course; the Golf Course pedestrian trail and Historic designation of Golf Course; and work on the stealth Dorm--occupancy limits--ordinance; Perry Estate and Concordia University negotiations; the July 4th parade, providing a forum for discussion of City issues---to list a few. In addition, the HNA historian would collect the stories of some current residents, both renters and homeowners; the history of homes in current use, and those which have been displaced, and those designated for tear down, all of which could be amplified and retained through the newsletter, HNA website, and potentially a new or expanded edition of "The Hancock Neighborhood: An Urbane Oasis," published by the Association in 1999.

The Executive Committee whole-heartedly welcomes Tiffany to the position of HNA historian. She will attend HNA's regular meeting on Wednesday, September 16th. In examining the Treasurer's report, Executive Committee also discussed the cost of the HNA newsletter and recommended that HNA members ( and a possible committee), and particularly Carleen Edgar, current editor, and Kathleen Strong, ad solicitor, discuss the newsletter's costs, content, distribution, etc. There also was a suggestion HNA have a Facebook page. Mark Harkrider will follow up on these recommendations.

Austin Code Enforcement staff has asked to be on the agenda for the September 16th regular HNA meeting. (see post from Code Enforcement )

Submitted August 7, 2015 by Mary Sanger