HNA Executive Committee Meeting Minutes for January 26, 2021

Notes from 1.26.21 executive committee meeting


The executive committee met on Tuesday afternoon, 1/26/21, and discussed the following:


The status of committees:

  • As president, Coan will represent Hancock to the Austin Neighborhoods Council

  • HNA can have two representatives on CANPAC, the city’s neighborhood plan contact team. Bart will continue to be one of these.

  • Inventory of continuing members for Parks, Zoning and Historic committees and new members who’ve expressed interest in Transportation

  • Discussion of newsletter and ads – Robyn is leading relaunch

  • Discussion of a new business liaison committee

  • Discussion of hopes/dreams for a membership committee whose charge could include outreach to apartment dwellers

  • Discussion of how our bylaws require committee meetings to be open to all members, and how that would apply to special called committees and the executive committee. An open session can be helpful to hammer out details before they go to the full membership.


Bylaws revision:

  • A committee including Bart, Robyn, Hugh Bender and Justin Clemens is working on this

  • Current bylaws are from 2015

  • In 2018 some volunteers worked on revisions; the current committee has a draft and is reviewing/incorporating ideas.


Discussion of website:

  • An update to the website is in the works

  • We plan for it to include “How do I… ?” FAQs to help members contact the city about code compliance issues, sidewalk repairs, etc.

  • The website will continue to be the official repository of information, but people need to be reminded to check it

  • Discussion of the roles of the website, future newsletter, and and whether an e-newsletter would be useful between print newsletters


Working with Kathie Tovo’s office:

  • Coan is working on a letter of introduction to her staff


Discussion of how to coordinate volunteers and match people with opportunities


Discussion of how to proceed with the discussion about Hancock Golf Course’s future

  • We agree that the first step is further education (including the answers to questions submitted on 1/20 to PARD)

  • We are working on a plan to get information to everyone and take input from members in small groups.

  • There’s a lot to do but we need to move quickly to be effective.