HNA Meeting Minutes for February 7, 2018

Hancock Neighborhood meeting minutes, Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

Approximately 45 members of HNA were in attendance.

Squelching a rumor: 
Hancock Recreation Center Supervisor,Jessica Gilzow, firmly stated the Hancock Golf Course would not be 
be sold and developed.  She also said the the recreation Center and the golf center are trying to come up with
mutually beneficial plan for operating the golf course and the rec center.  Thank you, Jessica, for your continued
good work.

Officer Nominations:
The following have been nominated for officers of the Hancock Neighborhood Association.  The election will take place at the regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesay, March 21, 2018
Prior to the election, each nominee is asked to submit a brief bio and state what she/he hopes to accomplish in the position. Please provide to HNA secretary by March 1st (

Mark Harkrider
Barbara Epstein
Ann Tucker
Mary Sanger
(Barbara Epstein withdrew her name for secretary)
Bruce Fairfield

Development in the Neighborhood:
Bruce Fairchild reported on the Perry Estate which had submitted a site plan for development on the property. Neighboring property owners believe the development plans are in accordance with the private covenant 
signed between HNA and the Estate developers.  Terri Myers, who serves on the Historic Land Commission, noted that the developers had come before the Commission asking for a awning to be attached to the main building; the request was turned down by the Commission because the addition would detract from the facade of the historic estate and not in keeping with the character of the building.  HNA will write to the developers and/or architects to see if this issue has been settled or if they plan to appeal. The Estate owner/developers have until June 10, 2018 to address staff comments on their site plan.

The 3d Draft of the Code was released at 5:00, Monday, February 12, 2018. As soon as possible will send out a report on the key issues of concern. In addition, Mary Sanger & Mike Hebert will send out an analysis of the Code as it relates specifically to the Hancock Neighborhood. At this time, do not be fooled by the American Statesman and other news outlets positive spin on the 3d CodeNEXT draft 

July 4th festivities continue:

Thanks to Melissa Linden, who for the last five years has been Hancock’s July 4th grand organizer & marshal, with her flag bearers Snow White Coe, Jillian Copeland, Amanda Nite, & Robin Camp, the Neighborhood will have a 2018 4th of July parade and festivities.  At the meeting,Paul Keeper suggested we forego cloud sourcing, and right then and there pitch in money for the hot dogs, buns, flags, face painter, police, fire officers, etc. Approximately  $400 was collected; an additional $200 would spark the activities.  Send checks by mail to our HNA treasurer, Bruce Fairchild, 3907 Red River, Austin, Texas 78751.

Zoning Committee:

There were no rezoning permits,requests or complaints to report.

Local Historic Designation.

A planning committee has formed and has been meeting regularly.  If you are interested in learning about
the Committee’s work, and joining the Committee, and learning more about a local historic district, please contact Jennifer Dillahunty at
She can bring you up to speed, send you a fact sheet, let you know when there are planning meetings. The HNA webmaster will
be asked to establish a place on the website where information on Local Historic Districts will be kept. This will be
information prepared by the City of Austin and information prepared by Hancock for the neighborhood and public.


President Mark Harkrider will assign members to a committee to work on up-dating HNA’s by-laws.

Next Meeting, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

HNA will vote on officers for 2018 at March meeting, other agenda items will be announced; if you
have an item you want placed on the agenda, please send to

Nominated officers are asked to submit a brief statement on why they want to be
elected to the office for which they have been nominated. Please send to This will be sent out to the membership at least 
10 days before the March 21st meeting.