HNA Meeting Minutes for July 20, 2016

The Hancock Neighborhood Association met on Wednesday, July 20. Mobility was the topic.

Jim Rankin, HNA's transportation chair and roadway tracker, explained that this fall TXDOT will begin construction on major changes to parts of IH 35 which stretch through central Austin. The work is expected to take two years, but we could place bets on this! (Jim Rankin will start the countdown). Jim listed these major projects: a roundabout at 51st street, a "diverging diamond" at airport and 45th street, an additional lane on the upper deck going each way, one additional inside lane each way on the lower deck from Round Rock to Buda will be variable toll lanes. The 32nd Street street on ramp north bound lower deck will change to 38th street off-ramp. IH-35 will be under MLK, 15th Street, 12th Street, 11th street. On September 20, TXDOT will have a IH-35 open house at Memorial United Methodist Church. For more information contact Kelli Reyna (512) 832-7060. Check out

Scott Morris of the Central Austin Community Development Corporation and a NUNA resident spoke about a proposed 5.3 mile Lamar-Guadalupe light rail project which rail advocates want the City Council to place on the November, 2016 ballot alongside the Corridor bond proposal. As explained, the Northern terminus will be Crestview Station,North Lamar and Airport Blvd. The Southern terminus is Republic Square, Guadalupe and 4th Streets. The cost is estimated to be $397.5 million. The weekday ridership is estimated at 34,000.This would be the first phase of a multi phase light rail system. Contact: