HNA Zoning Committee Meeting Minutes - August 6, 2020

Thursday August 6th 2020
6:30 pm Zoom Mtg

Call to Order 6:30 pm


  • Hugh Bender
  • Carolyn Palaima
  • Linda Guerreo
  • Bart Whatley (out of town)
  • Bob Mebane

1) Aproval of Minutes of July 23rd, 2020

2) News: Zoning Committee Process.

3) Item - East Avenue Amendment
Developer wants to go to 120 feet in height which would be equal to the current highest height on the frontage road. They presented this basic plan, and are requesting no additional changes to the PUD at this time.

4) Discussion related to, and possible recommendation to HNA, Proposed Amendment for East Avenue PUD Parcel A / Lot 11

5) Zoning Committee Draft Resolution

  • Original Restrictive Covenants: To remain in place and not amended.
  • A glass restriction with reflectivity less than 20% (Waterfront Overlay Standard [25-2-721(E)(1)]: “Exterior mirrored glass and glare producing glass surface building materials are prohibited.” Definitions [25-1-21(67)]:
    - “MIRRORED GLASS means glass with a reflectivity index greater than 20 percent.”
    Height 90' HNA Zoning Committee currently willing to support a height extension to 90 ft. with the conditions as stated within this resolution.
  • A bird deterrence program to be approved by city staff.
    Green barrier design on west face up to a minimum of 2 stories
  • Affordable Housing: New affordable housing standards/commitments based on any units over 65 ft. to meet COA current PUD Regulations on affordability regulations (currently PUD regulations are 10% of units at 60% MFI). No fee fee in lieu of option.
  • Limit Traffic access to/from IH-35 frontage road. (ADT has final determination on Concordia Ave and overall access)
  • Request that COA validated/update the FAR & TIA for whole PUD.

Action Taken/Next Steps: Committee members forwarding recommendation/resolution to HNA General Assembly.