Important Hancock Neighborhood meeting: Wednesday, July 19 at 7:00pm

Dear Hancock Neighborhood residents:

HNA's Wednesday, July 19th regularly scheduled meeting is very important. Please put on your calendar. The meeting is from 7:00-8:30 at the Hancock Recreation Center.

We will vote on the officers who have been nominated for President, Mark Harkrider; Secretary, Mary Sanger and Treasurer, Bruce Fairchild. There has been no nomination for the Vice President's position. Nominations and vote for VP can come from the floor on July 19th. Dues paying members are allowed to vote. If you have not paid your dues of $5.00 per family for 2017, you may do so at the July 19th meeting.

The final agenda for the meeting will be sent out by July 9th.

The agenda will include

  1. a report on Code Next, a discussion of Code Next and possible vote by HNA on a Code Next resolution to be sent to Mayor and City Council;
  2. a report from the Zoning committee on the Perry Estate development plans;
  3. a report from our ever vigilant neighborhood anti -graffiti team;
  4. residents' response to the City's music venue sound monitoring activities.
  5. Historic District volunteer exploration committee

If you would like to put an item on the agenda, please email Mary Sanger, HNA secretary, at before July 9th.

Look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, July 19th.

Mark Harkrider
President, Hancock Neighborhood Association