March 31, 2021 Special Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hello Neighbors,


The HNA Executive Commitee  and Parks Committee would like to invite you to a special joint committee meeting on  Wednesday, March 31st, at 7pm  using Zoom (information below) to develop a consensus toward developing a statement the neighborhood can present to the Parks Board.


Background and Timeline:  PARD gave a presentation at the January 21st HNA Meeting that laid out the goals for Hancock Golf Course and the Timeline for the process going forward to make recommendations to the Parks Board in April, culminating in a Memorandum to Council for Project Summary in May. The Community Survey on Desired Elements was posted from March 9-23rd, and we are expecting results to be made public shortly.

In the presentation, PARD laid out the following goals and inclusion of community input:


"PARD Goal for Hancock Golf Course:

1)      Increase the fiscal responsibility of city funds

2)      Financial solvency at Hancock Golf Course

3)      Maintain golf's historic significance at this location by seeking a concessionaire to update and manage golf at Hancock."


What this means:

•            The  focus will be on keeping golf in line with community input

•            PARD will include community input in the RFP process

•            The community can share additional park elements to be considered


This meeting's agenda is to find consensus on a collective Statement on recommendations from the HNA membership to be sent to the Parks Board for their consideration as this process goes forward.


The HNA Executive Committee and Parks Committee have culled feedback from neighborhood meetings and discussions. They have put forward three components to address the budgetary issues, community space and undesired elements as the basis of the Statement.


Component 1: Support budget sustainability for Hancock Golf Course

 •          Promote adding food and beverage vendors to offset the cost for equipment and course improvements

 •          Suggest opening the rec center as a clubhouse on Sundays to promote golf community interest.

 •          Redesign of problematic holes identified on the golf course to increase rounds played

 •          Youth golf programs that serve city-wide groups, such as the Junior Golf Academy and First Tee

 •          Introduce adult-beginner programs to attract new players

 •          Annual frisbee golf tournament

 •          Family-friendly live music events, a couple of times a year, featuring nonamplified acoustic music to serve as Hancock fundraisers.


Component 2: Continuation of non-golf community spaces (trail, soccer fields, playscape, etc.)

 •          Ensure that existing non-golf community spaces are preserved (trail, soccer fields, playscape, etc.)

 •          Continued collaboration with PARD on non-golf community use as exemplified in the trail installation

 •          HNA engagement session to explore the enhancement of community spaces

 •          Non-golf open park days


Component 3: What we do NOT want

 •          Driving range

 •          Netting/fencing around Hancock Golf Course

 •          Night lighting beyond the Hancock Rec Center parking lot


During the meeting, we'll provide members with an opportunity express support for each component and the elements that should be included in a final statement that will be drafted by the Executive and Parks Committee. 

We look forward to talking with you and will see you next week.


Thank you,


Coan Dillahunty
HNA President