May 19 HNA CodeNEXT Resolution

HNA members here is a resolution regarding Code Next for your consideration and vote on Wednesday, May 19th. Sent yesterday
was also a letter to City Council for your
consideration. Mary Sanger, Secretary, HNA


WHEREAS The City of Austin has proposed revising Austin’s zoning ordinances under CodeNext; and

WHEREAS it is the responsibility of city government in a democratic society to be responsive to the wishes of its citizens: and

WHEREAS zoning is meant to provide for orderly, stable development of cities; and

WHEREAS the City of Austin has stated that it would not force density on established neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS the proposed zoning changes under CodeNext would adversely affect the following elements of the Hancock Neighborhood:

1. destroy neighborhood character in an establishedneighborhood that is already densely populated;
2. create uncertainty whenever any property is sold as to how densely the lot would be developed with no neighborhood right to protest administrative applications;
3. dense development would implicitly require the destruction of established neighborhood tree canopy;
4. ignore parking needs by not requiring one onsite parking space per bedroom or resident;
5. would not demonstrably result in more affordable housing through increased density;
6. overburden the aging sewer and water system;
7. threaten increased flooding in a neighborhood that has already experienced flooding after heavy rains; and
8. not provide for effective enforcement of problems associated with dense development such as inadequate maintenance, garbage violations, inadequate parking and noise.


Our Association opposes CodeNext as it relates to the densification of our neighborhood on streets that currently are primarily historic houses. We want the city to create a zoning system that allows for the
preservation of our neighborhood character by preserving historic architecture and neighborhood character, limiting increased density by converting existing garages into granny flats and densifyingexisting
commercial corridors. We ask the City to commit to preserving our historic neighborhood so that it is not used for wholesale development by non-residents whose sole objective is profit and not quality of
neighborhood life.