Note from HNA President to Mayor and Council Re. Occupancy Limits Ordinance

Mayor and Council Members:

The Hancock Neighborhood Association voted unanimously at its January 20th regular meeting to ask the Mayor and City Council to eliminate the expiration date of March 31, 2016 of the occupancy limits ordinance.

The occupancy limit of 4 unrelated adults was put in place to stop demolitions that were destroying both neighborhoods and existing affordable housing. The occupancy limit applies only to new construction. It is not intended to exclude renters, new comers, young people, or anyone else from neighborhoods. The purpose of the occupancy limit on new construction was to eliminate the incentive for investors to tear down affordable single family homes and replace them with large, high occupancy and pricey rentals. The ordinance has worked.

Best Regards,

Mark Harkrider
President, Hancock Neighborhood Association