September 16, 2015 Email from Zilker Neighborhood Resident David King Regarding Short Term Rental Reform

From: David King
Date: September 6, 2015 at 1:30:48 PM EDT
To: David King
Subject: Short-Term Rentals - Call To Action - Neighbors for Short Term Rental Reform

Good Afternoon, Neighbors,

As you may know, due to the current uproar about problematic short-term rentals in neighborhoods throughout the City, the City Council is considering amendments to the short-term rental (STR) ordinance.

Residents of neighborhoods across the City who have been negatively affected by commercial Type 2 STRs have formed a grassroots neighborhood group named Neighbors For Short Term Rental Reform. The group supports owner-occupied Type 1 STRs but wants more stringent regulations on commercial Type 2 STRs.

Type 2 STRs are commercial hotels that are incompatible with and erode the fabric of our neighborhoods. They exacerbate housing rental rates and remove hundreds of affordable single-family homes from the market that could be used by families with children who would attend neighborhood schools. Attendance is declining at Central Austin neighborhood schools.

Neighbors For Short Term Rental Reform supports the following code amendments proposed by Mayor Pro Tem Tovo:

Suspend new permits for Type 2 STRs.
Require existing Type 2 STRs to get conditional use permits from the Planning Commission.
Allow Type 2 STRs to operate in commercial zoned areas.
Repeal provision that allows 25% of multifamily units in commercially zoned areas to be removed from rental markets as Type 3 STRs, and cap at no more than 1-3%.
Clarify that Type 2 STRs and non-owner occupied Type 3s are subject to federal ADA requirements as commercial places of lodging.

These amendments will be discussed at the Planning and Neighborhoods Committee (PNC) meeting on September 15, 2015. Please show your support for Tovo’s amendments by taking the following actions:

Call and email the members of the PNC and urge them to support Tovo’s STR amendments. PNC members are: Council Member Casar, Chair, Council Member Renteria, Vice Chair, Mayor Pro Tem Tovo, Council Member Gallo. (512-978-2104) (512-978-2103) (512-978-2109) (512-978-2110)

Attend a special called meeting of the PNC at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, September 15, 2015, at City Hall to show support for Tovo’s STR amendments. (No public input will be allowed, but we need to show up in force to send a strong message that we support Tovo’s amendments.)

Sign the Neighbors for Short Term Rental Reform online petition:
Visit the Neighbors For Short Term Rental Reform Facebook page: Reform/446471182192120
Share the links to the online petition and Facebook page with your family, friends, and neighbors.

Thank you,

David King
Zilker Neighborhood Resident

"Austin Neighborhoods are Communities Not Commodities”