HNA Parks Committee Meeting Monday, March 4, 2019

The HNA Parks Committee will be meeting Monday, March 4th, at the Hancock Recreation Center, Room 2, from 7:00pm - 8:00pm. The agenda is as follows.


  1. On boarding new committee member, Jim Rankin
  2. Work load associated with and status of projects identified for HNA funds held at the Austin Parks Foundation
  3. Neighbor communication: Comments, questions

Carolyn Palaima
Chair, HNA Parks Committee

Special Hancock Neighborhood Meeting, Thursday, March 7, 2019


NOTE: This Special Meeting on Local Historic Districts on March 7th will take the place of
Hancock Association’s regularly scheduled March meeting.

Hancock Neighbors,

A year ago, a committee of the Hancock Neighborhood Association formed to gauge interest and determine the feasibility of pursuing City of Austin designation for one or more Local Historic Districts (LHD) within
the HNA boundaries.

Please join us for a Local Historic District overview and Q&A session about LHDs. Our guest speaker will be Cara Bertron, the city’s Deputy Historic Preservation Officer. Her topics will include:

  • Why neighborhoods typically pursue LHD designation;
  • What it means to be in an LHD in terms of design standards and the City of Austin process;
  • Examples of recently approved projects; and
  • The nuts and bolts of designation requirements and application process.

You can participate by attending this informational meeting on Local Historic Districts:

**Note: New Venue

3913 Avenue B (small church on corner of Ave. B and 40thSt. opposite Baker School
Thursday, March 7th, 7:00 p.m.


PARISH HALL is directly behind (and attached to) the church building on the corner of 40th St. and Avenue B.

PARKING: There is plenty of parking on Avenue B (both sides of the street) and on 40th St., and there are a few spaces in the Church parking lot off the alley behind the church.
Enter the Parish Hall from church parking lot off the alley. We will have someone at the corner of the Parish Hall to direct you to the entrance door..

You can also:

  • Update your interest and questions by sending an email to;
  • Visit to stay informed;
  • Visit Hancock Neighborhood Association website where ongoing information will be Posted at

The work of the LHD committee has included:

  • creating a website at to update HNA owners and residents about the effort;
  • researching steps and methods used successfully to designate LHDs in Austin neighborhoods;
  • training volunteers to do a street-by-street survey of HNA historic buildings and sites with volunteers having completed about half of the surveying;
  • conducting research to give property owners facts – instead of fiction – about LHDs.

Please join us on THURSDAY, MARCH 7TH at 7:00 p.m., and bring your questions!
Thank you,

HNA Local Historic District Committee

Agenda for the January 16, 2019 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Hancock Recreation Center
January 16 2019 7:00-8:30pm


  1. Election of HNA officers:PLEASE ATTEND
  2. Committee Reports
  3. General Discussion

Mark Harkrider
President HNA

HNA Parks Committee Community Engagement Meeting September 23

Notice: Community Engagement Meeting
Date: September 23, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM- noon
Place: Hancock Recreation Center- playground area

On Sunday, September 23rd, from 10:00 AM to noon the HNA Parks Committee will be holding a Community Engagement Meeting under the canopy on the playground at Hancock Recreation Center.

The purpose of the Community Engagement Meeting is to prioritize best use options for spending the rest of the Park/Green Space improvement funds. These funds are being held in an account by the Parks Foundation. All funding expentitures were approve by vote at HNA meetings.

We will elaborate on all the details regarding the remaining funds during our discussions, and will share a list of priorities identified both from the Golf and Program Divisions.

We will clarify previous spending for improvements at the meeting, for example, The HNA Parks Committee received a receipt a few months ago and reimbursed the Parks Department for the work that was completed for resurfacing of the perimeter trail around the golf course. This cost was approximately $16,839.

The HNA Parks Committee will provide the current mitigation fund balance sheet at the meeting. The amount for consideration is approximately 300,000.00

The Center itself is closed on Sunday, but the feedback we received from HNA neighbors requested the meeting be held on a Sunday.

The HNA Parks Committee

Agenda for the July 18, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association will hold its regularly scheduled meeting at
7:00 PM on Wednesday, July 18, 2018
at the Hancock Recreation Center.

The agenda will include reports on committee activities, up-date on CodeNEXT and any items the members wish to bring up for discussion.

Mary Sanger

4th of July Parade and Picnic

Event: 4th of July Parade and Picnic
Time: Wednesday, July 04,2018 9:30 AM
Location: 3308 Hampton Rd
Address: 3308 Hampton Rd

Dear Neighbors,

Join us Monday, July 4th at 9:30 am for 8th annual Hancock Neighborhood Association 4th of July Parade and Picnic at Lee Elementary. The playground is closed for construction, so we’ll be on the front lawn with tents, food and fun. Thank you to the Kahlor/Junker family for setting up a sign up for food, tables, and necessary gear, and for letting us spill over into their lawn and house.!/showSignUp/10c0f4dafa72da6fc1-hancock

The parade starts at 10 am, and a big shout out to Mark Harkrider for getting the fire truck. We will parade around the 8 blocks (thanks Robin for the flags!) and come back to Lee to picnic. Bring your wagon, bike, boom box, dog, or fun car, and join us! If you have questions, want to set up or wonder what we need, please text me 504.392.4919.

And, this year, we are thrilled to partner with the Hemphill Neighborhood Association to keep the party going. There will be a bounce house water slide in the park from 12-2 pm, and all are welcome. Please bring watermelon or dessert to share, your towels, sunblock and picnic blanket. Thanks, Carole LaClaire for setting it up! And, Lindsey Heddleston, Brandon Tucker and Zack Simpson for making this partnership happen.

As always, a big shout out to Jillian Copeland, Amanda Nite, and Snow White for signs, volunteers, set up, gear and decorating, and Bruce Fairchild for handling the details. We can’t wait to see you and your kids!

Melissa Linden

Agenda for the May 16, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Hancock Recreation Center
May 16 2018 7:00-8:30pm


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Historic Zoning Application
  3. CodeNext Update
  4. The Texas Facilities Commission will discuss the construction of the 400,000 ft. state building on North Lamar across from the Triangle

Agenda for the March 21, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

The Hancock Neighborhood Association meeting will be held Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 7:00 at the Hancock Recreation Center

Draft Agenda:

  1. Vote on HNA nominated officers for 2018 (*see their statements at the end of this article)

    Barbara Epstein
    Mark Harkrider

    Ann Tucker

    Mary Sanger

    Bruce Fairchild

  2. CodeNEXT’s zoning code and the Hancock Neighborhood
    Barbara McArthur, Member of the CommunityNotCommodity research Team
    Mike Hebert, Hancock resident & member of the CommunityNotCommodity research Team

  3. Possible Resolution on CodeNEXT

  4. Hancock NA Committee Reports:
    Jennifer Dillahunty: Historic Preservation District Committee
    Bruce Fairchild: Treasurer’s Report
    Jim Rankin: Transportation Committee
    Hugh Bender: Zoning Committee
    Mary Sanger/James Story: Music Venue Pilot Program
    By-laws Committee

  5. Discussion/questions

*In their own words:

Barbara Epstein: I’m running for Association president because I think our neighborhood should preserve its historic architecture and green spaces.  I’d also like to see more information sent out before meetings so we can have friendly, informed discussions before votes. I’ve lived in this area 44 years, moving to Hancock nine years ago. I’m an attorney with a background in land titles and zoning, During the 12 years I served as Eastwoods Association President and 8 more as the legal committee, I re-activated neighborhood meetings, challenged irresponsible building permits, obtained permit parking for Eastwoods, and organized funding for the Eeyore statue, commemorating the original Eeyore’s Birthday Party held there. I understand the issues facing Hancock and hope to see our neighborhood thrive through close-knit friendships, community participation and architectural preservation. 

Mark Harkrider has been a Hancock resident/homeowner for 26 years. He has a thirty-two year career in Public Sector, Political and Civic Engagement. His goals as HNA President are to improve neighbor-to-neighbor and neighbor to association communication using new platforms and initiatives; expand and broaden the HNA committee structure to be more inclusive;and increase association membership.

Ann Tucker: Ann, a native of Houston, Prior to founding Studio A Group in 2007, Ann worked with Black + Vernooy Architecture + Urban Design on residential and commercial design projects, and at The Vogt Group Architects in New Orleans, where her focus was concentrated in historic preservation. Ann received both a BA in the Plan II Honors Program and a Masters of Architecture from theUniversity of Texas at Austin. She has taught as an adjunct instructor in the interior design program of the University of Texas School of Architecture, and she is regularly invited to help critique student projects. Ann lives in the Hancock neighborhood with her husband,artist, designer and frequent collaborator Jack Sanders~ and their two children. As an officer I would like to work towards increasing neighborhood participation in the association. 

Bruce Fairchild: Bruce has lived in the Hancock neighborhood since 1972.  He works as a utility rate consultant and is a CPA.  He has served as the Treasurer of the HNA since 2012 and is willing to continue in this position.

Mary Sanger: Mary has lived in the Hancock Neighborhood since 1985. She retired from the Environmental Defense Fund some years ago; she has been engaged in community building and affordable housing issues for most of her adult life.  She has served as HNA secretary for several years and would like to find someone to run for this position in 2019. She is committed to cooperating with HNA officers, committee chairs, and local government offices in providing timely and relevant information to neighborhood residents and to providing materials to the webmaster so there is a continuous record of HNA activities and contact information.

Update: January 17, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association Rescheduled to Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Hancock Association meeting for January has been rescheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Hancock Recreation Center.


  • Officer nominations

    The Hancock Neighborhood Association bylaws require that notice must be given of the time, place, and nominees at least one month prior to the election of officers. Because such notice was not given prior to the January 17th, 2018 meeting, additional nominees for President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer will be accepted from the floor at the 1.17.18 meeting, and will then be included in the properly posted notice prior to the election of officers to be held at the March 2018 meeting. The following were nominated for officers at the November meeting: Mark Harkrider, President; Ann Tucker, Vice President; Barbara Epstein, Secretary; Bruce Fairchild, Treasurer.

  • Development in the neighborhood

    The owners of the Perry Estate submitted a site plan in November, 2017 (Case Number:SP-2017-0161C). (Neighborhood Associations cannot challenge site plans) The City staff submitted many comments concerning the current site plan, including clarification and/or requiring more information on utility placement, designated drainage area, fire plans, off-street and on-site parking-plans, transportation, landscape and tree mitigation. The Perry Estate has until June 10, 2018 to address the staff comments. Bruce Fairchild, HNA Treasurer, will contact resident-homeowners who live on Park, which is next to the Estate, to ascertain if there are any concerns by neighbors with the recent site plans.

  • CodeNEXT Update:

    Draft 3 of the Land Development Code (CodeNEXT) will be released on February 12, 2018 “with anticipated first reading by the City Council in late April, ’18.” The City initially planned to release the 3d draft in November, but staff needed more time to address comments and to edit. Major Austin institutions continue to critique the premise behind CodeNEXT and its content. Before the new year, the Austin Independent School District released a strong resolution calling into question CodeNEXT’s basic premise that increasing residential density would lead to affordable housing for working families. AISD called for the preservation of family-friendly neighborhoods. According to the district, existing homes remain the most reliable form of affordable housing for the families that send their children to Austin’s public schools and the teachers who work in them. The school district also warned against CodeNEXT’s elimination of the city’s existing parking rules. The City of Austin’s Environmental Commission thus far has refused to support CodeNEXT, saying it has potential negative impacts on area flooding and other environmental issues. Austin’s Historic Landmark Commission passed a resolution in October stating that CodeNEXT Draft 2 "does not go far enough to encourage the continued use of existing building fabric, which is a vital component of a diverse, vibrant and equitable community. Instead, CodeNEXT continues to enable the demolition and replacement of existing housing stock with new construction. Consequently, the Commission cannot recommend the adoption of CodeNEXT as written."

  • Reports: July 4th Parade Committee, Historic Neighborhood Committee, Zoning Committee, Treasurer’s report, CodeNEXT
  • Discussion

Canceled: January 17, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

HNA’s 1/17/18 regularly scheduled meeting is canceled due to weather; it will be rescheduled for February.

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