Agenda for the September 18th Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, September 18th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Hancock Recreation Center


  1. Hyde Park Plaza Project Presentation and Discussion
    Bick Brown
    Commercial use of the property
  2. Hyde Park Market, 45th and Duval Presentation
    Tony Hooman
    Vote on Support: Zoning change to have beer taps in the store to allow customers to purchase growlers for home consumption, and onsite small beer garden
  3. HNA Parks and Green Spaces Committee
    Vote on Approval: Resolution to Council Concerning Hancock Golf Course
    • Hancock Trail Pedestrian Bridges Cost
    • Mitigation from staging at 38th & Red River triangle
  4. Committee Activations:
    • Historic Preservation Committee
    • Neighborhood Outreach Committee
    • Special Committee to Redraft Bylaws
  5. Reports and Announcements by HNA committees
  6. Adjourn

Fall Hancock Native Plant Swap - September 28th at dawn

Hello.  This weekend Mother's Cafe & Garden confirmed that we can have the Fall Hancock Native Plant Swap in their parking lot.

The swap will be from from dawn to 9:30am.

Bring native plants (please mark them with name and any helpful information).
Take home the same number of other people's plants.

This is the fourth swap and people from all over Austin are turning out.  
There is great participation from Central and North Central neighborhoods.
We also always find one or more new gardeners who we are able to set up with native plants.

If you have some native plants that are doing very well in your yard and reproducing everywhere, we need those plants at the swap. 
Please bring as many as you possibly can.  We can come help you get them into pots!


  • Be a Donor:  Contact me if you want to help the cause for native plants but have something else to do the day of the swap.  We can come to your house with all the supplies and very carefully pot up the
    plants you want to share with others.
  • Be a Digger: Volunteer to be available to dig up donor plants in your neighborhood.
  • Be a Promoter: Distribute flyers in your neighborhood to gardens that have lovely plants you'd like to see in other yards (flyers provided).

Get your baby natives ready!  

The swap is most successful when a lot of people participate, please tell your friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers about it!

Thank you!

Carleen Edgar
NWF Habitat Steward
Hanock resident

Agenda for the July 17th Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, July 17th
7:00 pm – 8:30pm
Hancock Recreation Center


  1. Hyde Park Market, 45th and Duval
    Tony Hooman, owner
    Request for Support: Zoning variance to have beer taps in the store to allow customers to purchase growlers for home consumption.
    Additional Item: Possibility of small beer garden.
  2. Residential Permit Parking for Park Blvd, between Duval and Barrow
    Laura McAfee, presenter
  3. Hancock Trail Update and Approval of Expenditure:
    Next segment, bridge, and maintenance.
    Expenditure: To furnish and install a 2 rail fence system along the drop off on the 38th Street or south side of the trail around Hancock Golf Course.
  4. Approval of Resolution to Increase PARD funding:
    Vote to approve resolution to increase Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) budget to be submitted to the Mayor and Council as part of the Great Austin Parks coalition.
  5. CANPAC Vacancy:
    Nominations and vote to fill HNA CANPAC position vacated by Mike Hirsch.
  6. Updates:
    • Harris Avenue Duplexes
    • Rental Registration Resolution
    • HNA Bylaws
  7. Reports and Announcements by HNA committees
  8. Adjourn

4th of July Neighborhood Parade and Picnic!!

US Flag

On Thursday, July 4th at 10:00 am, the third annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic will be presented by the Hancock Neighborhood Association. Please join us for a fun-filled morning with Cupcake the Clown, Austin Fire Dept's Engine 3, and the Austin Police Department!!

In an effort to keep the cost down, each year we ask for help pulling the event together. If you plan to attend, please consider lending a hand to help make this a fun event for all of our families.

WISH LIST: (AKA: please bring them if you can!!)

* Folding Tables
* Trash Cans,
* Watermelon (already sliced even better!)
* Desserts like apple pie or cookies

We will also need volunteers to help set up, break down or prepare in the days before. Your help would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact Melissa Linden at mkalinden (at)

All families and pets are invited to participate in the parade or to cheer on the participants along the route. The parade route will begin at the Lee Elementary School parking lot on Harris Avenue and travel west on Harris Avenue, north on Woodrow Street, west on Texas Avenue, south on Montrose, and then follow Harris Avenue back to Lee Elementary. At the school we will enjoy watermelon, lemonade, cold water, entertainment for the kids and more! Cupcake the Clown is confirmed to Face Paint and we have adjusted the time to 10AM in the hopes of having the #3 Fire Truck lead us out!!

Please dress up your pets, children, wagons, and bikes, bring a picnic and and join your neighbors in celebrating this festive occasion. We are planning to gather at 10, and parade at 10:30. Hope to see you then!

Happy 4th of July!!

Huffstickler Green Dedication on Saturday, May 4 at 10:30 am

The Hyde Park, Hancock, and North University Neighborhood Associations would like to invite you to attend the dedication of Huffstickler Green, honoring Albert Huffstickler (1929-2002).

The dedication will be held Saturday, May 4th at 10:30 am at the Green located on the northeast corner of 38th Street and Duval Street.

We will gather in gratitude for the new space created by the efforts of so many people and to honor Albert Huffstickler and his legacy of poetry. The Neighborhood Associations will note those who helped make this happen. Friends and fellow poets will share their memories and the poetry of our beloved Hyde Park poet.

Hope to see you there!

Agenda for the March 20th Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, March 20, 2013
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Hancock Recreation Center


  • 7:00 pm
    • Meeting Called to Order
  • 7:05 – 7:25
    • ACC Development at Highland Mall
      Presenter: Brian Dolezal with RedLeaf Properties
  • 7:25 – 7:45
    • Item for Vote

      Accept or Reject the proposed Commodore Perry Estate — Zoning and Development Standards

      Please review the document prior to the meeting, which is posted to the HNA website at:
      Time allowed for points of clarification

  • 7:45 – 8:00
    • Hancock Golf Course Announcement and Update
      Habitat and Esthetic Improvement Plantings
      South Segment of Trail
  • 8:00 – 8:05
    • Vote outcome
  • 8:05 – 8:15
    • Harris Avenue Duplexes Update by Mike Hebert
  • 8:15 – 8:30
    • Other Business
      • Huffstickler Green Maintenance Agreement, HNA and HPNA
      • Noise Trespass Neighborhood Associations Coalition
      • Bylaws
      • May HNA Meeting Topics
  • 8:30 pm
    • Adjourn

Perry Estate Neighborhood Plan Amendment Meeting, Wednesday, March 27 at 6:30 p.m.

CANPAC PCT and HNA will hold a meeting to discuss the Perry Estate Neighborhood Plan Amendment. The meeting will be held at the Hancock Recreation Center from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 27th in the downstairs room. The meeting agenda will follow in a subsequent post.

Neighborhood Plan Amendment Definition: A neighborhood plan amendment (NPA) allows for changes to be made to an adopted neighborhood plan and/or Future Land Use Map (FLUM). A plan amendment is required if a proposed zoning change is inconsistent with the plan’s FLUM. The plan amendment process ensures that stakeholders in the neighborhood, and the neighborhood planning contact team will be notified of proposed amendments.

For more NPA information, please read "Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Training Sheet: Your Role In Plan Amendments", City of Austin, Planning & Development Review Department:

See also NPA-2013-0019.01 Community Meeting Notice for Perry Estate FLUM Amendment Proposal.

Perry Estate Special Commttee Meeting, February 20, 2013 at 7:00 PM

A specially called meeting of the Perry Estate Special Committee will be held at Hancock Recreation Center on February 20, 2013 at 7:00 PM. No vote will be taken at the Feb. 20 meeting. The meeting will be for informational purposes only.

At the meeting, the owner and proposed developer for the Commodore Perry Estate, Mr. Clark Lyda, will present to those in attendance his proposed Development and Zoning Standards for the rezoning and redevelopment of the Commodore Perry Estate. Mr. Lyda's presentation will be a roughly 15 minute summary of his rezoning and redevelopment proposal. Mr Chad Himmel, the sound engineer for JE Acoustics, who was procured by Mr. Lyda to analyze both the existing and projected future sound qualities and levels for the Estate, will also be in attendance to provide an executive summary of his report and recommendations for mitigating projected future sound levels on the property. After Mr. Lyda and Mr. Himmel present and answer questions of those in attendance, Mr. Lyda and his team will leave the room and those neighbors in attendance will have the opportunity for a question and answer session with the Committee members in attendance.

Updated Agenda for the January 16th Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Agenda for the January 16th Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Call to Order
Report from the Special Perry Estate Committee
Motion to Extend the Charter of the Special Perry Estate Committee to March 20th
Motion to call a Special Meeting of the HNA February 20th for Updates on the Perry Estate Development
Motion to Reimburse Cynthia Smith for the July 4th HNA Parade
Nominations for the Offices of President and Vice-President
Election of Officers
Handing of the Gavel to the New President
Update on the Harris Avenue Development – Michael Hebert
Planning and Zoning Report
Parks Report
Historic Preservation Report
Treasurer’s Report
Publication Committee’s Report
New Business
Old Business

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