Perry Special Committee Meeting Wednesday, October 17

Reed Henderson is taking over the chairmanship of the Perry Special Committee from Bart Whatley. Bart resigned his chairmanship due to increasing professional obligations.

Agenda for Perry Special Committee Meeting Wednesday, 10-17-2012

Time and Place: 8:00 at the Hancock Rec. Center

1. 8:00 - Open communication on any non-agenda items

2. 8:05 - Introduction of Community and Regional Planning Program at UT

3. 8:10 - Review notes and minutes from prior meeting

4. 8:15 - 20 Minute Presentation of Proposed Plan by Clark Lyda

5. 8:35 - 30 Minute Q&A with Clark Lyda

Mr. Lyda is asked to please address the following:

a) What use do you propose for the Perry Mansion itself, other than the 5 hotel rooms?

b) Will you continue to use the chapel as a Religious Assembly? Will there be any other uses for the chapel?

c) Can you provide us any indication of the number, type, and size of the events you will need to host in order to meet your investment objectives for the "event center?" Particularly in the case of events held on weekends or in the evening…would they need to be held monthly? weekly? more often? Would the events be seasonal in any way, so that some times of year would be significantly more busy than others?

d) The last version of the original hotel-school proposal that we saw in late 2010 included an agreement that outdoor amplified sound would be disallowed. Why has that concession disappeared from the new proposal? Is outdoor amplified sound critical to the business model being proposed?

e) What are the sizes of the three distinct "zones" of the property -- west of Waller Creek, between Waller Creek and the interior stone wall, and between the wall and Red River? What percentages of the first two zones are within the floodplain?

f) Please discuss the parking layout for the project on both the upper and lower grounds

g) Please speak to projected improvements along 41st Street

Perry Committee Meeting, 10-3-2012, 8pm Hancock Recreation Center

The Perry Committee standard meeting dates are set for the first Wed and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm, when we have a need to meet. Neighbors are welcome to submit input to the committee in writing or or at meetings.
Agenda for the 10-3 HNA Perry Committee Meeting:
1. 8:00pm- Open communication on any non-agenda items
2. 8:05- Presentation from developer: Update regarding work with traffic and sound consultants that have been engaged. (Developer leaves after this agenda item)
3. 8:30- Discuss instruction from the 9-19-2012 full neighborhood meeting: October meeting to be convened by the by the Perry subcommittee and Clark Lyda to be invited to present at the first part of the meeting for a limited time to be determined by the subcommittee, after this time Development Team to excuse themselves so neighborhood can meet in private.
4. 8:40- Review status of survey, ways to further publicize, and close date
5. 8:50- Review top issues that need to be negotiated
6. 9:05- Discussion of whether it would be worthwhile to request a most directly affected neighbor (e.g., someone living adjacent to the Perry Estate) to give a short presentation (10-15 minutes) summarizing his/her views of the developer's proposal prior to the discussion by the neighborhood as a whole.  Thought is to have a "counterpoint" to balance Mr. Lyda's presentation.
7. 9:15- Discuss chair position- New chair, co-chairs, and/or rotating chair.
Perry Committee Members: Reed Henderson, Rafi Anuar, Bart Whatley, Carolyn Palaima, Holly Noelke, Bruce Fairchild, Gay Ratliff, Linda Guerrero, Cody Coe

Perry Committee Meeting, 9-18-12, 8pm Hancock Recreation Center

The Perry Committee standard meeting dates are set for the first Wed and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm, when we have a need to meet.
9-18 Agenda:
1. 8:00pm- Open communication on any non-agenda items
2. 8:10- Review notes from prior meeting
3. 8:15- Review survey (5 minutes for non-committee member questions/input)
4. 8:45- meeting adjourn
Perry Committee Members: Reed Henderson, Rafi Anuar, Bart Whatley, Carolyn Palaima, Holly Noelke, Bruce Fairchild, Gay Ratliff, Linda Guerrero, Cody Coe
Perry Committee Charge (from Jan 2012 HNA Meeting): The charge to the Committee is to negotiate with the Owner for the development and zoning of the Commodore Perry Estate. The Committee shall make recommendations for the satisfactory agreements and safeguards on land use, and shall address the concerns and requirements identified by HNA members. Final adoption of the plan will be voted on by the general membership at a future meeting. The ad hoc Committee will be dissolved the earlier of an affirmative vote on the plan by the general members of the HNA at a regular or special meeting or the third Wednesday of January 2013.
Information about past meetings and the development proposal can be found on the neighborhood website

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda – September 19th

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda – September 19th

1 – Approve Minutes

2 – Motion to change the date of the regularly scheduled November meeting from the 21st to the 14th.

3 – Libby Albrecht – Co-Founder of Texas Collaborative Consumption

4 – Carol Gibbs – City of Austin Neighborhood Liaison

5 – Report from Perry Committee

6 – Vote on whether HNA supports or opposes events at the Perry Estate which include the use of outdoor-amplified sound

7 – Vote on whether or not to call a special meeting for October 17th that would include a presentation by Clark Lyda of his proposed development for the Perry Estate

8 – Motion offered by Mark Burch

In order to avoid enacting changes premised on assumptions that may not come to fruition, the Hancock Neighborhood Association opposes approval of any neighborhood plan amendment or request for a zoning change on any property within its boundaries if:

the amendment or request reflects a proposal that requires a demolition permit for complete removal of an existing structure or building on the property
AND the demolition permit has not been legally granted at the time the request for a plan amendment or zoning change is filed.

9 – Motion offered by Mark Burch

The Hancock Neighborhood Association opposes any current or future proposal for development or reuse of the Perry Estate that includes any one of these elements:

1. Outdoor amplified sound anywhere on the site other than an individually owned lot zoned for residential use. Prohibitions on amplified sound in areas zoned other than residential must be enacted in a form that is bound to the ownership of the land and that transfers with its sale and, if possible, in zoning overlays and public covenants.

2. Rezoning of any portion of the property located west of Waller Creek to a base category other than single-family.

Perry Committee Meeting Wed., Sep. 5th at 8pm

The next Perry Committee meeting will be Wed Sep 5th at 8pm in the Hancock Rec Center. The committee has elected to have meetings set for the first Wed and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm, and if it is found we don’t need to meet we can cancel meeting.
Sep 5 Agenda:

  1. 8:00pm- Review committee process- limited open communication on non-agenda items at beginning of meeting, neighbors may speak on agenda items but time limited. Take any input on a non-agenda item.
  2. 8:10- Review committee charge, neighborhood input/responses thus far, what committee has done to date, and how generally the zoning process works.
  3. 8:30- Review letter to developer to state committee position on engaging next round of discussions with developer.
  4. 8:45- Review current site development, what could exist without a zoning change, and how this compares with the proposed development. Discuss other similar venues for public gathering/weddings.
  5. 9:00- Discuss a process for gathering public input at the Sep/Oct general meeting. 
  6. Note- Any need for periodic closed sessions will be discussed at September general HNA meeting.
  7. Note- Next meeting to be in-depth discussion about the development proposal.
  8. 9:20- meeting adjourn

Perry Committee Members: Reed Henderson, Rafi Anuar, Bart Whatley, Carolyn Palaima, Holly Noelke, Bruce Fairchild, Gay Ratliff, Linda Guerrero, Cody Coe

Hancock Neighborhood Association Agenda – July 18, 2012

Hancock Neighborhood Association Agenda – July 18, 2012

  1. Approval of Minutes from May Meeting
  2. Discussion and Vote on Conditional Use Agreement for Day Care at 905 E. 38th Street
  3. Parks Committee Report
    • Trail Updates
    • Creek Clean-up
  4. Zoning Committee Report
    • 4306 Red River – Report and Vote
    • Concordia Update
  5. Perry Estate Committee Report
  6. Publications Committee Report
  7. HNA CANPAC Appointment (s)
  8. Discussion on Endorsement of 10 – 1 City Council Redistricting Plan
  9. Neighbor of the Year Award – Discussion
  10. Parade Report & Approval to Pay for Parade Costs
  11. Discuss & Vote to Support or Oppose Proposed Short Term Rental Ordinance
  12. Old Business
  13. New Business
  14. Announcements
  15. Adjourn

Please Join Us for the 2nd Annual HNA 4th of July Parade and Picnic

On Wednesday, July 4th at 10:00 am, the second annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic will be presented by the Hancock Neighborhood Association.

All families and pets are invited to participate in the parade or to cheer on the participants along the route. The parade route will begin at the Lee Elementary School parking lot on Harris Avenue and travel west on Harris Avenue, north on Woodrow Street, west on Texas Avenue, south on Montrose,and then follow Harris Avenue back to Lee Elementary. At the school we will enjoy watermelon, lemonade, cold water, entertainment for the kids and more!

Dress up your pets, children, wagons, and bikes and join your neighbors in celebrating this festive occasion.

In an effort to keep the cost down, we are asking neighbors to volunteer to provide food and beverages for the event. If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, please contact Cynthia Smith at

Meeting- Perry Special Committee June 19

There will be a Perry Special Committee meeting Tuesday, June 19 at the Hancock Recreation Center 7:30pm for those interested in attending.

Agenda: Discussion and possible recommendation regarding a development proposal for the Perry Estate

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda, May 16, 2012

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda, May 16, 2012
(Amended May 12, 2012)

  • Call to order – 7:00 p.m.
  • Minutes from the March Meeting
  • Request for endorsement of the 10 – 1 plan, i.e., the plan to revise the city charter to create 10 council seats based on geographic representation. Presentation is to be made by Delia Garza of the Citizens for Geographic Representation.
  • Valerie Goodman and Mayra Freeman – Appeal and Vote of HNA membership on special conditional use permit for Pride and Joy Day Care
  • Discussion of approaching the city to revisiting problem with downtown evening music disturbing area neighborhoods – discussion to be lead by NUNA Representative
  • Officer Reports
    • President’s notes
    • Treasurer’s report
  • Committee Reports
    • Ad-hoc Golf Course Committee
    • Ad-hoc Perry Estate Report
    • Newsletter
    • Zoning
    • Streets and Sewers
    • Membership
    • Historic Preservation
    • Parks and Natural Environment
  • CANPAC Representatives report
  • Other Business Items
  • Announcements
  • Close of Meeting

Hancock Native Plant Swap April 1

Hello, Gardeners and future Gardeners!
This event is Sunday morning and we hope to see you there!
April 1st 8am-10:30am   EARLY!
Antonelli's Cheese Shop parking lot: 4220 Duval Street (across from Hyde Park Grill)
Mission: To make all yards in our/your neighborhood more beautiful and easier to maintain, while consuming less water...FOR FREE!
How It Works:
- Bring some baby plants that are crowding your yard or your parent's, sister-in-law's, and/or friend's yard  :)
- Check in - sign in and we'll help you jot some details about your plants.
- Pick out your free native baby plant.
- You will be given one ticket for each plant you brought.
- Go in and place your plants in the appropriate area (SUN, SHADE, etc.)
- Pick out one new plant for each of your tickets.
- We want everyone to take home a variety so please select a portion of the plants available in any one type...use your best judgment.

For your free plant you will be able to choose from: Artemisia, Old Fashioned Purple Iris, Texas Poinsettia, Blue Mist Flower, and Yarrow (while supplies last).
Help will be there: We will have all levels of gardening experience there, from weekend neighborhood gardeners to Habitat Stewards with native plant training to our resident expert, Lynn Hill, Master Naturalist.  They are eager to help with information and answering questions and LOVE to talk about our fabulous Texas plants.
Spreading the Word: Please forward this information to friends/groups or "Like" our facebook page.
If you want, tell us what you're bringing on our fb page:

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