Agenda for the January 18, 2023 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hello Neighbors,

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 18th, at 7 pm (zoom link below).

Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00 pm – General Business and Updates
  • 7:05 pm – Officer Nominations and Elections
  • 7:30 pm – I-35 Update

Two positions are currently open for the 2023 term: President and Secretary, although nominations for any position are welcome. Laura and I cannot commit to officer positions in the new year, so both the President and Secretary positions are open. I've personally enjoyed getting to know many of you over the last two years and working with our neighbors, but increasing work and family obligations mean I won't be able to dedicate the time necessary to be President.

HNA Officer positions are:

  • President (open)
  • Vice President
  • Secretary (open)
  • Treasurer


  • Step 1: Nominate someone for an office. (It is assumed that you've talked with this person, and they are willing to serve.)
  • Step 2: Include a brief paragraph about the person nominated.
  • Step 3: We need (1) other HNA member to second that nomination once it is posted.
  • Step 4: Post nominations and second to the Hancock listserve.

DEADLINE: Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Should you know someone willing to serve in one of these roles, please make the nomination on the Hancock listserve by Sunday, January 15th, 2023, so they may be placed on the agenda. If anyone has questions about the workload, duties, etc., please get in touch with other current or past officers or me.

Remember that only dues-paying members can vote in the election. If you haven’t paid your 2023 dues yet, here’s how:

  • Step 1: HNA email group members can access the online donations link by signing into the HNA page, clicking the "Donations" link on the left navigation, and then clicking the link for 2023 Annual Dues. email group members can alternatively click the following link to access the payment page directly:

  • Step 2: Enter the dollar amount corresponding to your membership type and the number of members.
  • Step 3: After paying dues, please email hna.payment@... with your address and a list of names of members that you're paying dues for.

Zoom Meeting Info


Join by Telephone

Phone Number: (346) 248 7799
Meeting ID: 959 3360 7250
Passcode: 035761

Best regards,

Coan Dillahunty
HNA President

Agenda for the November 16, 2022 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hello Neighbors,

Our next HNA meeting will be on Wednesday, November 16th, at 7 pm (zoom link below).

Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00 pm – General Business and Updates
  • 7:05 pm – Cady Lofts Architectural Renderings and Site Plan Update
  • 7:30 pm – Compatibility in Corridors Discussion

Zoom Meeting Info


Join by Telephone
Phone Number: (346) 248 7799
Meeting ID: 990 4674 5656
Passcode: 344929

Best Regards,

Coan Dillahunty
HNA President

HNA Meeting Minutes for October 6, 2022

Hancock Neighborhood Association
October 6, 2022

Presiding: Coan Dillahunty

Announcement - Saturday, Nov. 5 - It’s my park day. Golf course will be closed to regular golfing all day. Parks Department orchestrating the event. Open house at the recreation center, a nature talk and more.

Treasurer’s report:
Checking account
$3863.93 - Beginning balance
174.67 - Receipts from dues
(757.00) - Disbursements for Newsletter ($750) and bank charges ($7)
3261.60 - Ending balance
Money Market account
$2905.83 - Ending balance

In November, the people involved with Cady Lofts building will present an update to the building.

Hugh Bender presented the by-laws revisions. Ad-hoc committee members are Justin Clemens, Robin Ross, Bart Whatley, Coan Dillahunty and Hugh Bender.

  • He emphasized that the committee wanted to keep in mind the idea that the Association should be more about community and fun, rather than procedure. The committee had their open public meeting a couple of weeks ago to dig into the details. The Association is governed by Robert’s Rules of Order but Hugh explained that the general rules for meeting communication in the by-laws are to provide a simple, relaxed and efficient way of communicating. We can always resort to Robert’s Rules when necessary.
  • Dues can be raised or lowered by the membership.
  • Standing committees section was cleaned up.
  • Notification for meetings is 2 days prior now. This became especially important for the Zoning committee that sometimes has tight deadlines.
  • The committee added a Membership and Talent Committee to identify new leadership so that there will always be a slate of candidates in January.

During the meeting other changes were made:

  • Discussion of the inactive Historic Preservation Committee. Decided to strike it from the by-laws because it hasn’t functioned for a while and could easily be resurrected as an Ad-hoc committee as needed.
  • Discussed allowing age 16 and up for membership and voting. Everyone agreed and the by-laws were adjusted.

Justin Clemmens moved to adopt the by-laws as revised. Robyn seconded.

The revised by-laws will be posted on our website:

HNA Regular Meeting Date Change - Now Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hello Neighbors,

We're pushing the rescheduled HNA meeting to the next day since it overlapped with Yom Kippur.

Our next meeting will now be on Thursday, October 6th at 7 pm (zoom link below) and will focus on an update to the current bylaws that we adopted back in 2015.

Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00 pm – General Business and Updates
  • 7:10 pm – Bylaws Review and Vote

Zoom Meeting Info


Join by Telephone
Phone Number: (346) 248 7799
Meeting ID: 998 5626 3154
Passcode: 520374

Hugh, the head of the ad-hoc Bylaws Committee, will be sharing the bylaws
draft in advance of the meeting. We hope to see you all there.

Best regards,

Coan Dillahunty HNA President

Agenda for the October 5, 2022 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hello Neighbors,

Because of scheduling conflicts, we’re moving our September HNA meeting two weeks later than it would normally be held. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 5th at 7 pm (zoom link below) and will focus on an update to the current bylaws that we adopted back in 2015.

Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00 pm – General Business and Updates
  • 7:10 pm – Bylaws Review and Vote

Zoom Meeting Info


Join by Telephone
Phone Number: (346) 248 7799
Meeting ID: 998 5626 3154
Passcode: 520374

Hugh, the head of the ad-hoc Bylaws Committee, will be sharing the bylaws draft in advance of the meeting. We hope to see you all there.

Best regards,
Coan Dillahunty HNA President

July 20, 2022 HNA Meeting Canceled

Hello Everyone,

I hope you're all doing well and making it through this infernally hot summer.

The July HNA regular meeting would have been this upcoming Wednesday, July 20th. Given that we didn't have any time sensitive agenda items and two of the officers, including me, wouldn't have been able to attend, the officers have decided to cancel the July meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 21st. Please let me know if you have any ideas for agenda items for September so that we can work on arranging speakers.

Best regards,

Coan Dillahunty
HNA President

Minutes for the June 2, 2022 Special HNA Meeting

Hancock Neighborhood Association
Minutes of Special Meeting
June 2, 2022

Coan Dillahunty presiding.

Special meeting called to vote on a second resolution concerning the proposed Cady Lofts building and its application for a change in zoning.

Atha Phillips, staff with City Council member Kathie Tovo’s office, was present for this meeting.

The building would be located on 3 tracts of land (1004-1008) on 39th St. It is permanent supportive housing (PSH), 100 units of 450 sq ft each, single resident occupancy (SRO). The developers have a partnership with Austin Affordable Housing Corp (AAHC).. The support services will be provided by New Hope Housing, an organization which has provided services for the homeless in Houston. People would be placed in this type of housing by ECHO (, a non-profit that deals with people who do not have a home.

Developers and consultants (AAHC, SGI, Saigebrook, O-SDA, New Hope Housing) originally proposed a zoning change to MF-6-NP (Multi-family-highest density) zoning for their project. They are now proposing MF-4, which would lower the maximum height of the building from 90 ft. in MF-6 to 60 ft. with MF-4. It also lowers the maximum number of units per acre from “no limit” to 36 to 54 units per acre.

HNA passed a resolution on 4/28 that expressed support for PSH but had concerns about:

  • The MF-6 zoning being incompatible with the Neighborhood plan
  • The density of 100 units with single resident occupancy (no families)
  • Pedestrian and traffic safety

HNA asked for a 90 day postponement to review the proposal more thoroughly before the Planning Commission would vote on it.

The Planning Commission Meeting was scheduled for May 10. They allowed a 2 week delay. About 10 people from the neighborhood attended the May 24 meeting, speaking mainly against the proposed zoning change but there were also neighbors in support of the change. Other members of the community at large spoke in favor of the PSH. The Planning Commission passed the zoning change unanimously.

On June 2, several neighbors met with Kathie Tovo and her staff. She let them know that she was in favor of the zoning change and indicated that most of the City Council members are behind it. City Council will discuss this at their June 9 and 16, and July 28 meetings. The vote will be taken at the July 28 meeting.

Josh Ellinger mentioned that he would really like the city to purchase this land so that if the Cady Lofts project doesn’t move forward, developers can’t take advantage of the zoning changes. He also said he has researched New Hope enough to know that they have an excellent reputation. He also talked with Kate Moore from ECHO who made a compelling argument for SRO considering the population of people the city needs to serve.

Coan clarified that the building will be open to both men and women.

Coan displayed the new resolution on the screen and reviewed the important sections. Some of the main points are:

  • We no longer object to zoning change now that the Planning Commision has changed to MF-4.
  • We ask the city to review the pedestrian and safety plan for that area.
  • We ask for a conditional overlay on the property to reduce the maximum height to 50 ft.
  • We ask the Planning Commission to refine their notification system for zoning changes.
  • We ask the City Council to amend Affordability Unlocked to include the same notification system for zoning changes.
  • We ask the City to proactively work with neighborhoods to identify potential PSH properties.

Josh Ellinger motioned to bring the resolution to a vote. Bradley Price seconded, Coan said preliminary results looks like it has passed. Coan sent the resolution and count (passed 19 to 1) after the meeting.

Atha Philllips requested the resolution as soon as possible so that they could start working on the requests in the resolution.

Steven Eckoff asked when we would start having discussions about the sidewalks in this area. Atha Phillips mentioned that Cady Lofts will be required to build wide sidewalks in front of the building. In the case of existing sidewalks that need repair, she said the fastest way is to call 311. The more people that call, the better. Unfortunately, the City has a lot of catch up to do in this area.

Resolution is attached.


recorded by Laura Tull

PDF of Minutes:
PDF of Resolution:

Proposed Resolution on Cady Lofts for June 2, 2022 Special HNA Meeting


Whereas, SGI Ventures (the “Applicant” henceforth), with support from the Housing Authority of Austin (HACA), has applied with the State of Texas for 9% tax credits to develop and operate a building containing 100 SRO efficiency rental units (of approximately 451 s.f. each) for permanent supportive housing (“PSH”) on lots at 1004, 1006, and 1008 E39th in the Hancock Neighborhood; and

Whereas, the Hancock neighborhood adopted a resolution during an April 28, 2022, special called meeting to oppose the FLUM amendment and zoning change for the lots at 1004, 1006, and 1008 E39th to change zoning to the highest allowed density (MF-6-NP), which would have allowed a 90 ft structure citing concerns of protecting the FLUM and zoning; density increase, pedestrian safety, and the need for additional time to analyze these issues; and

Whereas, in the same HNA resolution; we expressed our support for both Permanent Supportive Housing and affordable housing in Austin and our neighborhood; and

Whereas, at the May 24, 2022, City of Austin Planning Commission meeting, both the Applicant and HNA provided their positions along with members of the community in favor and in opposition of the zoning change, the Commissioners were not receptive to the opposition's concerns, and unanimously voted in favor of the Applicant’s FLUM Amendment and lower-intensity (MF-4-NP) Zoning change for the lots; and

Whereas, at the Planning Commission meeting, the City Staff recommended a less intense zoning designation (MF-4-NP) capping height at 60 ft, and the Applicant agreed to the limitation and currently proposes a site plan of fewer than 48 ft; and

Whereas, homelessness is a crisis in Austin, and there is an overwhelming need for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) with 4,012 individual PSH SRO units are needed to make homelessness non-recurring in Austin, according to the 2021 ECHO Needs and Gaps Report; and

Whereas, only 1,016 individual PSH units exist or are in the pipeline, leaving a gap of 2,996 individual PSH SRO units; and

Whereas, the Applicant’s plan for 100 PSH units would help close that gap and the location in the Hancock Neighborhood provides ready access to transit networks, retail, medical services, and amenities such as the Hancock Recreation Center and Hancock Golf Course trail.


To address the homelessness crisis in Austin and add to the inventory of Public Supportive Housing Units with the eventual goal of ending homelessness, the Hancock Neighborhood Association makes the following recommendations on the Proposed Cady Lofts (100 rental units of 451 s.f. each) Zoning Change and FLUM Amendment.

Despite many of our original and ongoing concerns, the Hancock Neighborhood Association NO LONGER OPPOSES the Zoning Change and FLUM Amendment and Applicant’s TDHCA 9% tax credit application for the following reasons:

  1. The proposed zoning change MF-4-NP is less intense than the originally proposed MF-6-NP zoning; providing more compatibility with the existing FLUM plan and adjacent SF-3 zoning.
  2. The Applicant has promised to work with HNA and immediate neighbors to take our input during the development of the site plan.
  3. The Applicant has 20 years of experience building and operating affordable housing units and has brought in a non-profit consultant from Houston, New Hope Housing, with experience providing PSH SRO housing.
  4. SAFE has informed HNA in a signed letter that additional funds are available for PSH in Austin so the Lancaster is no longer in contention with Cady Lofts for funding and can be built regardless of which project is ultimately supported by TDHCA.


To request the City Manager, City Council, and Mayor to address the following:

  1. The pedestrian and traffic concerns raised by HNA that are worthy of consideration and essential to the success of the project:
    a. We ask the City to review the sidewalk and pedestrian safety plan for the area surrounding the proposed development and build sidewalks where necessary to ensure safe and accessible access for the 100 future tenants of the site.
    b. We ask the City to review the traffic and parking plans for the same area to ensure that there are no concerns for the tenants or nearby residents.
  2. HNA recommends that Council add a conditional overlay in addition to the MF-4-NP zoning, expressly limiting height to 50 feet (lowered from the 60 feet allowed by MF-4) in the case an affordable project does not advance and the zoning is instead used for a market-rate development. This would ensure that a market rate development does not benefit from the granted density requirements secured as part of the FLUM amendment and zoning change for an affordable housing project that removed existing COs added in the 2004 neighborhood plan.

To request the City Manager, City Council, Mayor, Planning Commission, and City Staff to consider the Hancock Neighborhood Association’s recommendations related to zoning changes in Austin, having learned from our experience:

  1. We ask the Planning Commission to refine the notification process for zoning changes to ensure proper and full notification for these changes, addressing an observed deficiency where outdated and incomplete address information was used to notify residents within 500 ft of the proposed change, denying them full notice of the change.
  2. We ask the City Council to amend the Affordability Unlocked ordinance to include the same notification requirements as zoning changes to encourage community engagement and visibility into projects that directly impact land use. Residents should
  3. We ask the City to proactively work with neighborhoods across Austin’s districts to locate and secure properties for PSH units throughout Austin, augmenting the existing process that primarily relies on private developers to identify and secure locations without community input. We believe that collaboration would accelerate the building of PSH units and minimize friction during the planning process

To request the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) improve its notification process and timelines:

  1. We ask TDCHA to change its notification process for applications to include the deadlines for submitting feedback that it uses for scoring. These scoring deadlines are not currently communicated to notified parties.
  2. We ask TDCHA to provide better visibility into how an organization can register to be officially added to the list of recognized organizations that may participate in the scoring process. At this time, HNA is uncertain whether or not our feedback as a neighborhood association is included and considered in the application scoring process.



Coan Dillahunty
President, Hancock Neighborhood Association

Agenda for the June 2, 2022 Special Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hello Neighbors,

I hope you’re all having a good Memorial Day weekend. I've decided to call a special called meeting for Thursday, June 2nd, at 7 pm so we can hopefully adopt a new resolution regarding the proposed Cady Lofts development in advance of the City Council meeting on June 9th. We'll conduct the meeting on Zoom and the meeting information is below.

Here's the Agenda for the Meeting:

  1. HNA Cady Lofts Update
  2. Resolution Presentation and Discussion
  3. Vote

We will post a draft of the proposed resolution early this week to the HNA listserv so that everyone has a chance to review it in advance of the meeting.

Only dues-paying members of the HNA can vote at the meeting. If you haven't paid your 2022 dues yet, the HNA join section provides information on how to pay online or using the mail.

Zoom Meeting Information:

Meeting URL:

Join by Telephone: +1 346 248 7799

Meeting ID: 979 0272 9244
Meeting Passcode: 880866

Many of you are already familiar with the 100-unit, single-room occupancy, Cady Lofts project proposed for 1004, 1006, 1008, East 39th St and the associated zoning amendment and zoning changes.

There have been several meetings about this Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) project for people experiencing homelessness they’ve proposed including:

  • March 16: HNA General Meeting
  • April 7: City-led Community Engagement Meeting
  • April 28: HNA Zoning Committee meeting
  • April 28: HNA Special Called Meeting for Cady Lofts Resolution, 87% of attendees voted to adopt a resolution supporting affordable housing/PSH but opposing the zoning change.

The Zoning FLUM amendment and zoning change case were heard on Tuesday this week at the Planning Commission. Despite objections from HNA and from the community (there was also strong community support for the changes), the Commissioners unanimously rejected our postponement request to allow time for experts to review the change and its impact. The Commissioners then voted to unanimously approve the FLUM amendment and zoning change, setting the issue to be heard for the first time at City Council on June 9th.

If you’d like to view the video recording it’s located here:

Cady Lofts was items B6 and B7 on the agenda. The Postponement discussion started at the 19-minute mark and the actual zoning case started 53 minutes into the meeting.

Coan Dillahunty
HNA President

Agenda for the May 18, 2022 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hello Neighbors,

Our March HNA meeting is Wednesday, May 18th at 7 pm (zoom link below).

Meeting Agenda

  • 7:00 pm – General Business and Updates
  • 7:05 pm – TxDOT I-35 Update
  • 7:40 pm – Transportation Committee I-35 Update along with Guests from Cherrywood NA

Zoom Meeting Info


Join by Telephone
Phone Number: (346) 248-7799
Meeting ID: 847 7707 4637
Passcode: 980206

We hope to see you there!


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