City Council Approves Changes to ADU Regulations

At today’s Council meeting, the Council approved the following changes to the ADU regulations:

  • Allow ADUs SF-3 zoned lots that are between 5,750 and 7,000 square feet.
  • Set the maximum size of an ADU to 1,100 square feet.
  • Override neighborhood plans that prohibit ADUs on SF-3 zoned lots.
  • Reduce building separation to 10 feet (front to back and side to side).
  • Eliminate requirement that an entry be more than 10 feet from a property line.
  • Remove driveway requirement to rear ADU.
  • Provide one parking space for the ADU in addition to main structure parking.
  • Eliminate parking requirement for ADU within 1/4 mile of an activity corridor identified in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan.
  • Limit use as short-term rental to a maximum of 30 days per year for ADUs constructed after October 1, 2015.
  • Prohibit use as a Type 2 short term rental.

Hancock Candle Trail December 4th and 5th!


Hancock Recreation Center would like to invite you and your family to join us for our annual Candle Light Trail. This free family event will take place December 4th and 5th from 6:00-9:00pm. Come walk the trail, take pictures with Santa and enjoy refreshments and local entertainment. Please see the attached flyer for more details. We hope to see you there.

We would also like to let you know there is still space available for our Camp Day on November 25th. The camp runs from 7:30am – 6:00pm and costs $18 child. If you are needing childcare for children ages 5-12 on that date, please contact Hancock Recreation Center (512) 453-7765 for more details.


Ben Rustenhaven
Recreation Program Specialist
Hancock Recreation Center

Code Next Sound Check Event November 16-21, 2015

Neighbors, I urge you to attend one of the many Code Next public events being held from November 16-21...there are both day and night events. Our Central Austin neighborhoods are not being included in the "pin up exercises" taking place.

If you click on the RSVP link below you ll see all the events, the time and dates for each.

Mark Harkrider, President, HNA

From Code Next:

Austin is changing every day, and writing a new land development code is all about preserving and creating great places in Austin. Finding the right balance is critical to maintaining harmony throughout our community. How Austin develops is getting remixed, and we need you for a Sound Check. The CodeNEXT team will test different development standards around Austin and share results. The event will be held from November 16-21.

The Sound Check is a critical milestone for CodeNEXT. This is the first chance for Austinites to see proposed land development code standards and their potential affect on future development. We will have opportunities throughout the week for you to see proposed code standards as well as potential affects and tradeoffs through illustrations, maps, and data. In the parking lot outside the testing space, we will have food trucks, music, kids' activities, and more. Please see the attached schedule to help you figure out what works best for you.

Location Details

The Linc (formerly Lincoln Village) is located at 6406 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road. CodeNEXT Sound Check will take place in Suite 2850A. On the east side of The Linc (facing I-35), there is a tall sign along the southbound frontage road that reads “Pop Up Here” right in front of the section of The Linc where we’ll be.

More information can be found at:

RSVP here:

Sound Check video:

We hope you can attend the event and hope you will pass this along, particularly those interested in our built and natural environment.



Paul DiGiuseppe, Principal Planner
CodeNEXT Team
City of Austin Planning and Zoning Department
505 Barton Springs Rd., 5th floor
Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 974-2865

Agenda for the November 18, 2015 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

The Hancock Neighborhood Association will meet Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
at the Hancock Recreation Center. The meeting starts at 7:00 pm

Meeting Agenda

  1. Discussion with Jessica Gilzow, Recreation Supervisor of Hancock Recreation Center regarding bond votes dedicated to the Hancock Recreation Center and other issues which she would like to discuss.
  2. Official vote on curb cuts on Caswell and Barrow
  3. Presentation by HNA 's Zoning and Development Committee
  4. Presentation from HNA's representatives to CANPAC
  5. Update on City Council's amended ordinance to Accessory Dwelling Units
  6. Update on City Council's actions on Short Term rentals
  7. Update on Code Next---the rewriting of Austin's Land Development Code
  8. HNA's Treasurer Report
  9. Update from HNA's Historian

Waller Creek Clean-Up November 8 and 11


The Clean-up got rained out, so we rescheduled to
Sunday, November 8, at 9:00 at 38th and Peck


for those not working on Veterans' Day,
Wednesday, November 11, at 9:00 at 38th and Peck

Hope to see you at one of the clean-ups.


HNA Zoning Committee Minutes for November 2, 2015

HNA Zoning Committee Minutes: November 2, 2015

  • Call meeting to order
  • Approval of Minutes from October 12, 2015. Vote: 4-0
  • Action Item #2: HNA Z-D Mission and Process document draft was reviewed and discussed by the ZDC . Approved 5-0
  • No citizen communication
  • Meeting Adjourned at 7:12 pm.

  • HNA Zoning and Development Committee Meeting Agenda for November 2, 2015

    HNA Zoning Agenda

    November 2, 2015 

    Time: 6:45pm         Location: Hancock Recreation Center


    1. Call meeting to order
    2. Action Item: Discuss and review the proposed draft for the HZ-D Committee and HNA process document.
    3. Neighborhood Communication- three minutes to address any zoning concerns and items
    4. New Business- future agenda items
    5. Adjourn

    Neighborhood Stakeholder Meeting Saturday, October 17

    Please share & encourage others to attend – and RSVP if they can go to either of the meetings:

    Carol Gibbs, Neighborhood Advisor
    Neighborhood Assistance Center
    Planning & Zoning Department

    HNA Zoning Committee Minutes for October 12, 2015

    HNA Zoning Committee Minutes: October 12, 2015

    1. Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2015. Vote: 6-0
    2. Action Item #2: HNA Z-D Mission and Process document draft was reviewed and discussed. The final draft will be vote on at the Nov. meeting.
    3. Action Item #3: Reviewed the Mc Mansion rules regarding FAR on ADU’s .The Z-D Committee recommends enforcement of existing code. COA staff is required to enforce code with heavy fines /remove illegal structure when project is in violation of current code Vote 6-0
    4. Z-D Committee discussed the Type1/2 Short Term Rental amendments. Our HNA President sent a letter (10/7/15) to Councilmembers regarding our concerns of negative impact to HNA residents.
    5. No citizen communication
    6. Meeting Adjourned at 7:56 pm.

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