Red River Extended Hours Pilot Begins Thursday, May 4th

From: "McCarson, Kimberly" <>
Date: May 4, 2017 at 5:29:36 PM CDT
Cc: "Block, Brian" <>
Subject: Red River Extended Hours Pilot Begins Today

We’re writing to let you know that the Red River Extended Hours Pilot Program begins today. The pilot temporarily allows five Red River outdoor music venues to play amplified music one additional hour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. During the pilot the city will collect data to determine the impact of extended live music hours on venues, local musicians and residents. The 6-month pilot takes place
now through November 1st.

As part of the pilot we will place sound monitoring units at the property lines of participating venues and in nearby neighborhoods. For more information, to view sound measurement levels in real time, and to see weekly sound monitoring reports please visit the pilot website at

To let us know about sound impacts in the neighborhoods on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings you may also call the pilot hotline at 512-593-9221 to speak to Music & Entertainment Division staff in the field so we can better understand and investigate issues while they are occurring.

Kim McCarson
Economic & Business Liaison │ Music & Entertainment Division
Economic Development Deptartment │ City of Austin
505 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, Texas 78704
(t) 512-974-7963 │ (f) 512-974-6636

Coffee With A Cop April 4th

You are cordially invited to Region 1's Coffee with a Cop event at Mc Donald's, 5451 N IH 35 EF (Capital Plaza) on Tuesday April 4th, from 7:00 am to 9:00 am. Stop by, have a hot cup of coffee and meet your APD Region 1 District Representatives. It’s a great opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas in an informal setting. Hope to see you there!

Thank you,

SPO Eric Copeland #6766
Region 1 District Representatives (Baker 1)
Austin Police Dept

5th Annual Hancock Native Plant Swap: April 1st at Mother's Cafe

The Hancock neighborhood's plant swap is in its 5th year!  Thank you to all who have generously shared your favorite native plants with others in these five years!

On Saturday, April 1st, grab your coffee, pot up some of your best-performing baby plants and bring them to Mother's parking lot for an hour of sharing and gardening fun. Master Gardeners and Habitat Stewards attend and love to help you find plants that will work well in your yard. Wondering if a plant in your yard is native or not? Bring a sprig from it and one of the experts will be able to identify it for you. Don't have any natives? That's okay, nobody goes home empty-handed! A fun, lively event, but it doesn't last long, so come early!

Please help spread the word by Sharing this event and/or posting what you will be bringing:

There are more pictures and videos showing what it's like to attend on the fb page:

Here's how it works: 

  • Pot up some transplants, cuttings, or bring seeds
  • Bring to swap and set them in the appropriate area: Sun, Shade, Part Sun/Shade, or Water
  • Look around for plants that you would love to have
  • Take as many home as you brought

The mission of the Hancock Native Plant Swap is to make all yards in our neighborhoods more beautiful and easier to maintain, while consuming less water...for free!
Please forward to those who might be interested. Carleen EdgarNWF Habitat Steward - Class of 2009

HNA Meeting Minutes for March 15, 2017

Hancock Neighborhood Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Hancock Neighborhood Association met on March 15, 2017 and celebrated Pi Day with pies. Approximately 25 people attended and many delicious pies were provided and joyfully consumed. Much thanks to all you pie bakers.

Two staff members from the City of Austin's Economic Development Department discussed the City's pilot program to extend the hours of five music venues located on Red River. The pilot program will last for six months starting in May, 2017 and will extend outdoor music curfew to 12 a.m. on Thursdays, 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturday.

During the pilot program, the Economic Development staff stated it will be collecting information from the music venues to see if musicians salaries increase, if the venues increase their revenue and other benefits to the venues. The police department will be collecting data to see if there is increased crime during these extended hours and around these venues. The economic development staff will be monitoring sound from the venues and will place sound monitors in neighborhoods north of downtown and will keep tabs on the number of sound complaints from neighborhood residents. After the six month pilot program, the City Council will evaluate the information collected.

After the HNA meeting, Council member Kathie Tovo emailed concerned Hancock residents urging them to call 311 with sound complaints.

The HNA board urges you to call 311 with sound complaints.

HNA member Robyn Ross asked members to consider other social activities, such as the pie social, which could take place at our meetings; hopefully, she will continue her leadership to incorporate a little more social activities concurrent with our meetings. She will report back on folks' suggestions for activities.

Postscript: CM Tovo amended the original Council's pilot program's length from a year to six months and lowered the extended hours by 30 minutes. During Council's discussion of the pilot program, CM Tovo, CM Alison Alter and CM Delia Garza all vocalized their concern that the quality of life of residents was at risk. On this issue, the Council heard from not only neighborhood residents but also from hotel managers who said sound complaints from their guests had been increasing.

HNA Meeting Minutes for January 18, 2017

Minutes from the Hancock Neighborhood Association. Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

Due to the lack of a quorum, those present did not elect Association officers for 2017. Thus the current officers, who were nominated without opposition, will remain in their positions until January, 2018.

District 9 Council member Kathie Tovo and her assistant,Joi Harden, came by the meeting to say hello.

Our guest speaker for the evening was Sabrina Vidaurri, training supervisor for the City's Rodent and Vector Control Program. She gave an excellent, informative and interesting discussion on the habits and qualities of the two types of rats which we have in Austin: the Norway rat and the Tree rat and how to prevent and exclude them from our yards and homes. For those interested in the life and habits of rats, Ms Vidaurri suggested the documentary called "Rats."

The best take away from the presentation is the Rodent and Vector Control Program will come to an owner occupied home and for free assess what you can to do to "exclude" rats from the premises. I do not know if it will do this for commercial properties. Under Austin's code, Commercial/ and rental property owners and landlords are responsible to maintain rentals free from rodents and insects. A tenant/renter may call Code Enforcement ( 311) to report an on going problem, if the owner is not addressing rodents or other infestations, like roaches.

There are numerous companies which provide rodent and rat control services. I use Chem-Free which uses the preferred methods of excluding and killing rats

The Rodent and Vector Control Program: 512-978-0370. You might check out its website for more information. Mary Sanger, Secretary, HNA.

Connections 2025 January Update

Connections 2025 - January Update

This week, the Capital Metro board of directors took a deep dive into the numbers of our Connections 2025 study. On Monday, we reviewed the financial process, along with operating and capital costs at a special work session. Missed the meeting? Check out the presentation or view the meeting video recording online.

What's new?

Timeline change to February

In order to review more financial data and additional details on the proposed innovation zones, the board has extended the study timeline to include a final work session on Feb. 17. The final Connections 2025 plan will be voted on at next month's board meeting on Feb. 27. As always, board meetings are open to the public and can be streamed online.

Capital Metro Board of Directors - Work Session

February 17

Capital Metro Board of Directors - Action Item for Approval

February 27

Capital Metro
2nd Floor Board Room
2910 E. 5th St
Austin, TX 78702

More frequent. More reliable. More connected.

The Connections 2025 plan proposes some major improvements to existing or new bus routes. Throughout this year-long process, we've heard folks tell us they want more buses, more often with better connections.

In response, we're proposing increasing the number of high-frequency routes (operating every 15 minutes or better) from 6 currently, to 17 total. That means, 4 out of 5 riders (82%) would have easy access to one of those routes.

What else? Check out the full proposed network map, route-by-route proposals and our Top 10 list of benefits at

Recommendation to replace unproductive service with Innovation Zones

The Connections 2025 team has recommended replacing routes that experience low demand with other transportation options, "Mobility Innovation Zones", in six areas of our network. Wanna learn more? Check out last month's update on our blog. We'll explore the Mobility Innovation Zones more with our board next month.

Why Mobility Innovation Zones and not a regular bus route? By shifting resources from routes that have experienced low ridership, we can move that bus service to corridors with high demand. For example, we know our top 5 bus routes carry more than 30% of our ridership. By boosting frequency on those corridors, we could offer improved service to more than a third of our riders.

How would Mobility Innovation Zones work? The Connections 2025 Team is recommending a phased approach. First, we would explore new transit options outside of the traditional 40-foot buses like, carshare, vanpools, flex routes and shuttles. We'd work with our community to decide which suits each area best. Next, we'd run a pilot period to test the success of these new options. Finally, it's important to know, that no service would be changed in these areas for at least 2 years. This will be an ongoing process as we explore, collaborate on and test these new mobility options before implementation.

Phasing and implementation

Connections 2025 is intended to serve as the roadmap for Capital Metro over the next 10 years. This does not mean every route proposal is a done deal. Beginning in late 2017, we'll host additional open house meetings, make onboard announcements, post information at stops, and much more, to spread the word on any upcoming service changes and gather your feedback. Ultimately, each route change would need subsequent board approval.

Updated Agenda for the January 18, 2017 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Hancock Recreation Center
January 18, 2017 7:00-8:30pm



  1. Rodent Control Presentation from City of Austin: Sabrina Vidaurri
  2. Committee Reports
  3. Officer Election
  4. Open Discussion

Agenda for the January 18, 2017 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Hancock Recreation Center
January 18, 2017 7:00-8:30pm



  1. Committee Reports
  2. Officer Election
  3. Open for discussion

Region 1 Commander’s Forum Tuesday, January 10

The Austin Police Department would like to invite Region 1 residents to our Commanders Forum, being held on January 10th, 2017 at McCallum High School (either cafeteria or library) from 6:30pm-8pm. Commander Michael and the APD District Reps. will be presenting information important to the residents of Central and Central West Austin. We will also be discussing issues and subjects affecting the area. Please join us.

SPO Eric Copeland #6766
Region 1 District Representatives – Baker 1
Austin Police Dept.

Agenda for the November 16, 2016 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Hancock Recreation Center
November 16, 2016 7:00-8:30pm



  1. CMTA Project Connect presentation
  2. Committee Reports
  3. Open for discussion
  4. Officer Nominations
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