Hancock Golf Course Luminaria December 6th and 7th

The traditional Hancock Golf Course luminaria trail will be be active December 6th and 7th from dusk to 9 PM. Please see the announcement on the CoA website for more information.

Updated: Agenda for the November 20 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, November 20th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Hancock Recreation Center

(Updated Monday, November 18)

  1. Mueller Local Business Committee Presentation
    David Neider
  2. Resolution on Ariel Advertising
    Mary Sanger
    Motion: The Hancock Neighborhood Association implores the City Council to ask the FAA to stop aerial advertising over the Central Austin neighborhoods. Low flying planes circling these neighborhoods for four to
    six hours on weekend day pose a safety risk to residents. In addition, the constant and loud noise from these planes scare our children, is an intrusion into our daily lives, prevents us from enjoying the day,
    and a form of harassment.
  3. Netiquette for Yahoo Group
    David Yeager
  4. Update on Hancock Golf Course Public Engagement Action Plan
    Carolyn Palaima
  5. Newsletter Committee Volunteer Status
    Kathleen Strong
  6. Nominations for January Election of HNA Officers
  7. Announcements:
    Welcome to the Neighborhood Flier
  8. Reports and Announcements by HNA committees
  9. Adjourn

Stop Stealth Dorms Update

Stop Stealth Dorms update document provided by Mary Sanger.

HNA September 18, 2013 Parks Resolution

October 2013 Newsletter

Agenda for the September 18th Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Wednesday, September 18th
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Hancock Recreation Center


  1. Hyde Park Plaza Project Presentation and Discussion
    Bick Brown
    Commercial use of the property
  2. Hyde Park Market, 45th and Duval Presentation
    Tony Hooman
    Vote on Support: Zoning change to have beer taps in the store to allow customers to purchase growlers for home consumption, and onsite small beer garden
  3. HNA Parks and Green Spaces Committee
    Vote on Approval: Resolution to Council Concerning Hancock Golf Course
    • Hancock Trail Pedestrian Bridges Cost
    • Mitigation from staging at 38th & Red River triangle
  4. Committee Activations:
    • Historic Preservation Committee
    • Neighborhood Outreach Committee
    • Special Committee to Redraft Bylaws
  5. Reports and Announcements by HNA committees
  6. Adjourn

Five Minutes for $5 million in Park Funding

Park Lovers, as you may know, APF and numerous other environmental organizations are fighting to increase city funding for parks. We've been told our collective voices have been heard at city hall, and now, in the last days before the final budget decisions are made, is the time for our last collective push.

If you think parks are underfunded, contact the Mayor and city council members THIS WEEKEND with this message:

I'm a voter, and I strongly and loudly support the GAP effort to raise an additional $4.75 million in funding for Austin PARD to care for our trees, trails, pools and parks.

If we don't fix the problems we have now, we can only expect them to get worse. Part of what makes Austin such a wonderful place to live is the abundance of parks and outdoor space and we need to take care of what we have before we lose it.

Email them all at once http://austintexas.gov/mail/all-council-members, or individually http://www.austinparks.org/advocacy.html?utm_campaign=516x&utm_medium=email&utm_source=email_list and please give them a call, even if you have already! We need to make our voices heard between now and Monday! We can do this, Austin, together!

For more information on the GAP effort, visit austinparks.org

Austin Parks Foundation
507 Calles Street, Ste. 116
Austin, TX 78702

Fall Hancock Native Plant Swap - September 28th at dawn

Hello.  This weekend Mother's Cafe & Garden confirmed that we can have the Fall Hancock Native Plant Swap in their parking lot.

The swap will be from from dawn to 9:30am.

Bring native plants (please mark them with name and any helpful information).
Take home the same number of other people's plants.

This is the fourth swap and people from all over Austin are turning out.  
There is great participation from Central and North Central neighborhoods.
We also always find one or more new gardeners who we are able to set up with native plants.

If you have some native plants that are doing very well in your yard and reproducing everywhere, we need those plants at the swap. 
Please bring as many as you possibly can.  We can come help you get them into pots!


  • Be a Donor:  Contact me if you want to help the cause for native plants but have something else to do the day of the swap.  We can come to your house with all the supplies and very carefully pot up the
    plants you want to share with others.
  • Be a Digger: Volunteer to be available to dig up donor plants in your neighborhood.
  • Be a Promoter: Distribute flyers in your neighborhood to gardens that have lovely plants you'd like to see in other yards (flyers provided).

Get your baby natives ready!  

The swap is most successful when a lot of people participate, please tell your friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers about it!

Thank you!

Carleen Edgar
NWF Habitat Steward
Hanock resident

Reminder: Parks and Recreation Board Meeting Tuesday, August 27th at 6 PM

The Parks and Recreation Board will hold a meeting this evening, Tuesday, August 27th at 6 PM in the Boards and Commissions Room of City Hall. Here is the agenda. The first item on the non-consent portion of the agenda is a presentation by Jim D. Huddleston proposing the redevelopment of Hancock Golf Course. The board asked PARD staff to put the item on this month's agenda to ensure that the proposal is discussed in a public forum and so that the board can take an official position on the matter. Please attend to register your opposition to Mr. Huddleston's proposal. You can also write the Parks and Recreation Board members to provide input.

Parks and Recreation Board Member Email Addresses:

Jane Rivera <bc-Jane.Rivera@austintexas.gov> 
Jeff Francell <bc-Jeff.Francell@austintexas.gov> 
William Abell <bc-William.Abell@austintexas.gov>
Dale Glover <bc-Dale.Glover@austintexas.gov>
Lynn Osgood <bc-Lynn.Osgood@austintexas.gov>
Susana Almanza <poder.austin@gmail.com>
Susan Roth <susan@srothconsulting.com>

Proposal to Redevelop Hancock Golf Course

Dear neighbors,

A proposal is being put before PARD and has been sent to Council to redevelop and sell off the Hancock Golf Course. This is particularly disturbing given the high level of community engagement by residents of Hancock and the neighborhoods of Eastwoods, Cherrywood, NUNA, and Hyde Park with PARD over the Hancock Golf Course just over a year ago in which there was solidarity in preserving and enhancing the golf course with subsequent investments made. It is also disturbing that the short-term cashing out of community park lands is spoken of in this proposal as showing "visionary leadership." Please see the attached documents, which George will kindly post to the HNA site.

Jim D. Huddleston with Crawford, Huddleston & Co. will be presenting his proposal to the Parks and Recreation Board this coming Tuesday, August 27th. The meeting will be at 6 p.m. in the Boards and Commission Room at City Hall. Please come and show your support of the Hancock Golf Course and help send the message that neighborhoods do not want their community park lands up for sale.

The HNA Parks and Green Spaces Committee is preparing a statement based on the input and outcomes of the past community engagement session to make at the Parks Board meeting. The committee will follow this with a draft resolution to be sent to Council which will be presented at the September 18th HNA meeting for approval.

Hope to see you on Tuesday.


HNA President


Hancock Golf Course Redevelopment Proposal - CHCo Letter to Sarah Hensley Outling Phases
Hancock Golf Course Redevelopment Proposal - Phases v2 Map

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