Waller Creek Clean-Up Saturday June 23, 9:00-10:30 am

What: Creek clean-up. Pick up trash in Waller Creek from 32nd to 41st Streets
When: Saturday June 23, 9:00-10:30 am
Where: Meet at the southwest corner of Hancock Golf Course at 38th and Peck
Attire: Rubber boots if you have some

Hancock Neighborhood Association adopted a segment of Waller Creek through Keep Austin Beautiful. We have quarterly clean-ups and it's time for the second quarter clean-up. We need volunteers.

Keep Austin Beautiful provides grabbers, gloves, trash bags, sunblock, and insect repellant. We provide the talent.

RSVP to Kathleen Strong, kstrong@wt.net, so she'll know how much equipment to pick up.

June 14, 2012 Meeting to North Loop Neighborhood Planning Area

HNA Zoning Meeting Wednesday, June 6

There will be a zoning meeting Wed 6-6-12 at the Hancock Recreation Center at 7pm.

HNA Zoning Committee Meeting Agenda:

  1. 905 E 38th Day Care- Austin’s Pride & Joy- Review language for a restrictive covenant/bond that would guarantee a return to prior entitlement status when owners of the Austin’s Pride & Joy business are no longer with the day care or if the day care leaves the location. (follow up from discussion in May neighborhood meeting)
  2. Review 4306 Red River zoning request change from LO to LR and discuss any possible Neighborhood Plan implications. (introduced at May neighborhood meeting)

HNA Minutes May 16, 2012

Minutes of the HNA Meeting 3/21/12 (as amended at the May 16th HNA meeting)

Notice of Public Hearing: Proposed Amendment to Austin's Land Development Code

Eight proposed amendments

Notice of Public Hearing: Demolition Permit

4505 Red River

HNA Meeting Minutes for March 21, 2012

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda, May 16, 2012

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda, May 16, 2012
(Amended May 12, 2012)

  • Call to order – 7:00 p.m.
  • Minutes from the March Meeting
  • Request for endorsement of the 10 – 1 plan, i.e., the plan to revise the city charter to create 10 council seats based on geographic representation. Presentation is to be made by Delia Garza of the Citizens for Geographic Representation.
  • Valerie Goodman and Mayra Freeman – Appeal and Vote of HNA membership on special conditional use permit for Pride and Joy Day Care
  • Discussion of approaching the city to revisiting problem with downtown evening music disturbing area neighborhoods – discussion to be lead by NUNA Representative
  • Officer Reports
    • President’s notes
    • Treasurer’s report
  • Committee Reports
    • Ad-hoc Golf Course Committee
    • Ad-hoc Perry Estate Report
    • Newsletter
    • Zoning
    • Streets and Sewers
    • Membership
    • Historic Preservation
    • Parks and Natural Environment
  • CANPAC Representatives report
  • Other Business Items
  • Announcements
  • Close of Meeting

Notice of Public Hearing: Proposed Amendment to Austin's Land Development Code

1. Short term rentals
2. Authority of the County Executive for subdivisions in the Travis County ETJ

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