HNA Zoning Committee Meeting Thursday, July 23, 2020

HNA Zoning Committee Mtg
Thursday July 23rd, 2020 6:30 pm
Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 963 8807 9429
Agenda: Discussion and Possible Recommendation to HNA Membership regarding East Avenue PUD Amendment

HNA NEWS - July 12, 2020



July 12th, 2020


We held out as long as we could in the hope our governmental leadership & citizens would guide us out of covid spreading like wildfire. Since that does not appear realistic the Executive Committee has decided to obtain an HNA Zoom Acct for General Meetings, Committee Mtgs and sub-committees/work-groups. We will assume regular meeting schedule starting in September. No meeting on July 15th but a special call either July 29th or August 5th.


HNA Zoom Mtgs will operate as such: (small changes may occur and will be posted/read as technical issues and improved processes are identified)


Each meeting will have a designated Zoom Monitor.

1) Anyone is welcome, as always, up to first 100 connections (if you use a computer & phone you take up 2 connections)

2) Executive Committee, Committee Chairs and Presenters will be unmuted during the meeting, all others will be muted by the moderator. (If you don’t understand why this is an absolute necessity - ask anyone who’s been on large zoom calls or google it.)

- anyone who can not eliminate feedback will be muted.

- anyone who can not speak with respect and in a civilized manner will be muted

a) People may raise their hand (zoom term) to speak and the moderator will un-mute them at the appropriate time and in order.

b) Members may raise a question through the chat button and the moderator will ask the question for you.

c) Voting will occur either through a voice roll call or a we hope (preferred) through the chat function, so we can validate voting with membership and record such votes. We plan to tally votes during mtgs and will structure the agenda to allow EC to capture the vote without needlessly stopping or delaying the meeting.

Note: In rare instances (large meetings) final votes may be tallied after the meeting and posted with all votes show


DUES: You may not vote on any item if you are not currently a member.




Regular Membership (per household): $5.00

Associate Membership (for landlords or businesses): $10.00

To Pay Dues via Check: make payable to Hancock Neighborhood Association and mail to:

Hancock Neighborhood Association
c/o Bruce Fairchild, Treasurer
3907 Red River ST
Austin, TX 78751

Online: we hope to have an online payment system established soon.


WEBSITE: The HNA still needs volunteers to select a website template and migrate content to that site, Please contact Hugh Bender if you can help.




Zoning Committee: June 24th minutes have been posted, along with East Ave work group updates


The Zoning Committee will meet on the very near future to make a recommendation on the East Ave PUD Amendment – followed by a General HNA mtg. Mtgs and links will be posted on this website.


(note: operating during covid has been difficult and the HNA hopes to make a recommendation prior to Planning Commission hearing so we are tentatively scheduling an HNA (1st ever) Zoom Mtg for Wednesday July 29th at 7 pm. (this may change due to notice requirements.)



East Avenue Amendment - Zoning Committee Sub-Groups


Various members have met as a sub-workgroups to research a numer of items prior to a soon to be called Zoning Committee Mtg., Workgroups have volunteered to consulted with city staff, planning commission members, an affordable housing expert.


The Zoning Committee workgroups have inestigated the following and currently recommending for next Zoning Committee mtg:


  • .Original Restrictive Covenants: To remain in place and not amended. 

  • .A glass restriction with reflectivity less than 15% and classified as non-bird strike. 

  • .Support Parks Departments request to remove PUD park exemption and let PARD/developer handle any fees though normal process 

  • .New affordable housing standards/commitments based on any units over 65 ft. to meet COA  current PUD Affordability regulations (still verifying these standards)  

  • .Limit Traffic access to IH-35 frontage road.  

    Request that COA validated/update the FAR & TIA for whole PUD 

  • .Still negotiating a design plan for the west side facade to guarantee that neighbors/neighborhood do not look at a concrete wall or parking structure

HNA Zoning Committee Meeting Minutes - June 24, 2020

Agenda for HNA Zoning Committee Meeting
Wednesday June 24th 2020
6:30 pm Zoom Mtg

Call to Order 6:30 pm

Hugh Bender
Carolyn Palaima
Linda Guerreo
Bart Whatley
Bob Mebane

Guests: Developer Representatives -Leah Bojo and Kate Kniejski

1) News and Intro: Hancock Shopping Center News
The Engineer was called and they are at preliminary stages/ No physical plans have been drafted to share. Engineer stated that at this time it involves an HEB expansion and may have something related to the old Sear bldg but those plans are still preliminary.

2) Presentation on East Avenue Amendment Presentation: Leah Bojo-respresentative for Developer
Developer wants to go to 120 feet in height which would be equal to the current highest height on the frontage road. They presented this basic plan, and are requesting no additional changes to the PUD at this time. They presented the plan, answered questions from the Committee related to current East Ave Build out numbers, traffic (Frontage access only), restrictive covenants and also any concerns, ideas or input from the committee.

3) Discussion related to, and possible recommendation to HNA, Proposed PUD Amendment for East Avenue
Committee expressed a desire to have actual affordable housing on site. The committee stated that they hoped no reflective glass would be used under this PUD or future amendments. If the height is granted, the committee expressed that any neighborhood facing sides of the structure have design details with shrubs, offsets and that no-tilt walls are allowed.

Both parties agreed that we do not have enough information to discuss MFI and plans, and split up responsibilities to gather more information and then meet again. Zoning committee to work in small groups to contact city staff, obtain, independently, facts and information then meet again in July.

Action Taken/Next Steps: Committee members and developer to gather additional information so we can make an informed recommendation. Next formal meeting of the Zoning Committee is unknown at this time and, as always, will be posted on the HNA website. The HNA should not expect to see a final recommendation for a few weeks to a month, based on the COA current review cycles.


HNA Zoning Committee Meeting June 24 to Consider East Avenue PUD Parcel A Amendment

Agenda for HNA Zoning Committee Meeting
Wednesday June 24th 2020
6 pm Zoom Mtg

Topic: Discussion related to, and possible recommendation to HNA, Proposed PUD Amendment for East Avenue.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 515 428 4669
Password: 329497

HNA News

HISTORICAL SURVEY: The architectural survey of historic buildings, structures, objects and sites in our neighborhood has been completed and the team is in the process of evaluating properties and entering data. A draft historic context was completed earlier this year but will be revised to reflect new information that has come to light from the oral histories (by phone) and email correspondence from residents in Eastwoods and Hancock. The team has learned a great deal about Hancock’s history from you and thanks everyone who has contributed to the research effort!

For those who have not yet responded, it’s not too late to share your knowledge about the history of your house and neighborhood. If you received a letter about the oral histories earlier this year, please contact the project historian Terri Myers at (512) 478-0898, or email her at to add your voice to the survey project.

Hancock Trail: Thanks to PARD for trimming the trees around he Golf Course Trail. The many low branches had focrced walkers and joggers off the trail in spots.

Beautify Hancock: Thanks to the many neighbors who, while walking the neighborhood have met new neighbors and picked up trash. A little at a time and making the HNA shine.

Hugh Bender
Austin, Texas

HNA News

Neighbors, During these social distancing time the neighborhood has continued to operate as best we can. Neighbors have been looking after neighbors. Due to closures there will not be any HNA meetings till July at the earliest. In the meantime HNA officers have continued to operate, coordinating with Councilwoman Tovo's office in getting volunteers to participate in helping the elderly during this time.

Other updates:

News Item #1: The HNA Executive Committee has approved the Parks Committee recommendation for the continuation of Trail Maintenance consisting of $31,790 contract from the HNA funds held by The Austin Parks Foundation. With this approval PARD will move forward on the next steps in setting up a contract and work order. After months of negotiations and quotes, this contract will repair and maintain the entire trail bringing it to a base level since maintenance has been so delayed.This project would include the addition of several limestone steps and patching small ruts/steps on 38th. Then reinstalling 500ft of trail along Peck and 675ft along 41st. Portions of the trail will have a more permanent STA-LOK which is a waxey epoxy-like material that hardens under pressure. Once installed, it should last many years even on steep grades. This option will reduce the cost of regular maintenance over the years. The funds come from reserves held by the Austin Parks Foundation. Once we open back up the Parks Committee will be hosting a neighborhood meeting to prioritize other expenditures from this fund.

News Item #2: HNA is looking for volunteers to help with designing, migrating and updating a new HNA website. If anyone is willing to help on this project, especially anyone with experience/skills in setting up a website please email Hugh Bender at

Hugh Bender
Austin, Texas

March 18, 2020 HNA Meeting Has Been Canceled

HNA President Hugh Bender has stated that there will be no March meeting of HNA.

Future of Hancock Golf Course Community Engagement Session Saturday, February 29

The Hancock Neighborhood Association Parks Committee

Invites the

Hancock, Cherrywood, Eastwoods, Hyde Park, and North University Neighborhoods

to a Community Engagement Session on

The Future of Hancock Golf Course

On Saturday, February 29th from 1:00 to 3:00pm

At the Hancock Recreation Center


The City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) is moving forward on recommendations for the economic sustainability of the Hancock Golf Course presented in the “Review of Operations and Strategic Planning for City of Austin Municipal Golf Courses” NGF Consulting report. See pages 80-89 and 103-104;

The recommendation being advanced is the comprehensive transformation of the Hancock Golf Course into anew golf learning center / academy concept, the renovation and operation of which will be done by an outside third-party via a lease agreement. The Request for Proposals (RFP) for the renovation and operation of Hancock Golf Course is on a PARD timeline for issuance in March 2020.

The Community Engagement Session will provide for input on the PARD plan, as well an opportunity to consider options and provide feedback.

  1. Background on March 2012 Hancock Golf Course community engagement meeting.
  2. Presentation by PARD on the conceptual change for Hancock Golf Course. PARD representatives: Kimberly McNeeley, Director; Anthony Segura, Assistant Director; and Kevin Gomillion, Golf Division Manager
  3. Option: Potential to expand revenue streams to cover cost deficit in running the Hancock GolfCourse in its current configuration 
  4. Option: Cease golf at Hancock and convert the facility to a more passive park of open space.

The Hancock Neighborhood Association Parks Committee encourages you to participate at this veryimportant juncture for the future of the Hancock Golf Course, our valued community green space.

HNA Parks Committee: Carolyn Palaima, Chair; Linda Guerrero; Jim Rankin; and Bart Whatley

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