HNA Zoning and Development Committee Minutes for February 8, 2016

HNA Zoning-Development Committee Minutes: February 8, 2016

  1. Approval of Minutes: January 2016 carried 4-0
  2. Presenter Way Engineering: Z-DC discussion and review of plans for 902 E.40th Street. The property location is appropriately zoned for a MF development. A 4unit apartment is being planned. There will be 2 units with a 3/2+ half bath and two units 2/2+half bath. 3D rendering were presented and discussed.

    Shared parking will be underneath units. Each unit will have residential garbage cans. The applicant of the units is an LLC Company. A small garage apartment exists on the property. The applicant will pursue a demolition permit. They want to be good neighbors. The applicant is willing to come to an HNA general meeting for a presentation once the site plan has been submitted to COA Planning and Development Dept.

  3. Duplex Incentives: incentives options for a more neighbor friendly projects.
    Fee Waivers
  4. No citizen communication
  5. Meeting Adjourned at 7:44pm

Smart Trips Austin Open House February 23

Come learn more about the Smart Trips Austin program at our Open House:
Tuesday, February 23 from 6pm to 7pm
Yarborough Library, 2200 Hancock Dr., Austin, TX, 78756

See the PDF flyer for more details:

HNA Meeting Minutes for January 20, 2016

HNA Zoning and Development Committee Minutes for January 11, 2016

HNA Zoning-Development Committee Minutes: January 11, 2016

  1. Approval of Minutes: carried 5-0
  2. Presenter B. Epstein: discussion and review proposed Duplex Occupancy Ordinance. ZDC encouraged Ms. Epstein to move forward with her letter that proposed new solutions for the “Missing Middle” by changing the regulation to limit
    permits to the occupancy limit for unrelated people; a variance and the ability to show how they will maintain occupancy is required for related individuals.
  3. Duplex Incentives: ZDC members strongly agree that a list of incentives be collected that Developers can use with their projects within the HNA boundaries to encourage more neighborhood friendly models regarding character, scale, and design standard, integrity. ZDC will begin an on-going document the next months.
  4. No citizen communication
  5. Meeting Adjourned at 7:24pm

HNA Zoning and Development Committee Meeting Agenda for February 12, 2016

HNA Zoning –Development Agenda

February 12, 2016 

Time: 6:00pm         Location: Hancock Recreation Center


  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Approve minutes
  3. Presenter: Way Engineering-Plans for E.40th Street
  4. Neighborhood Communication- three minutes to address any zoning concerns and items
  5. New Business- future agenda items
  6. Adjourn

Note from HNA President to Mayor and Council Re. Occupancy Limits Ordinance

Mayor and Council Members:

The Hancock Neighborhood Association voted unanimously at its January 20th regular meeting to ask the Mayor and City Council to eliminate the expiration date of March 31, 2016 of the occupancy limits ordinance.

The occupancy limit of 4 unrelated adults was put in place to stop demolitions that were destroying both neighborhoods and existing affordable housing. The occupancy limit applies only to new construction. It is not intended to exclude renters, new comers, young people, or anyone else from neighborhoods. The purpose of the occupancy limit on new construction was to eliminate the incentive for investors to tear down affordable single family homes and replace them with large, high occupancy and pricey rentals. The ordinance has worked.

Best Regards,

Mark Harkrider
President, Hancock Neighborhood Association

Jan. 25, 2016 Mueller Press Release Re. Aldrich St.

February 2016 Newsletter

January 12, 2016 City of Austin Notices Re. Title 25 Amendments and Longhorn Run

All these notices were mailed on January 12th and received by Mark Harkrider, President of Hancock Neighborhood Association, on January 13, 2016:

1) Very Important: The City Council will consider amendments to the Land Development Code Title 25 related to Short Term Rentals on January 28th beginning at 4:00 at City Hall. The most important amendment being considered is the phasing out of commercial short term rentals ( non homeowner ) in residential neighborhoods. HNA members have, hopefully, sent letters and will continue to send letters to the Mayor and Council supporting an amendment which phases out Commercial Short Term Rentals in residential neighborhoods. The phase out should begin immediately and end as quickly as possible. Email for all City Council Members at

2)The City Council will consider an ordinance limiting the redevelopment of existing small ( Substandard) lots that are developed as a single building site. The City Council will consider this amendment and hear public comments on January 28, 2016, starting at 4:00 pm at City Hall. Case number is C20-2014-003. The City Contact is Greg Dutton at 512.974-3509.

3) On January 28, 2016 at City Hall, starting at 4:00, the City Council will hear a proposed amendment to the Land Development Code Chapter 25 relating to Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning cases. Case Number C20-2015-014. City Contact: Greg Dutton 512. 974.3509

4) UT Longhorn run will be held on April 9, 2016 from 8:00am-10:00am. The following streets will experience temporary and partial closure: Guadalupe, Dean Keeton. Duval and 38th street. If there is any resident opposing the partial street closures for this run, please send your notice of opposition by February 16, 2016 to:

January 12, 2016 City of Austin Title 25 Amendment Notice Re. Neighborhood Plan Contact Team Regulations

This notice was mailed to Mark Harkrider on January 12 and received by him on January 13, 2016. For information on this ordinance amendment, go to: Http:// The City Council will consider this and will hold a public hearing starting at 4:00 pm on January 28, 2016 at City Hall. There are two issues of concern brought up by some of the stakeholders: 1) the authority of the Director of Planning to amend a neighborhood plan based on a hardship claim, there is no definition of hardship in the amended ordinance; 2) the role of the Director of Planning to be the arbitrator if there is difference of opinion between the one who wants to amend the neighborhood plan and the Neighborhood Contact Team.

Submitted by Mary Sanger for Mark Harkrider

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