HNA Meeting Minutes for May 16, 2018

Hancock Neighborhood Association Minutes
May 16, 2018

1. Mark Harkrider, welcomed our guest speakers from the Texas Facilities Commission who spoke about the construction of the 1st phase of the Health & Human Services 406,000 ft building on North Lamar across from the Triangle. Construction will begin June, 2018 and completed December, 2018. The building will be nine levels and expected to accommodate 1,525 full time employees; in addition, there will be a seven level parking garage which will accommodate 1,866 cars. It is being built to consolidate, under one roof, many of the State employees who currently are spread throughout the city. There are three phases proposed that is, two more buildings, however, this is the only building approved by the legislature at this time.

The Facilities Commission stated it is trying to obtain a waiver from the Occupation Safety agency to turn–off the back-up beepers on the trucks so to lessen the noise disturbance; they recognize the construction lights at night also will be a disturbance to neighbors. Trucks will be using #283, Lamar, 51st and 45th (yikes) to get to the site.

Future employees of the building, who drive to work, will be coming from all directions and using many different roadways.
For further information go to:

Committee Reports:

Mary Ann Osborne, a member of the HNA Local Historic Committee, reported that local historic committee met on May 5th and had thus far received approximately 10 responses from the letter which was sent to residents in April. The committee is seeking more volunteers to assist with neighbor to neighbor meetings. The committee is considering a public meeting, with expert panelists, to be held in October. For more information: or see Document tab; email:HNA

Bruce Fairchild, presented a hard copy of the Treasurer’s report. There were no other reports.

Mike Hebert of CommunityNotCommodity urged everyone to go to CommunityNotCommodity website for information on CodeNEXT and to write their concerns to the Mayor and City Council members. Also, he urged people to attend and speak out at the City Council public hearings on Tuesday, May 29, starting at 10:00 am at City Hall and Saturday, June 2, starting at 10:00 am.

The City Council will have its first reading votes on CodeNEXT Wednesday, June 13th.

Submitted by Msanger May 22, 2018

Agenda for the May 16, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Hancock Recreation Center
May 16 2018 7:00-8:30pm


  1. Committee Reports
  2. Historic Zoning Application
  3. CodeNext Update
  4. The Texas Facilities Commission will discuss the construction of the 400,000 ft. state building on North Lamar across from the Triangle

April 19, 2018 Letter to Homeowners from HNA President

April 19, 2018

Dear Hancock Residents, Property Owners, Homeowners:

A number of property owners in Hancock would like to see the neighborhood apply to qualify as a local historic district, the primary goal of which is to preserve the architectural history and integrity of our neighborhood. This designation does not mean you cannot make additions to or alter your home or property. Yet, all property owners need to be well-informed about the ins and outs of the local historic district requirements.

This letter is intended to begin the conversation.

The Hancock Neighborhood is the largest historic, architecturally intact neighborhood in the City of Austin, this is because property owners have respected and retained its architectural history throughout the years. However, in recent years some new construction has broken with that tradition, and market forces might undermine it in the future. If you have an opportunity, please read about Hancock’s history published in 1999 by Hancock Neighborhood Association. (

The Association officers are grateful to our neighbors who have volunteered their time and expertise to organize an official Local Historic District Committee which will conduct research, arrange and schedule neighborhood outreach, including educational materials, public forums, and various types of informative discussions with experts and with other neighborhoods. This will be a deliberative process; it will be transparent, and inclusive. The LHD application cannot be submitted without either the sign-off and vote from 51% of the Hancock property owners or owners of 51% of the land.

In the near future, the Neighborhood Association will begin to distribute information and hold a series of informational meetings for Hancock property owners. In the meantime, here are various ways you can be engaged:

Best regards
Mark Harkrider,
President, HNA

Hancock & CodeNEXT 03 23 18.pdf

HNA Meeting Minutes for March 21, 2018

Hancock Association Meeting Minutes, 3.21.18

  1. Election of Officers for 2018
    Approximately 60 plus members of the Association were present and voted on the following officers:
    Mark Harkrider, President
    Ann Tucker, Vice-President
    Mary Sanger, Secretary
    Bruce Fairchild, Treasurer

  2. CodeNEXT
    Barbara McArthur and Mike Hebert, both members of the CommunityNotCommodity research team, provided an in- depth presentation on CodeNEXT’s residential and commercial zoning changes, and their effects on the Hancock neighborhood. Rather than summarize the presentations, here is a recent comment on CodeNEXT from the former President of the American Planning Association, and member of Austin’s Zoning and Platting Commission: “This is without a doubt the worst code I have ever seen in my life.  We’re a world-class city and we 
    don’t deserve that."

    Barbara McArthur’s slide presentation along with all the materials handed out at the meeting will be posted on

  3. The members unanimously approved a resolution, presented by Susan Rankin, strongly urging the Mayor and the Austin City Council to refuse to authorize the use of any Austin parkland for an MLS soccer stadium or any other non-park use. See resolution on HNA website.

  4. Jennifer Dillahunty, chair of Hancock’s Local Historic District Committee gave an up-date on the committee’s activities. The committee’s first step is to make certain the neighborhood residents receive accurate information about LHDs. Over time, It will be using all possible means of conveying information, including the Hancock yahoo list-serve, direct mail pieces, public forums, and block meetings. Thanks to Coan Dillahunty, Hancock’s local historic district project has a very good looking website: Check it out and read the letter from HNA President, Mark Harkrider. This will be the site to go to for all information related to the Hancock LHD initiative. One can also email The email address will be monitored by Jen and Coan Dillahunty.

  5. Carolyn Palaima, Chair of HNA’s Park Committee chair, reported that Hancock has $475,000 remaining from HNA’s agreement with the developers of the former Concordia College land. This money can go to a parkland initiative, green space initiative and the like in the Hancock neighborhood. Carolyn will be holding a neighborhood meeting to receive suggestions from residents on how this money should be spent. Carolyn said it is up to Hancock residents to decide.

  6. One of our homeowners spoke about how his next door neighbor, Louis Black, at 833 East 38th, has held a large catered party, with valet parking, during SXS, which has greatly disturbed, inconvenienced and disrupted his families’ life at a time when his wife is undergoing serious health problems. For the second year, Mark Harkrider, our neighbor and other residents have called and met with the police and code enforcement at the scene. The complaints have not been addressed. The Association’s Executive Committee will look into the legal issues involved and do what is necessary to address the complaints.

The HNA meeting ended at 8:30.
Submitted on behalf of the Executive Committee,
Mary Sanger, Secretary.

Hancock Neighborhood Association Resolution Re. Parkland for MLS Soccer Stadium or Other Private Purpose



BE IT RESOLVED that the Hancock Neighborhood Association at its meeting on ______, 2018, approved the following resolution and determined that it should be submitted to the Mayor and City Council of Austin in connection with their considerations about using parkland for private purposes, including a MLS soccer stadium:


WHEREAS, the Hancock Neighborhood Association finds that Austin Parks System is vitally important to the quality of life of the citizens of Austin and to their physical and mental health. These green spaces represent the environmental and recreational heritage bequeathed to our city and should be passed on to future generations in as good or better condition as when we collectively inherited them.  It is necessary to acquire new parks for our growing population in advance of growth and we must take good care of what we have.


Austin’s parkland and open green space is precious and limited.  It should be preserved for the health and enjoyment of Austin’s citizens, current and future.


Hancock is especially aware of the real threats to all Austin parklands as our Hancock Golf Course has previously been the target of an effort to alienate the parkland for a private housing development.  Using parkland for an MLS stadium will place ALL Austin parks at risk.


Our community’s boasts of environmental sensitivity will become hollow if parkland purchased with public money is diverted to other uses.


THEREFORE, we strongly urge the Mayor and the Austin City Council to refuse to authorize the use any Austin parkland for an MLS soccer stadium or any other non-park use.


Signed this _________ day of _______, 2018.





Hancock Neighborhood Association

Agenda for the March 21, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association

The Hancock Neighborhood Association meeting will be held Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 7:00 at the Hancock Recreation Center

Draft Agenda:

  1. Vote on HNA nominated officers for 2018 (*see their statements at the end of this article)

    Barbara Epstein
    Mark Harkrider

    Ann Tucker

    Mary Sanger

    Bruce Fairchild

  2. CodeNEXT’s zoning code and the Hancock Neighborhood
    Barbara McArthur, Member of the CommunityNotCommodity research Team
    Mike Hebert, Hancock resident & member of the CommunityNotCommodity research Team

  3. Possible Resolution on CodeNEXT

  4. Hancock NA Committee Reports:
    Jennifer Dillahunty: Historic Preservation District Committee
    Bruce Fairchild: Treasurer’s Report
    Jim Rankin: Transportation Committee
    Hugh Bender: Zoning Committee
    Mary Sanger/James Story: Music Venue Pilot Program
    By-laws Committee

  5. Discussion/questions

*In their own words:

Barbara Epstein: I’m running for Association president because I think our neighborhood should preserve its historic architecture and green spaces.  I’d also like to see more information sent out before meetings so we can have friendly, informed discussions before votes. I’ve lived in this area 44 years, moving to Hancock nine years ago. I’m an attorney with a background in land titles and zoning, During the 12 years I served as Eastwoods Association President and 8 more as the legal committee, I re-activated neighborhood meetings, challenged irresponsible building permits, obtained permit parking for Eastwoods, and organized funding for the Eeyore statue, commemorating the original Eeyore’s Birthday Party held there. I understand the issues facing Hancock and hope to see our neighborhood thrive through close-knit friendships, community participation and architectural preservation. 

Mark Harkrider has been a Hancock resident/homeowner for 26 years. He has a thirty-two year career in Public Sector, Political and Civic Engagement. His goals as HNA President are to improve neighbor-to-neighbor and neighbor to association communication using new platforms and initiatives; expand and broaden the HNA committee structure to be more inclusive;and increase association membership.

Ann Tucker: Ann, a native of Houston, Prior to founding Studio A Group in 2007, Ann worked with Black + Vernooy Architecture + Urban Design on residential and commercial design projects, and at The Vogt Group Architects in New Orleans, where her focus was concentrated in historic preservation. Ann received both a BA in the Plan II Honors Program and a Masters of Architecture from theUniversity of Texas at Austin. She has taught as an adjunct instructor in the interior design program of the University of Texas School of Architecture, and she is regularly invited to help critique student projects. Ann lives in the Hancock neighborhood with her husband,artist, designer and frequent collaborator Jack Sanders~ and their two children. As an officer I would like to work towards increasing neighborhood participation in the association. 

Bruce Fairchild: Bruce has lived in the Hancock neighborhood since 1972.  He works as a utility rate consultant and is a CPA.  He has served as the Treasurer of the HNA since 2012 and is willing to continue in this position.

Mary Sanger: Mary has lived in the Hancock Neighborhood since 1985. She retired from the Environmental Defense Fund some years ago; she has been engaged in community building and affordable housing issues for most of her adult life.  She has served as HNA secretary for several years and would like to find someone to run for this position in 2019. She is committed to cooperating with HNA officers, committee chairs, and local government offices in providing timely and relevant information to neighborhood residents and to providing materials to the webmaster so there is a continuous record of HNA activities and contact information.

Red River Pilot Neighborhood Survey

We’re writing to keep you updated on the Red River Extended Hours Pilot Program that has been taking place between May 1,, 2017 and April 30, 2018 and to get your feedback on the pilot via the survey link included below. For more information please visit the pilot program webpage at:

The pilot temporarily allows five Red River outdoor music venues to play amplified music one additional hour on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. During the pilot the city is collecting data to determine the impact of extended live music hours on venues, local musicians and residents. Prior to the end of the pilot city staff was directed to provide an evaluation and recommendations to City Council. The proposed City Council date is April 12, 2018.

The results of the pilot show the venues earning more revenue, venue staff and local musicians getting paid more, venue sound levels in compliance, significantly improved communication and relationships between venues and nearby neighborhoods and residents, and no impact on crime.

In focus group discussions between venues and residents a couple key themes were identified that can help support both venue sustainability and residential quality of life and lead to better outcomes for both:

  • Continue and formalize communication and relationships between venues and residents, work collaboratively to understand each other’s needs and resolve issues, and encourage mutual accountability
  • City staff to continue monitoring for compliance, investigating issues, gathering data and finding solutions.

The key points in the draft staff recommendation for the pilot include:

  • Change the city code to allow the extra hour
  • Create a committee of venues, residents and other Red River businesses that meet three times a year to discuss issues, work collaboratively, and resolve problems.
  • City staff to answer the hotline phone permanently, use sound monitors at venues and in the neighborhoods on an ongoing basis, and continue to utilize the night and weekend staff person permanently to monitor compliance, respond to hotline calls and investigate issues

Residents in nearby neighborhoods are one of the key stakeholders for this pilot. We are seeking your feedback about the pilot. To provide feedback and comments please complete this brief survey:

For more information about the pilot, please contact Brian Block at or 512-974-7966 or Kim McCarson at or 512-974-7963

HNA Meeting Minutes for February 7, 2018

Hancock Neighborhood meeting minutes, Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

Approximately 45 members of HNA were in attendance.

Squelching a rumor: 
Hancock Recreation Center Supervisor,Jessica Gilzow, firmly stated the Hancock Golf Course would not be 
be sold and developed.  She also said the the recreation Center and the golf center are trying to come up with
mutually beneficial plan for operating the golf course and the rec center.  Thank you, Jessica, for your continued
good work.

Officer Nominations:
The following have been nominated for officers of the Hancock Neighborhood Association.  The election will take place at the regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesay, March 21, 2018
Prior to the election, each nominee is asked to submit a brief bio and state what she/he hopes to accomplish in the position. Please provide to HNA secretary by March 1st (

Mark Harkrider
Barbara Epstein
Ann Tucker
Mary Sanger
(Barbara Epstein withdrew her name for secretary)
Bruce Fairfield

Development in the Neighborhood:
Bruce Fairchild reported on the Perry Estate which had submitted a site plan for development on the property. Neighboring property owners believe the development plans are in accordance with the private covenant 
signed between HNA and the Estate developers.  Terri Myers, who serves on the Historic Land Commission, noted that the developers had come before the Commission asking for a awning to be attached to the main building; the request was turned down by the Commission because the addition would detract from the facade of the historic estate and not in keeping with the character of the building.  HNA will write to the developers and/or architects to see if this issue has been settled or if they plan to appeal. The Estate owner/developers have until June 10, 2018 to address staff comments on their site plan.

The 3d Draft of the Code was released at 5:00, Monday, February 12, 2018. As soon as possible will send out a report on the key issues of concern. In addition, Mary Sanger & Mike Hebert will send out an analysis of the Code as it relates specifically to the Hancock Neighborhood. At this time, do not be fooled by the American Statesman and other news outlets positive spin on the 3d CodeNEXT draft 

July 4th festivities continue:

Thanks to Melissa Linden, who for the last five years has been Hancock’s July 4th grand organizer & marshal, with her flag bearers Snow White Coe, Jillian Copeland, Amanda Nite, & Robin Camp, the Neighborhood will have a 2018 4th of July parade and festivities.  At the meeting,Paul Keeper suggested we forego cloud sourcing, and right then and there pitch in money for the hot dogs, buns, flags, face painter, police, fire officers, etc. Approximately  $400 was collected; an additional $200 would spark the activities.  Send checks by mail to our HNA treasurer, Bruce Fairchild, 3907 Red River, Austin, Texas 78751.

Zoning Committee:

There were no rezoning permits,requests or complaints to report.

Local Historic Designation.

A planning committee has formed and has been meeting regularly.  If you are interested in learning about
the Committee’s work, and joining the Committee, and learning more about a local historic district, please contact Jennifer Dillahunty at
She can bring you up to speed, send you a fact sheet, let you know when there are planning meetings. The HNA webmaster will
be asked to establish a place on the website where information on Local Historic Districts will be kept. This will be
information prepared by the City of Austin and information prepared by Hancock for the neighborhood and public.


President Mark Harkrider will assign members to a committee to work on up-dating HNA’s by-laws.

Next Meeting, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

HNA will vote on officers for 2018 at March meeting, other agenda items will be announced; if you
have an item you want placed on the agenda, please send to

Nominated officers are asked to submit a brief statement on why they want to be
elected to the office for which they have been nominated. Please send to This will be sent out to the membership at least 
10 days before the March 21st meeting.

Update: January 17, 2018 Meeting of the Hancock Neighborhood Association Rescheduled to Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Hancock Association meeting for January has been rescheduled for Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Hancock Recreation Center.


  • Officer nominations

    The Hancock Neighborhood Association bylaws require that notice must be given of the time, place, and nominees at least one month prior to the election of officers. Because such notice was not given prior to the January 17th, 2018 meeting, additional nominees for President, Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer will be accepted from the floor at the 1.17.18 meeting, and will then be included in the properly posted notice prior to the election of officers to be held at the March 2018 meeting. The following were nominated for officers at the November meeting: Mark Harkrider, President; Ann Tucker, Vice President; Barbara Epstein, Secretary; Bruce Fairchild, Treasurer.

  • Development in the neighborhood

    The owners of the Perry Estate submitted a site plan in November, 2017 (Case Number:SP-2017-0161C). (Neighborhood Associations cannot challenge site plans) The City staff submitted many comments concerning the current site plan, including clarification and/or requiring more information on utility placement, designated drainage area, fire plans, off-street and on-site parking-plans, transportation, landscape and tree mitigation. The Perry Estate has until June 10, 2018 to address the staff comments. Bruce Fairchild, HNA Treasurer, will contact resident-homeowners who live on Park, which is next to the Estate, to ascertain if there are any concerns by neighbors with the recent site plans.

  • CodeNEXT Update:

    Draft 3 of the Land Development Code (CodeNEXT) will be released on February 12, 2018 “with anticipated first reading by the City Council in late April, ’18.” The City initially planned to release the 3d draft in November, but staff needed more time to address comments and to edit. Major Austin institutions continue to critique the premise behind CodeNEXT and its content. Before the new year, the Austin Independent School District released a strong resolution calling into question CodeNEXT’s basic premise that increasing residential density would lead to affordable housing for working families. AISD called for the preservation of family-friendly neighborhoods. According to the district, existing homes remain the most reliable form of affordable housing for the families that send their children to Austin’s public schools and the teachers who work in them. The school district also warned against CodeNEXT’s elimination of the city’s existing parking rules. The City of Austin’s Environmental Commission thus far has refused to support CodeNEXT, saying it has potential negative impacts on area flooding and other environmental issues. Austin’s Historic Landmark Commission passed a resolution in October stating that CodeNEXT Draft 2 "does not go far enough to encourage the continued use of existing building fabric, which is a vital component of a diverse, vibrant and equitable community. Instead, CodeNEXT continues to enable the demolition and replacement of existing housing stock with new construction. Consequently, the Commission cannot recommend the adoption of CodeNEXT as written."

  • Reports: July 4th Parade Committee, Historic Neighborhood Committee, Zoning Committee, Treasurer’s report, CodeNEXT
  • Discussion
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