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Hancock Neighborhood Association Bylaws
UPDATED 9/16/11 - Comparison of Proposed Article 11 Language for Hancock Neighborhood Association Bylaws to Language in Existing Bylaws
UPDATED 8/9/11 - Proposed Article 11 Language for Hancock Neighborhood Association Bylaws

Hancock Neighborhood Association Committees

Historic Preservation Committee
Newsletter Group
Neighborhood Outreach Committee
Parks & Natural Environment Committee
Transportation Committee
Zoning Committee

General Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Hancock Golf Course Material


City Purple Pipe Memo Relevant to Hancock Golf Course Reclaimed Water Proposal
PARD Letter

Public Records Request

PARD Hancock Public Records Response
2011 CIP Expenditures (Attachment A)
Golf Division Expenditure Details 2007-2011 (Attachment B)
Golf Division Revenues 2007-11 (attachment C)
Golf Division Financial Report 2011-12 (attachment D)
Hancock pro shop concessions 2007-11 (attachment E)
Hancock Irrigation Estimate (attachment F)
There is no attachment G
Memo - Reclaimed Water Line (attachment H)
Memo - waiver request (attachment I)
Hancock 2012 Operating Budget (attachment J)
Archive of above documents in zip format

East 43rd and Duval Material

Hyde Park Plaza Proposal Description
Hyde Park Plaza Proposal Diagram

Perry Estate Material

Newer Perry Estate Material
KPM Note Forwarded by Wouter, Dec. 30, 2010
Dean McWilliams Note Forwarded by Sharon Jones, Dec. 2010
Clark Lyda Sept. 1, 2010 Note Forwarded by Carolyn
Letter to HNA, Nov. 17, 2010
Summary Development Standards - Commodore Perry Estate - HNA Zoning
Perry Single Family Scenario
Perry Estate Discussion - Hancock Neighborhood Association - 7/21/2010 - HNA Zoning
Letter to HNA, July 15 - KPM Institute, Board of Directors
Perry Estate Meeting Report - May 19, 2010 - Hancock Neighborhood Association Zoning Committee
Answers to Questions Raised - Clark Lyda
Summary of Development Standards - Clark Lyda
Motion on Perry Estate - Hancock Neighborhood Association
Development Plan Drawing Presented - Clark Lyda