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Hancock Neighborhood Meeting Minutes. 9/19/18

HNA members met at the Hancock Recreation Center
for its regularly scheduled meeting on 9.19.2018.
Mary Sanger, HNA secretary chaired the meeting due to
the (excused!!) absence of the President & Vice
Jim Rankin, chair of the transportation, streets and
sidewalk committee reported on the City’s plan to
develop bicycle lanes on Duval from San Jacinto to 51st
street—cones, like those on Speedway, will be used to
distinguish bike lanes from bus, automobile lane. He
also said Lee School & HNA are working together to
have the city place a hybrid pedestrian beacon at Red
River and Harris Avenue to enable safe crossing. Terri
Meyers has been asked by Lee Elementary School to be
a member of the community advisory committee; she
replaces Jim Rankin whose term is up. Congratulations,
There was discussion of the electric scooters being lef
here and there, but no recommendation to the Council.
Hugh Bender, Chair of the Zoning and Planning
Committee, reported he and others had looked at the

renovation of the home on Harris Avenue and
determined that it was “close” if not on target to the
correct height. HNA emailed the new owner welcoming
him to the neighborhood and reminding him of the
occupancy ordinance and hoping, in his rental
negotiations, he would be mindful that Lee Elementary
School was one of his neighbors. The owner did
acknowledge receiving HNA’s email.
Terri Meyers stated that the Local Historic District
Committee was working on assembling a panel of
experts to discuss LHDs at an HNA special meeting;
the preliminary survey of HNA homes is being
conducted by HNA volunteers and are due to Terri by
October 1st. Historic District design standards are being
prepared by the LHD committee for homeowners to
HNA member Meredith B. asked the membership for
advice and assistance with a permit for an accessory
Unit at 4007 Duval, this differs from a secondary
apartment/Accessory Dwelling Unit. Hugh Bender, Mary
Sanger and Mike Hebert agreed to review the permit,
the Code and to call the City permitting office.
HNA will also email the owner of the associated
principle home about the occupancy ordinance. (4
unrelated people per site)

Afer some discussion of the Perry Estate, Bruce
Fairchild offered to get a status report on development
activities from the contractor.
HNA’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,
November 21st; this is the day before Thanksgiving,
therefore it was recommended the meeting be held on
Wednesday, November 14th.
Nominations for HNA officers will take place at this
meeting and officers will be elected at the January