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HNA Executive Committee Meeting 2.14.19
The HNA Executive Committee met on Thursday,
February 14,,2019 at 2:00 pm at the Treasurer’s business
office -- 3907 Red River Street.
The first item on the agenda was to nominate Mary
Sanger to be Secretary until new officers are elected in
January, 2019. The vote by the recently elected officers
(Mark Harkrider, Bruce Fairchild, and Ann Tucker) was
unanimous in favor. The following items were discussed:
1. Red River realignment. On behalf of HNA, the
Executive Committee agreed to send an email, which
will outline concerns residents have raised concerning
this “realignment,” to Mayor, City Council and City
Manager. The letter will be posted on HNA website.
2. Crime. Due to the number of cars being broken into
and rifled at night, and a general uneasiness expressed
by residents, the Executive Committee will talk with our
sector police and ask for more routine patrols, as well as
urge residents to report every criminal incident to 911.
3. There have been two complaints about businesses
operating in residential homes, which do not meet the
requirements of a home business under the
Development Code. Because Code Enforcement is
complaint driven, the Executive Committee will advise
residents on the HNA website’s special announcements
to complain directly to the City’s Code Enforcement
Department. The HNA president will also
make complaints.

4. Residents have expressed concerns about the
proposed projects and their funding for the Hancock
Golf Course under the Concordia Resolution which was
passed in 2007. In response, this issue will be a subject
at the next regularly scheduled HNA meeting. In the
meantime, the Executive Committee has requested the
HNA Park’s committee, Parks Foundation, and Parks
Department not to take any action on proposed projects
until the HNA membership has voted on them at a
regularly scheduled meeting.
Submitted by Executive Committee on 2.25.19