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Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting
Minutes July 17, 2019
1. CodeNEXT is Not Dead
The first item on the agenda was a presentation
by Barbara McArthur on the current CodeNEXT
directives, with specific focus on the proposed
“transition zones.”
These zones could greatly alter the fabric of
Austin neighborhoods, particularly the Central
core neighborhoods. See attachments. (You
might also look at the August issue of Hyde
Parks Pecan Press which has a well-written
summary of the proposed zones.
Barbara McArthur’s slide presentation

See Neighborhood Alert, July 17, 2019 on HNA
website page.
2. A vote on resolution to support the rezoning of
3805 Red River and to Amend the Future Land
Use Map
Alyson McGee, Preservation Austin Board
member, confirmed that Preservation Austin had
purchased the historic home at 3805 Red River,
and Preservation Austin would restore and
repair it to its original condition. PA would like
HNA to support its application to rezone the
property from residential use to light office. This
rezoning would also require HNA to amend its
FLUM-future land use map. Because the land
development code is being revised and current
zoning terminology-light office, for example,
might not exist in the revised Code, Mike Hebert
suggested that a restrictive covenant defining the
uses of the home and property be agreed to by
HNA and Preservation Austin. Thus, rather than
vote on a resolution supporting the rezoning, a
motion was made by Mary Sanger and
unanimously passed to have HNA’s zoning
committee meet with Preservation Austin and
discuss details of a restrictive covenant governing

the uses of the property. The Zoning Committee
will report back to the Association at its
September meeting.
3. Update on Hancock Local Historic District by
Terri Myers
The Committee is nearing completion of a
condensed version of the 168 questions asked by
attendees at the May 29 meeting hosted by the
City Preservation Office at Trinity Church. The
condensed version will be posted on the website
in the near future. All 168 Q/As from the City
Preservation Office are already posted and will
remain in place for easy reference for those
wishing to consult both. As other questions are
raised, they will be posted as well
A number of attendees of the May 29 meeting
asked that a second presentation be
provided (first one on March 7, 2019) on basic
information about historic districts, their impact
on the neighborhood, on residents and on
property owners. As a result, the LHD

Committee is organizing a follow up meeting for
the fall. Additional informational sessions are
being considered as well. Watch for further
announcements here and on the LHD website.
Please also be aware that the PowerPoint
program about historic districts from the March
7 meeting is available at
There is good information to be found there.
The Committee is also seeking volunteers to
serve as block or area captains to help with
district educational outreach. Volunteers are
needed from different areas of the neighborhood,
including the 32nd/Harris Park/Harris Street
area, Hampton area, Carolyn/Texas/Montrose
area, east of Red River in the 38th St. area, the
area north of HEB, Park Blvd., and others. If you
have a yen for talking to your neighbors about an
historic district, getting feedback, providing
information, please contact us by going to
Hancock’s local historic district website: See the contact tab.
Block captains are needed for each area. We look
forward to hearing from you! -- The LHD