Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda – September 19th

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda – September 19th

1 – Approve Minutes

2 – Motion to change the date of the regularly scheduled November meeting from the 21st to the 14th.

3 – Libby Albrecht – Co-Founder of Texas Collaborative Consumption

4 – Carol Gibbs – City of Austin Neighborhood Liaison

5 – Report from Perry Committee

6 – Vote on whether HNA supports or opposes events at the Perry Estate which include the use of outdoor-amplified sound

7 – Vote on whether or not to call a special meeting for October 17th that would include a presentation by Clark Lyda of his proposed development for the Perry Estate

8 – Motion offered by Mark Burch

In order to avoid enacting changes premised on assumptions that may not come to fruition, the Hancock Neighborhood Association opposes approval of any neighborhood plan amendment or request for a zoning change on any property within its boundaries if:

the amendment or request reflects a proposal that requires a demolition permit for complete removal of an existing structure or building on the property
AND the demolition permit has not been legally granted at the time the request for a plan amendment or zoning change is filed.

9 – Motion offered by Mark Burch

The Hancock Neighborhood Association opposes any current or future proposal for development or reuse of the Perry Estate that includes any one of these elements:

1. Outdoor amplified sound anywhere on the site other than an individually owned lot zoned for residential use. Prohibitions on amplified sound in areas zoned other than residential must be enacted in a form that is bound to the ownership of the land and that transfers with its sale and, if possible, in zoning overlays and public covenants.

2. Rezoning of any portion of the property located west of Waller Creek to a base category other than single-family.

3. Rezoning any portion of the property between Waller Creek and the interior wall separating the Classroom Building from the Mansion to a non-residential base zoning unless that zoning reflects a category of civic use.

These conditions should not be construed as an endorsement of commercial base zoning on any part of the Estate.

The President of the Hancock Neighborhood Association and the Chair of the Special Committee are delegated to inform the current property owner and the CANPAC contact team of this action as soon as possible but in no case later than September 30, 2012.

10 – Old Business

11 – New Business

12 – Adjourn

Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda – September 19th
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