Perry Committee Meeting, 9-18-12, 8pm Hancock Recreation Center

The Perry Committee standard meeting dates are set for the first Wed and third Tuesday of the month at 8pm, when we have a need to meet.
9-18 Agenda:
1. 8:00pm- Open communication on any non-agenda items
2. 8:10- Review notes from prior meeting
3. 8:15- Review survey (5 minutes for non-committee member questions/input)
4. 8:45- meeting adjourn
Perry Committee Members: Reed Henderson, Rafi Anuar, Bart Whatley, Carolyn Palaima, Holly Noelke, Bruce Fairchild, Gay Ratliff, Linda Guerrero, Cody Coe
Perry Committee Charge (from Jan 2012 HNA Meeting): The charge to the Committee is to negotiate with the Owner for the development and zoning of the Commodore Perry Estate. The Committee shall make recommendations for the satisfactory agreements and safeguards on land use, and shall address the concerns and requirements identified by HNA members. Final adoption of the plan will be voted on by the general membership at a future meeting. The ad hoc Committee will be dissolved the earlier of an affirmative vote on the plan by the general members of the HNA at a regular or special meeting or the third Wednesday of January 2013.
Information about past meetings and the development proposal can be found on the neighborhood website