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Austin Parks and Recreation Department

Hancock Golf Course

Neighborhood Association Presentation
January 2021

Golf ATX Evaluation
• 2019 National Golf Foundation Consulting
Evaluation of Golf ATX (Hancock Golf)
• Conditions requiring $700,000 to $900,000 in repairs
and improvements
• Three Options to Consider:
1. Passive Park
2. Modify Hancock
3. Golf Concessionary Operation

2020 Community Engagement
•First Meeting was February 29, 2020
•Online Survey from February 29 to May 27, 2020
•Small Group Engagement, November 2020
•PARD Board Briefing, December 2020

Hancock Golf Course Financial Challenges
Six Year Financial Trend




























Hancock Golf Course Goals
PARD Goal for Hancock Golf Course:
1) Increase the fiscal responsibility of city funds
2) Financial solvency at Hancock Golf Course
3) Maintain golf’s historic significance at this location by seeking a concessionaire
to update and manage golf at Hancock.
What this means:
• Focus will be on keeping golf in line with community input
• PARD will include community input in RFP process
• Community can share additional park elements to be considered

PARD Direction
• City of Austin Public Participation Principles: Transparency
• Neighborhood and Citywide Outreach
• This serves as a regional public golf course on designated parkland

• Emphasis on historic presence of golf and maintaining golf
• Almost 19,000 rounds of golf played in 2019
• 20,210 rounds played in 2020

• PARD Long Range Plan
• City Council conversations
• Community Engagement since 2012
• PARD is interested in hybrid model: Golf and Park elements

Clarifying Concerns from Community
• Purpose – FAQ document
• Improvements vs. Development – Understanding difference
• Site remains parkland, owned by the City – Not for Sale
• Concessions agreements are throughout the Park System
• Golf vs. Passive Park – even with golf, passive park space is possible
• Recreation Center – will remain as it is
• Historic Designations remain in place
• Stays green

Three Main Concepts
1. Request for Proposal: Negotiation of All Terms and Best Evaluated Proposal.

PARD will work with the community feedback on the Scope of Work
Concessionary Agreement: Like Butler Pitch and Putt and Zilker Train.
Final selection considers all elements, not just cost or revenue
City Council will have to approval final concept

2. Leave the Golf Course as is and make no changes.
• Beloved space that is still well used. Not fiscally sustainable
• Replace outdated equipment and course renovations needed

3. All Passive Park
• New entity has organized with this primary purpose; this move would need a policy shift
guided by City Council
• Maintenance yearly cost is $200K

2020 Community Engagement
• February 29 – Community Meeting
• Shared intention to continue golf without using tax dollars
• Community feedback given at meeting

• Survey open Feb. 29 to May 27
• Appreciative Inquiry about current and future use
• 343 responses
• Survey was shared with:

Neighborhood associations
Hancock Recreation Center users
City-wide on Nextdoor
Golfers at Hancock and other courses
Additional social media platforms and

Proposed Timelines & Next Steps


Formal Discussion with Contract and
Concessions Committee (Parks Board)

November 2019

Citizen Communication
Neighborhood Association/Conservancy Meetings

1st Meeting – February 29, 2020
November 16-20, 2020

Present Engagement Plan to Golf Advisory

November 18, 2020

PARD Board Briefing on Engagement Process

December 4, 2020

Community Survey on Desired Elements/Citizen

January/February 2021

Make Recommendations to Parks Board

April 2021

Memorandum to Council for Project Summary, Next Steps

May 2021