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Purpose of Survey:


Present Information and Gather Feedback: The purpose of this survey is to present information about the proposed development at the Commodore Perry Estate as well as to provide information on various possible land uses and existing zoning categories as they pertain to the proposed development of the Perry Estate Property. Ultimately, it is the intent of the Perry Estate Special Committee to gather feedback from Hancock neighborhood residents with regard to their views and values, and furthermore, to determine if these views and values may be affected positively or negatively by the developer’s proposed change in land use and change to the existing zoning category.  



Where to Find a Copy of the Latest Proposed Plan: Please find and review the Developer’s most recent proposed plan for the redevelopment of the Perry Estate (titled Perry Project Conceptual Images), as well as a project information description provided by the developer (titled Perry Project Information), at the following links on the Neighborhood Website:



Definitions of Land Uses: Some of the questions in the survey ask you to consider whether or not certain land uses are appropriate for the Perry Estate Property.  You can find definitions of all the land uses as they are defined by the City of Austin, by downloading this PDF File: Definitions of City of Austin Land Uses



NOT AN OFFICIAL VOTE: This survey does NOT constitute an official vote on anything.  All official votes on matters pertaining to the Perry Estate must be done so at regular Hancock Neighborhood Association Meetings.


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General Information on the Proposed Development:


Neighborhood Plan Amendment: A neighborhood plan amendment is needed to change the future land use (currently designated as Civic Use) prior to a filing for a zoning change.  

Filing for a Neighborhood Plan Amendment out of Cycle:  The next regularly scheduled time to file a neighborhood plan amendment with the City is in February 2013.  The developer would like to expedite this process and file their request for a plan amendment and change to the Future Land Use for the Perry Estate property ASAP, or out of the regular cycle.  The developer has asked HNA to endorse this out of cycle filing.

Zoning: Zoning categories, as defined by The City of Austin, effectively set building/development standards and parameters for construction and use.  The Developer has requested a zoning change from its current Single Family Residential Zoning (SF-3-CO-NP) to Commercial Zoning (GR-CO-MP-NP).  The new zoning designation would run with the land per city code, though the developer has stated that “the rezoning ordinance will eliminate those uses otherwise permitted under GR zoning that are not necessary to the project,…and that recorded restrictive covenants will burden the property and run with the land.”

Density: The footprint Density of the Proposed Development.  The developer has said that “maximum impervious cover of total project shall not exceed 45% of gross site area.”  

Noise: The developer would like to have the possibility for Amplified Sound at Weddings and other Special Events.  

Parking: Parking Issues that might arise in and around the estate (i.e. event parking on nearby neighborhood streets)

Traffic: Developer has said they will limit vehicle trips to no more than 2000 trips per day.  If vehicle trips exceed this threshold, a Traffic Impact Analysis (TIA) will be required by the City of Austin.  Read More about TIA’s by downloading the following PDF: Traffic Impact Analysis Guidelines

School: There has been a school operating on the property in some capacity for the last 64 years, beginning with the St. Mary’s Academy for Girls in 1948, with education continuing today on the estate grounds in the form of the Griffin School, Sri Atmananda, etc.

Environmental: Environmental Effects on the Creek, Trees, and Wildlife in and around the development are important to many neighborhood residents, and is a focus of the Perry Estate Special Committee.

Historic Preservation: The importance of the Historic Preservation of the Mansion and the Mansion Grounds is a very important issue for many neighbors, and we ask you to please weigh in on its importance to you.

Privacy: Privacy along the Borders of the property…The developer has stated that a “vegetative buffer, screening, and fencing will be constructed along the North and Western property lines adjacent to single family residences to meet or exceed standards required by city compatibility standards,…and that the construction of new walls/vegetative buffer will be completed as a construction first phase priority, within 180 days following commencement of initial construction.”

Size, Quality & Type of Construction for the Residential Component: The developer is using the term “Urban Village” to describe the residential component of the project.  The developer says “the urban village will contain no more than 50-75 residences, each of which will be approximately 1000 – 4000 square feet,…and will be no higher than 30 feet.”

Improvements Along 41st St.: The Developer has proposed to “install a sidewalk, street trees, and landscaping along the north side of 41st St. from Red River St. to the west property line of the site.”

Overnight Lodging: The developer has proposed “overnight lodging up to maximum 15 units for event guests and guests of urban village residents.”

Urban Farm: The developer states “The urban farm is intended to be located in the 100 yr floodplain of Waller Creek and will be designed with a semiformal garden structure so that it is not only productive but an aesthetic amenity for residents and guests.  The urban farm will conduct a market on site and will also include some surface parking courts.”

Restaurant: The developer states “LaBelle Hall will be adapted or reconstructed to accommodate a destination farm-to-table fine dining restaurant using ingredients from the urban farm on the property.”


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