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Summary Development Standards ­ Commodore Perry Estate A. Maximum height limited to 30 feet, and 2 stories (pursuant to Hancock Neighborhood Combining District, Part 7(1), Ordinance No. 040826-59) Vegetative buffer and fencing along the north and western property line adjacent to single family residences pursuant to private restrictive covenant. Comply with the Compatibility Provisions set forth in Article 10, City of Austin Land Development Code along northern and western property line adjacent to single family residences. 1. HEIGHT LIMITATIONS AND SETBACKS No structure may be built within 25 feet of the SF property line. No structure in excess of two stories or 30 feet in height may be constructed within 50 feet of the property line.



2. SCALE AND CLUSTERING REQUIREMENTS Except for good cause (massing and scale of buildings in accordance with compatibility standards), the first tier of buildings in a mixed use project must be clustered in a group that is not more than 50 feet wide. The depth of the first tier of buildings may not exceed 60 feet. A building must be at least 10 feet apart from another building. Clustering/scale requirements do not apply to a private or public primary educational facility.

3. SCREENING REQUIREMENTS Screening comprised of a fence, berm, or vegetation must be provided to screen adjoining SF property from views of off-street parking, mechanical equipment, storage, and refuse collection. If a fence is provided for screening, the height of the fence may not exceed 6 feet, except as otherwise permitted by fencing accessory use provisions. Accessory use fence regulations provide that 8' solid fence is allowed between commercial and residential, and no height limit on ornamental fencing (defined as fence with an open design and ratio of solid material: open space of no more than 1:4). The owner must maintain a fence, berm, or vegetation provided under this section. DESIGN REGULATIONS


Exterior lighting must be hooded or shielded so that the light source is not directly visible from adjacent SF property. The noise level of mechanical equipment may not exceed 70 db at the property line. Refuse receptacle, including a dumpster, may not be located 20 feet or less from SF property. The location of and access to a permanently placed refuse receptacle, including a dumpster, must comply with guidelines published by the City. The City shall review and must approve the location of and access to each refuse receptacle on the property. A highly reflective surface, including reflective glass and a reflective metal roof with a pitch that exceeds a run of seven to a rise of 12, may not be used, unless the reflective surface is a solar panel or copper or painted metal roof. An intensive recreational use, including a swimming pool, tennis court, ball court, or playground, may not be constructed 50 feet or less from adjoining SF property. No parking or driveways are allowed within 25 feet of SF property line.


Rezone to GR and restrict all GR uses, except the following uses that will be permitted GR uses pursuant to conditional overlay to ordinance: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Bed and Breakfast (Group 1) Bed and Breakfast (Group 2) Hotel-Motel Indoor Entertainment Off-Site Accessory Parking Outdoor Entertainment Personal Improvement Services Personal Services Restaurant (General) Congregate Living Group Home, Class I (General) Group Home, Class I (Limited) Group Home, Class II Private Primary Educational Facilities Private Secondary Educational Facilities Public Primary Educational Facilities Public Secondary Educational Facilities Religious Assembly Club or lodge (allow members' use similar to Tarry House; restrict any and all fraternity/sorority use)

E. F. G.

Limit vehicle trips pursuant to conditional overlay to ordinance. Limit density of hotel units pursuant to conditional overlay to ordinance. Limit other GR development regulations pursuant to conditional overlay to ordinance (e.g., maximum impervious cover). Historic zoning on pertinent portions of the property (1928 structures, and formal garden area). Meet green building standards, and other environmentally sensitive initiatives. Develop the project in accordance with zoning, conditional overlays, restrictive covenants, and other development regulations set forth in the Responses to Hancock Neighborhood Association Development Issues ­ May 17, 2010.

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