Perry Special Committee Meeting Wednesday, October 17

Reed Henderson is taking over the chairmanship of the Perry Special Committee from Bart Whatley. Bart resigned his chairmanship due to increasing professional obligations.

Agenda for Perry Special Committee Meeting Wednesday, 10-17-2012

Time and Place: 8:00 at the Hancock Rec. Center

1. 8:00 - Open communication on any non-agenda items

2. 8:05 - Introduction of Community and Regional Planning Program at UT

3. 8:10 - Review notes and minutes from prior meeting

4. 8:15 - 20 Minute Presentation of Proposed Plan by Clark Lyda

5. 8:35 - 30 Minute Q&A with Clark Lyda

Mr. Lyda is asked to please address the following:

a) What use do you propose for the Perry Mansion itself, other than the 5 hotel rooms?

b) Will you continue to use the chapel as a Religious Assembly? Will there be any other uses for the chapel?

c) Can you provide us any indication of the number, type, and size of the events you will need to host in order to meet your investment objectives for the "event center?" Particularly in the case of events held on weekends or in the evening…would they need to be held monthly? weekly? more often? Would the events be seasonal in any way, so that some times of year would be significantly more busy than others?

d) The last version of the original hotel-school proposal that we saw in late 2010 included an agreement that outdoor amplified sound would be disallowed. Why has that concession disappeared from the new proposal? Is outdoor amplified sound critical to the business model being proposed?

e) What are the sizes of the three distinct "zones" of the property -- west of Waller Creek, between Waller Creek and the interior stone wall, and between the wall and Red River? What percentages of the first two zones are within the floodplain?

f) Please discuss the parking layout for the project on both the upper and lower grounds

g) Please speak to projected improvements along 41st Street

h) Please speak to Building Heights, and whether or not the current proposed plan conforms to the building height requirements per City of Austin Code

i) Please speak to Mitigation Efforts to protect the privacy of neighbors living along the borders of the property

j) Please provide Updates on Sound and Traffic Studies that were presented in the 10-3 meeting

k) Please describe your major arguments for how this development will be a benefit to the Hancock Neighborhood and its residents

k) Please speak to the Request for an Amendment to the FLUM out of cycle

5. 9:00 - 20 Minute Opinion Presentation from a designated Hancock Neighbor with regards to the Proposed Plan

6. 9:20 - 10-15 minutes to discuss the agenda for November meeting and any other business

7. 9:30 - Meeting Adjourned

Perry Committee Members: Reed Henderson, Rafi Anuar, Bart Whatley, Carolyn Palaima, Holly Noelke, Bruce Fairchild, Gay Ratliff, Linda Guerrero, Cody Coe

Perry Committee Charge: (from Jan 2012 HNA Meeting) The charge to the Committee is to negotiate with the Owner for the development and zoning of the Commodore Perry Estate. The Committee shall make recommendations for the satisfactory agreements and safeguards on land use, and shall address the concerns and requirements identified by HNA members. Final adoption of the plan will be voted on by the general membership at a future meeting. The ad hoc Committee will be dissolved the earlier of an affirmative vote on the plan by the general members of the HNA at a regular or special meeting or the third Wednesday of January 2013.

Information about past meetings and the development proposal can be found on the neighborhood website