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MEETING MINUTES 3/16/2011 Hancock Neighborhood Association President Wouter Habraken called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. There were 21 people in attendance. The minutes of the January meeting were approved without reading. The treasurer gave a report: HNA has $9,631.29 in the checking account and $2,501.41 in savings. Committee reports followed. Newsletter: Carol Moczygemba was absent, but Kathleen Strong said she needed help recruiting advertisers, as some had been lost. She suggested that HNA members encourage business people they knew to put ads in the newsletter. Zoning: Bart Whatley was not present. Habraken said zoning committee is working on policies and processes at this time. Streets and Sewers: Steve Goldsmith was not present, so there was no report. Membership: Cynthia Smith was absent. Habraken said there will be a pet parade on July 4, a national night out October 4. The next Membership meeting will be April 6 and Smith needs RSVPs asap. Parks and Natural Environment: Carolyn Palaima said the restoration on 38th St side of the trail around the golf course will embark in the summer. Joel Cryer had been in charge of tree planning but since his recent passing someone else will need to take responsibility. Historic preservation committee: Hal Morris said the next meeting will be March 31 at a location to be announced. He will post the agenda and the mission statement. CANPAC: no representatives present. A presentation was given by Bick Brown, owner of the Hyde Park Bar & Grill, about a project to improve the intersection of 43rd and Duval. Property owners of all adjacent businesses support plans to pursue traffic-calming measures for common areas and address issues related to the bus stop and fire lanes. This is a revisiting of a plan started in 1998 by Partners For Public Spaces. Architect Karen McGraw was hired to work with the city to improve the plan when it was first proposed in 1998. It is complementary to neighborhood plans for both Hyde Park and Hancock Neighborhood Associations, and as such, Hyde Park Neighborhood Association asked for approval of a motion that would provide general support of the plan moving forward and designate the streets and sewer committee as the point of contact for HNA. Information about this will be posted on the HNA website. Habraken introduced the subject of changes to the HNA bylaws. Members voted to adopt Habraken's motion to amend the bylaws. They discussed each article and voted to accept the following amendments: Article 2 The Office shall be at the residence of the president. Article 3 was renumbered as Article 6. Article 5, legal status, was changed to: The association shall be organized and operated not for profit. Article 6, on procedures, the following was approved: the rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order newly revised shall govern the association in all cases in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws.

Article 4, on membership, the approved changed was to start the fiscal year January 1 and end it December 31. Article 10, officers, additions included: officers shall serve without pay; the position of community cooperative council representative is eliminated. Also, the reference to the Neighborhood Association Council was changed to Austin Neighborhoods Council. Verbiage was removed: the secretary shall serve as association historian. To treasurer was added: the treasurer shall maintain a roster of the association, including a list of all active, regular members. It was approved to remove the following language: The community council cooperative representative shall serve as the official representative to the community council cooperative. An individual holding another office in the association may also serve in this office concurrently. It was added that the executive shall meet as required. Article 11, Committees. Hancock Recreation Center Liaison was eliminated as a standing committee. Language added: All committee meetings shall be open to interested members of the association. Zoning committee: the mission of the zoning committee is to review development proposals, taking into consideration the nature and characteristics of the neighborhood and consistency with the adopted neighborhood plan. Membership committee mission: the mission of the membership committee is to work with the general membership to enlarge the association, encourage participation in committees and events, introduce new members and to organize social events for the benefits of the membership. Article 12, finance: the sentence was deleted and moved to Article 18: in the event that the association dissolves , any remaining assets shall be given to the Hancock Recreation Center. Mark Burch introduced a motion and handed out a copy: to preserve the notice and petition rights of property owners adjoining a large parcel when such a property is subdivided and a zoning change is requested for any of the resulting parcels. The motion was approved unanimously. The full motion was: The Hancock Neighborhood Association encourages the Major and City Council to begin the process of amending the Austin Code of Ordinances to preserve the notice and petition rights of property owners adjoining a large parcel when such a property is subdivided and a zoning change is requested for any of the resulting parcels. Specifically, we request that, when a zoning change is requested for a property within an area where a neighborhood plan has been adopted and when that property as been subdivided within five years preceding the zoning change request, the notice requirement and petition rights be based on the dimension so the parcel from which the subdivision was derived, not the portion of the original parcel for which the re-zoning is required. In cases where multiple subdivisions have occurred within he five-year period, the notice and petition rights shall be based on the largest pre-subdivision parcel that existed with that specified time period. The membership voted to approve forwarding a letter prepared by Bart Whatley regarding the Concordia site to the Mayor and City Council.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9 p.m.