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HNA 1/16/2013, 7:00 p.m. Call to Order Report from Special Perry Estate Committee Reed Henderson, Chair, gave report. Much anticipated report from the Perry Committee: Generally, much feedback in form of survey and position statements from several neighbors within 200ft of property. Basically, statements ask for zoning change permission and no support was given for zoning change. Strong sentiment against outdoor amplified sound. Lyda still wants outdoor sound so JE Acoustics generated report of recommendations. Lyda open to more strict guideline on decibel levels than city regulation. Permit for sound test is given and tomorrow 5:30 will be a sound test with recommended decibel test for one half hour. Another major issue, request for commercial zoning for entire tract. Perry committee suggested tract zoning, each of which will have zoning restrictions. Tract zoning will be commercial zoning on two tracts. Lyda is open to concept. Lyda still wants event space use and still have desire for hotel space use. These items will come before HNA for a vote. Charter still has negotiations progress and so the perry committee requests extension of charter. Lyda offers residential buffers on north and west of property. HNA member asks: summary of big picture of Special Committee; general discussion of the role and goal of the special committee. Response to question from HNA member, Lyda still wants option to build a senior living facility. 5 minute report from Chad regarding sound testing. Clarification to buffer on north or west. Discussion has been around limiting all noise below recommended decibel levels. For unamplified music, specific musical instruments are banned and complicated rules apply. It's easier to limit amplified music because an appliance can be plugged into speakers to govern decibel levels. Thursday, Jan 17th 2013 - sound simulation will be on garden area. Typical stereo setup for a wedding will be set up. Recorded music will be played up to the recommended decibel level. Speakers will be pointed away from residences because that is standing city regulation. HNA member wants the test done on the high area, NOT in the sunken garden area. In response to HNA member, the special committee has not been able to get lyda to change business plan for the Perry Estate. HNA member asks why perry committee meetings are secret. VP reiterates that the committee has no power to make decisions re perry estate. Committee only renders recommendations to HNA. HNA member argues against extension, states that Perry Estate business plan is a wholesale violation of the neighborhood. Argument to extend charter of Perry Estate Committee until March 20th: essentially, you ask for neighbors on committee to continue to negotiate stricter standards than city allows. Lyda wants to delay filing for land use on map until they know if committee charter will be extended. Motion to Extend the charter of the special Perry Estate committee to march 20th, allowing HNA to have more control to negotiate. Vote to extend Perry Committee charter to March 20th, 2013 CARRIES 24 for, 15 against Amendment to change committee makeup from current makeup to include entire HNA FAILS 14 for, 24 against Motion to reimburse Cynthia Smith for the July 4th HNA parade CARRIES (amount around $200, HNA thanks Cynthia Smith for her assistance) Nominations for the offices of president and vice president

Dave Yeager nominated for Vice President, Wins unanimously Carolyn Palaima nominated for President, wins unanimously Motion for special meeting of HNA on Feb 20th. HNA members objects and wants open Perry Committee meeting on Feb 20th. HNA members respond that a vote may be required on Feb. 20th due to timing of city actions. Developers will file for zoning change after our Feb 20th meeting, so we need to have HNA vote on position on Feb. 20th to have our position stated prior to zoning hearing. Friendly amendment that the meeting be of the committee, not HNA, and no votes can be done by definition. Motion CARRIES with Friendly Amendment 38 for, 1 against Election of Officers Bruce Fairchild elected as Treasurer Julia Reynolds elected as Secretary Handing of the gavel to the new president Update on the Harris Avenue development ­ Michael Hebert Hebert is neighbor to Harris Ave. Late October the Child Craft school was to be demolished by dev. Kevin Cutzinger/Ross Cole, zoned SFC, builders can build duplexes with 6 adult residents. 60 day backlog for permits with city. Hebert has not been successful meeting with developers. Commercial permit used to demolish Child Craft School, no asbestos test was done. Hebert believes the intent is to build 3 duplexes each with 6 residents each. There will be up to 18 vehicles at the development, parking in the alley and using it as a street. Hebert believes this building will be rented to students, "stealth dormitories". Neighbors don't want students here, adjacent to elementary school. Hebert appeals to Cutzinger/Cole to not build for students here. Angie, neighbor, states that Carolyn Ave. is important corridor for young kids walking and on bikes to Lee Elementary. Expressed safety concerns for kids due to increased vehicles in alley. Ross Cole said that HNA has not spoken with builder. Builders have spoken with Lee Elementary administration. Builder says the building is targeted to professionals, families and "graduate students". Pres. Palaima will adjourn a Zoning Committee meeting to discuss the project. Cole says builders are willing to appear at Zoning meeting. Planning and Zoning Report none Parks Report Green project moving forward and two trees have gone in. Confirmation from Youthworks that 38th street wall project will begin in March. Historic Preservation Report none Treasurer's report Checking Account Balance: $9432.25 Money Market Balance: $2503.71 Received Revenue: Ad revenue $775.00 Dues $70.00 Parking Passes $340.00 Payments Made: COA $340.00

Misc. $225.00 Worley Printing $664.00 Publication Committee's Report Deadline for newsletter Jan. 21st. New Business Request for "purple pipe" progress at Hancock Golf Course Old Business Announcements Adjournment