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Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Hancock Recreation Center President Carolyn Palaima called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. with about 120 members present. ACC Development at Highland Mall First on the agenda were Alexis Patterson, with public relations at Austin Community College, and Brian Dolezal with RedLeaf Properties. They explained plans to convert the Highland Mall complex into a mixed-use development including a campus for Austin Community College. The site will be the anchor for the Airport Blvd. urban renewal project and is supported by a public/private partnership. Plans include provisions for daytime and nighttime activities, a network of sidewalks, residences, retail establishments, offices and hospitality accommodations. The first portion of the ACC facility is expected to open in the fall of 2014. For more information, maps and architects' renderings, go to Vote on proposed Commodore Perry Estate -- Zoning and Development Standards The next item on the agenda was the membership vote for or against the Proposed Commodore Perry Estate Zoning and Development Standards negotiated by the special committee on the Perry Estate. Palaima explained the city's zoning process, whereby the membership vote would be reported to the CANPAC contact team for filing the amendment to the FLUM (future land use management) with city planning staff. The CANPAC vote will take place at a community meeting March 27. HNA representatives on the committee are Bart Whatley and Mike Hirsch.

Vote on the Perry Estate Committee Negotiated Proposal Prior to the vote on the Perry Estate committee's negotiated proposal there was time for questions and members' statements of agreement or opposition. Perry Committee chair Reed Henderson explained that he would vote against the proposal, believing the neighborhood has a better chance of getting more restrictions on development going through the zoning process without an agreement that he deems unsatisfactory. Committee member Bart Whatley expressed his support of the proposal, citing the many concessions that had been negotiated on noise restrictions and other salient points, and articulated in a binding covenant. Whatley said without the binding covenant, the developer was essentially freed of any negotiated zoning, sound and light standards previously agreed to. The final vote was 97 against; 20 for and one abstention. Hancock Golf Course Update David Boston with the National Habitat and Esthetic Improvement organization proposed planting trees and shrubs at the corners of the Hancock Golf Course and along Waller Creek. Irrigation will be supplied by the reclaimed water system being installed at the golf course. The membership approved by acclamation the National Habitat stewards moving forward with the planting project. Palaima announced that work on the 38th St side of the walking/jogging trail will begin this week. Young people with YouthWorks will be providing the labor, and neighbors are encouraged to provide them with refreshments. Harris Avenue Duplexes Update Mike Hebert, a resident on Carolyn Avenue, reported on neighbors' efforts

to intervene in the development of "stealth dorms" on the Harris Avenue property that was formerly Child Craft day care. As planned, three duplexes on land zoned SF3 would each house six residents for a total allowable of 18 unrelated tenants and 18 vehicles. Neighbors in the immediate vicinity and neighborhood parents of Lee Elementary students expressed strong opposition to the development, citing the safety of children walking to and from school and the expected deterioration of quality of life in the area owing to immaturity of the tenants, who are likely to be students. Members voted by acclamation to approve a petition to City Council: TO CITY MANAGER, MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF AUSTIN Stealth dorms and dorm duplexes are devastating neighborhoods and disrupting lives in Central Austin neighborhoods. We implore the City Manager, the Mayor and the City Council to take emergency action to stop this plague in Central Austin neighborhoods. This problem calls for emergency action. Too many lives are being devastated to defer acting any longer. Huffstickler Green As part of the agreement with the City, HNA and Hyde Park Neighborhood Association will take responsibility for maintaining the newly completed Huffstickler Green at the corner of 38th and Duval. The associations will share the cost of water and will organize volunteers to maintain the area. No Trespass Ordinance Applied to Sound HNA, Hyde Park, NUNA and Eastwoods neighborhood will together appeal to the City to apply the no trespass ordinance to noise coming into the neighborhoods from downtown rooftops as a different way to approach the persistent problem. Bylaws Committee

A committee led by HNA vice president David Yeager will review and revise the HNA bylaws this summer. Affordable Housing Palaima urged members to study the City's affordable housing policy and how to address the issue in Central Austin. The item will be on the May membership meeting agenda for discussion. The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.