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Minutes of the HNA Meeting 3/21/12 (as amended at the May 16 th HNA meeting). Meeting begins 3/21/2012 7:00pm no minutes read Mark Summers - 905 E. 38th Street owner speaking for Pride & Joy Daycare variance request Summers said he is not a landlord, has owned the house 10 years. Pride and Joy daycare is a good organization. Summers was informed by city that he can remove conditional use permit when P&J leaves. He will write document asserting that he promises to remove conditional use permit when P&J leaves. Summers requests we remove resistance to conditional use permit and allow P&J to open. HNA member asserts the agreement would need to be legally binding. HNA member asserts it would be hard to create a legally binding agreement promising to cancel conditional use permit. HNA member asserts that a couple of neighbors had objected but were not at the meeting. Motion to allow conditional use permit fails 10 ­ 3. COA codes enforcement Moses Rodriguez, codes enforcement officer, explained codes complaints in neighborhood - 311 is reporting phone number; Two houses on Duval have escalated fines for abandonment. Property is not tagged dangerous, just substandard. Fines are 250 a week and have been accumulating for several years. Codes does not deal with noise - unless it is noisy machinery from commercial property. SXSW parties can be reported to 311 - City command center. 974-3594 is Moses' direct phone. Airport BLVD Powerpoint presentation narrated by Jorge Rousselin, map, and informational material distributed. Early May - public open house for Imagine Austin/airport blvd plan.

Motion: Zoning committee will collect photos representative of preferred building types for the Hancock portion of the Airport Blvd development area. We will drop flyers on residents' doors in the affected area (45th street) to inform residents about COA meetings regarding Airport Dev. Motion passes 18-1 Officer Reports President's notes Report on pillar hit on Red River and Park, pillar partially destroyed by car. Repairs are ongoing today by the owner. Treasurer's report HNA account balance is: $3887.56 Committee Reports Ad hoc Golf committee Committee is reviewing information on golf course situation. Recommendations: 1. HNA needs a solid position on Hancock golf course - The Hancock Golf course remain a golf course with current existing funding structure under golf enterprise fund with expenditures allocated for maintenance of the course. Item 1 passes with 26 in favor (3 abstentions) 2. HNA supports PARD's plan to connect to reclaimed water and replace pipes in irrigation system. Purple lines must be put in according to city code. Cost is to be fronted by Water Utilities, to be paid in future by mitigation. Item 2 passes with 31 in favor 3. We support assessment course and clubhouse management and greens fees to support more efficient operation. Item 3 passes with 27 in favor (2 abstentions) 4. Pursuing historical recognition for Hancock Golf Course. Item 4 passes with 31 in favor.

Meeting on 24th to support neighborhood support. Golf committee will ask surrounding neighborhood associations to join in support of our position. Perry Estate Committee Feb. 29th, notes are on website. Developer presented plan and did not request action from committee. Plan includes farm to table restaurant, gardens, culinary school, and event center in the mansion for conferences and weddings with up to 400 attendees. Potentially up to 100 Courtyard bungalows/condos to be developed on west of property. 6 B & B rentals are proposed within the masion. Some of the historical buildings may be torn down in development. They are not protected because of National Register status. Griffith school would definitely be torn down. Newsletter Newsletter for next month will be prepared Sunday. Zoning no report Streets and Sewers no report Membership no report Historic Preservation no report Parks and Environment Scheduled work on the trail on 38th and Duval for the spring. Waller Creek was cleaned up for 1Q, 9 volunteers. Will be cleaned quarterly. CANPAC Reps All crime is down except for violent crime. West Campus: Freedmen's Bar is going to open and wants permit for outdoor music. David Street, developer plans to build large residential buildings (stealth dorms).

Other: Child Craft was cleaned up by two hard working guys.