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Hancock Neighborhood Association Meeting ­ July 18, 2012 1) Approval of Minutes from May Meeting (CARRIES) 2) Discussion and Vote on Conditional Use Agreement for Day Care at 905 E. 38th Street 1. Amendment to the Conditional Use Permit Request, payment to HNA in case of breach will be 5000, not 1000. Motion CARRIES 3) Parks Committee Report · Trail Updates Per Mike, Carolyn met with Youthworks manager. City is currently pricing the work on wall on 38th, bridge will go over 42d, full report next meeting. · Creek Clean-up 8 volunteers last quarter and we received a plaque from COA for cleanup, will mount plaque near creek. 4) Zoning Committee Report · 4306 Red River ­ Report and Vote Request to move Austin Vintage Guitars, need LR zoning (consumer repair and general retail). Change in use triggers change in neighborhood plan. Concerns (sound ­ owners assure there will not be musical performances, testing occurs in sound proof rooms) current neighbors' affidavit confirms shop is not noisy. Some civic uses cannot be denied by HNA (example, adult day care) HNA is prohibiting some conditional use due to traffic or noise concerns. City is waiting for HNA's recommendation. Public hearing is July 24th, details are on the HNA website. Motion to endorse request to LR. MOTION CARRIES · Concordia Update Mike received packet of Concordia status, Bart reviewed the plans and confirmed they are in compliance with existing agreement with HNA. HNA member neighbor of Concordia asks what is being done on Duncan, looks like a water treatment facility. Fences of neighbors were damaged by original developer. Per Bart, developer has been unresponsive to neighborhood concerns. 5) Perry Estate Committee Report 1. Perry Estate update from last meeting with owners: Current proposal from owners includes mansion as special events center. Restaurant is still planned but unclear as to details. All east of dividing wall will be special events, all west of wall will be high density/high end residential properties (approx 50 residences) A new street would divide property. High end properties up to 4 stories are planned. Parking both under buildings and surface parking. Plan to

remove convent building along Red River and build new facilities in its place. Proposed zoning change of whole property to commercial. Parking and urban gardens planned for flood plain. This proposal is on the HNA website. Latest proposal includes outdoor amplified sound. 2. HNA Perry Committee met 7/17/12: discussed 2 items: 1. new proposal from June meeting 2. discuss questions for city staff, will address questions to city in next few weeks 6) Publications Committee Report Please send articles for newsletter to Carol by the end of this week. 7) HNA CANPAC Appointment (s) Mike reappoints Bart to CANPAC. 8) Discussion on Endorsement of 10 ­ 1 City Council Redistricting Plan Austin Neighborhood Council endorses this plan, further discussion tabled for future meeting to hear opposing plans MOTION CARRIES 9) Neighbor of the Year Award ­ Discussion State Farm asks for nomination for NOY. Winner will receive $100 gift card. Details will be in newsletter. State Farm will choose winner. 10) Treasurers Report 1. Receivables not yet paid: $150 2. Expenditures: $1200 newsletters (2) 3. Payable last year's parade still outstanding: (approx 200) 4. Ad revenue: $1000+ 5. Paypal membership renewals don't show full names, raised as issue Paypal should be addressed by executive committee 6. $11,067 in checking account 7. $2,503 in money market 11) Parade Report & Approval to Pay for Parade Costs 4th of July Parade cost: $509.28 MOTION TO REIMBURSE CARRIES City owed $240 for police, $125 balloon artist, party supplies $112.14, food $17.32 12) Discuss & Vote to Support or Oppose Proposed Short Term Rental Ordinance Type 1, Home-away (homeowners with Homestead exemption) Type 2, commercial operations (non-Homestead properties) dwelling must be separate, must collect hotel occupancy tax Ordinance is intended to address short term rental problems like noise and trash, especially during South By Southwest. Type 2 encroaches on residential areas with commercial activity.

Distinguished from Bed & Breakfast, which is allowed. Austin NeighborhoodCouncil does NOT support ordinance. Commercial Short term rentals will remove housing from residential pool because housing is set aside for short term. Will allow accumulation of residential properties into parcels which could be used for development. is one of the corporate supporters of this ordinance. Supporters of ordinance feel it will reinvigorate tourism industry in Austin. Board of Adjustment has already ruled that short term rentals are illegal. HNA member says this ordinance is an encroachment on neighborhoods. Running conversation between members discussing pros and cons of commercial short term rentals. MOTION made to OPPOSE the ordinance CARRIES 12-3 13) Old Business 14) New Business 15) Announcements 16) Adjourn