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RESOLUTION NO. 20141002-042 WHEREAS, there are several City Code requirements that apply to a private party held in a residential dwelling; and WHEREAS, these requirements are intended to promote safety and quality of life for those attending as well as those living in the area near a private party; and WHEREAS, these requirements have not been consistently enforced, though some recent incidents that involved overcrowding of events in residential areas have spurred a stricter and more consistent approach, which will likely make it very difficult for residents to legally hold private parties; and WHEREAS, the term 'private party' is not actually defined in the code; and WHEREAS, there could be instances where private parties held in residential areas do not necessitate the level of requirements currently dictated by the code; and WHEREAS, creating a more practical set of regulations and a permit for private parties may improve the rate of compliance with the sound ordinance, overoccupancy, and other important aspects of a private party; and

WHEREAS, the need for some agreement on private party regulations is of particular concern in West Campus due to a higher concentration of students and therefore parties; and WHEREAS, both students and long-term residents in and near the area just west of the University of Texas have concerns that must be considered in balancing between reasonable nightlife and quality of life; and WHEREAS, a dialogue that includes, but is not limited to, representatives of West Campus residents, surrounding neighborhoods, Greek life, the University Area Partners, Student Government, Senate of College Councils, representatives of Co-ops, and the University of Texas, as well as city stakeholders including the Music Office, Austin Police Department, Austin Code Department, Planning and Development Review Department, Austin Fire Department, and others, will be vital to understanding the safety and quality of life needs for all stakeholders in the area to the west of the University of Texas; and WHEREAS, until this permit is created, staff may work with students to allow someflexibilityin the permit requirements while ensuring safety and quality of life are maintained; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUSTIN:

The City Council initiates code amendments that define "private party" and create a permit process for private parties, directs the City Manager to process the code amendments and bring them to Council by November 20, 2014, and directs the City Manager to provide an opportunity for stakeholders to provide input on the proposed code amendments as well as work with staff on any other recommendations related to private parties.


October 2

. 2014

ATTESTS\fVLyLjL^o=x. h J^^ay£i^^ ( Jannette S. Goodall M City Clerk