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Helpful Links and Information provided by Carol Gibbs with the City of Austin Carol Gibbs, Neighborhood Advisor City of Austin Planning & Development Review Dept. 505 Barton Springs Rd., 5th floor 512-974-7219 Dev Web Map = -- play with it a little, and then call me if you want more tips on researching stuff. AMANDA (online database of permits, zoning cases, etc.) = Online Tools & Resources = Outdoor Music Venue Permits = OMV Application = pplication.pdf Temporary Sound Permit = nd_Permit_Application.pdf Austin City Code - CHAPTER 9-2. NOISE AND AMPLIFIED SOUND = eandamplifiedsound?f=templates$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:austin_tx PDRD = Neighborhood Planning Areas = - scroll down to CANPAC, then click on various links. The original Plan does not include the amendments that have occurred since it was adopted. Those will be listed in the Ordinance Chart. NAC = - links to resources for neighborhoods Community Registry = Maps of each record in the Community Registry: Open Data Portal = including the contents of the Community Registry in a downloadable table Forms & Applications =

Demographics = Council Meetings = Channel 6 = Public Records Search =