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Attendees: Carolyn Palaima, Reed Henderson, Gay Ratliff, Bruce Fairchile, Cody Coe, Bart Whatley, Linda Guerrero + 13 neighbors, Holly Agenda: 1. Request for items not agenda ­ no one has items 2. Review Committee process a. Start with input request on anything not on the agenda that people want 3. Review Committee Charge a. It's posted on website, everyone is aware, Jan 2012 a.i. To negotiate w/owner for development and zoning. Committee shall make recommendations and address concerns by neighbors. Final recommendation will be made by HNA at general membership mtg. Committee end date earlier of Jan 2013 or when finished. 4. Meeting with Wouter next Tuesday, hosted at Wouter's house for immediate neighbors. Not sure parameters of who can or can't attend. Reed to get input at this meeting on concerns. a. Question from audience on how they will be notified of mtg. It's not a HNA meeting, invites don't come from committee or HNA, no one clear on invite rules. 5. What has committee done to date? ­ Ask by Bruce for Bart to explain email, and meeting with city staff. Review briefly last meeting to audience. a. Developer met with us on June 19th, since then have had a number of meetings. One was with city staff, one was before the city mtg where we discussed what to ask of city. We asked that developer not be at the city meeting. City staff mtg pertained to noise, trees, zoning information. The notes are posted on website, 7/30 was that meeting. Developer was at the meeting, not clear how they were invited, wasn't from committee. Post-mortem was held, concern that we listened, and didn't argue anything. So, result was to write a letter saying that silence wasn't acquiescence on anything. Nothing for or against any particular item. b. Mark ­ all the discussion of music permits, didn't make it clear that permits are only for outdoor music. Says music indoors isn't regulated by permits. c. Carolyn ­ due to complexity of situation, divisiveness within neighborhood, some committee members (Linda, Reed, Carolyn), met with Carol Biggs (Change to Gibbs) with the city who is a neighborhood liaison. Recommendation is that she speak to the HNA, as she has experience dealing with FLUM out of cycle vs not out of cycle, sound, overall process. She's objective, straightforward, knowledgable about these matters city process. She's been doing this for 3-4 yrs for the city. Try to get her on September 19th meeting. She works for city, in the neighborhood assistance division. This position was promised by council and held vacant for 4yrs. ANC requested this position, she is pro-neighborhood. She said we're early since no application has been filed, she can guide us on best time to come forward, talked about other neighborhood's that `shot themselves in the foot'. Can help us on how to be strategic on outdoor sound, if you know when it gets addressed in the cycle you can use this to your advantage. Zoning comes up first, then later the music, that can be in a overlay

6. Mark ­ reminds committee that it's charge is to negotiate with owner, not city. We should ask developer first to address the problems the neighborhood has with his plan. 7. Carolyn said developer hasn't filed anything so that there isn't anything to negotiate, but Bart says there is something that the developer 8. Neighbors ­ says developers is moving forward with PR, why aren't we talking to developer to reduce footprint. 9. Bart says agenda tonight is to go through it. 10. If outdoor amplified music is non-negotiable, why not tell the developer that now and what's strategy? Not talk to them unless they take it off the table? 11. Neighbor ­ don't get too focused on one element, sound, that causes us to miss other things ­ car trips, density, etc. Carol Biggs mentioned this. 12. Neighbor comment that we should be moving on the list and temperature of the neighborhood now so when developer files we are already prepared. 13. Reed ­ has been charged to get the feedback from the neighborhood. Can we do an online survey monkey? 14. Karen ­ wants it said to developer `your business model relies upon component that at this point our neighborhood seems to be strongly rejecting, could you consider please a business model that doesn't rely on these components, things like amplified sound, commercial rezoning, events of >350 people, increase in traffic and noise.' Why don't you think of these different things. 15. Neighbor ­ make an original statement like Karen said. It's a general meeting vote of the neighborhood that would be required to communicate the neighborhood stance.. 16. Mark ­ why not have the committee take temperature and negotiate with developer now so that what is filed with city is a mutually acceptable proposal 17. Concern about a survey and how quickly it could be done. Send a letter to developer that we are evaluating their proposal and need additional time to gather feedback and will respond when we have sufficient input 18. Mike H is certified at doing surveys and can help craft it. 19. Sept 19th meeting to vote to have another meeting on Oct 19th. 20. Gay ­ checked on Tarry House, est ~45yrs ago in Tarrytown, has a large property, surrounded by neighbors. They have 5 days/month to have amplified music outdoors or indoors. Generally 3 music events/month, sometimes zero. Laguna Gloria ­she said it's no issue because they are used to traffic. Someone said they are all non-profits so it's hard to compare. Allen House (1104 San Antonio) ­ can have 5 events/month for amplified music, but that rarely happens. Mary Sanger also provided info, originally 15 families affected by noise and complained, since then they've done sound mitigation and they aren't getting complaints anymore. Saint Cecilia, want to find out how they operate. 21. Mark ­ will post tomorrow to website, chart shows comparable venues, base zoning (Tarry has SF3), Laguna (SF3), Allen (Commercial Svcs), Hotel Saint Cecilia (was MF4, now GR) ­ has 13 rooms, no bar or restaurant. Mansion at Judge's hill is only one with bar and restaurant, has 47 rooms. A lot of these other venues are non-profits, so they aren't driven to have as many events as possible to generate profits for owners. Mark ­ amplified music is not governed by zoning. 22. Zoning primer ­ pdf and post on website ­ Reed. 23. Final agenda item ­ process for gathering input. a. Priority order of what we value about property

b. Then something that goes through 19 points (from an email) that will have a true sense about what we feel about all of that. 24. There is a recorder on that has just been spotted, Sharon Choksi is recording ­ Carolyn saw it and asked that out of courtesy if she could notify the group that she is recording the meeting. 25. Mike H volunteers to build a formal survey based on a rough up by the committee. Reed to lead the rough up. Tomorrow. Sunday to have something to Mike. 26. Regular meetings on first Wed and third Tuesday of each month. If we don't have topics we can cancel. Meeting adjourned 9:23pm