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Minutes of HNA Regular Meeting. 7/15/15 HNA President Mark Harkrider called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Approximately 21 people were in attendance, including Council member Kathie Tovo' aide, Joi Harden. Reading of the previous meeting minutes was waived as was the treasurer's report, due the Treasurer, Bruce Fairchild, being out of state, will be posted to the HNA website. (Need PDF ) The HNA Zoning and Development Committee presented for discussion and possible action a recommendation in the form of a resolution. In summary, the resolution proposed amending the S3 zoning criteria within HNA boundaries to eliminate duplex zoning and encourage Accessory Dwelling Units on small lots of 5, 750 sq feet. ( lot sizes of 7,000 sq feet or over are byright allowed to have an ADU). The discussion centered on several points: In support of the resolution, zoning and development committee members said duplex developments continue, even under occupancy limits of four unrelated people per building, and result in the tear down of single family homes by investors and destroying the single family nature of the neighborhood; further, it was pointed out many Texas cities have separate zoning categories for duplexes and are not allowed in single family zones. In opposing the resolution's "trade off" of eliminating duplexes in favor of ADU's on small lots, concerns were raised that the public does not know what the new ADU rules, now under consideration by the Council, will entail and therefore HNA should wait until the City Council decides in August ( most likely) on the new rules, which will include set back requirements, permitted use for short term rentals and what type, the location of entrance to the ADU, allowable height, impervious coverage permitted, the number of required parking spaces. Some members were not sure of the unintended consequences of allowing ADUs on smaller lots, such as the impact on.neighboring properties' appraisal value, street parking, privacy. Further, it was pointed out this might not be politically feasible in that the Council is making every effort to channel these types of zoning changes through the Code Next process ( the revision of the land development code), not on an ad hoc basis, and is wary of creating more special zoning criteria. After a lengthy discussion, a vote resulted in the resolution being amended eliminating the ADU section. On a second vote, a resolution passed asking the City Council to retain the single family characteristic of HNA neighborhood by disallowing future duplexes within HNA's boundaries. The resolution will be sent to Council member Tovo. ( see HNA website for full version of the resolution as presented by the zoning and development and the amended version accepted) The next item for discussion regarded changing the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary School. This was a non voting item. Two residents of the neighborhood spoke in favor of changing the name and asked the HNA to pass such a resolution to change the name. Also, Individuals were urged to express their views on the school's name to AISD, which has established a special committee to review name changes for the four AISD schools which are named after Confederate leaders. AISD contact information below was provided by Dave Junker, who spoke at the meeting and is a Member of Lee Campus Advisory Council and Parent of Five Lee students (1 former, 2 present and 2 more in the pipeline)

· AISD is setting a date in August for a subcommittee meeting to discuss the issue of renaming four Austin schools named for figures of the Confederacy, including Robert E. Lee Elementary. The date of the meeting has yet to be finalized. · The subcommittee is the AISD Board Oversight Committee on Excellence through Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Trustees include: Paul Saldaña (Chairman), (512) 7717284, Kendall Pace (Vice Chair), Jayme Mathias ((512) 4142530) Edmund T. Gordon ((512)4142520) The trustee for District 5, which includes Lee, is Amber Elenz. Although she is not on this subcommittee, she may attend the meeting. (512) 4142413 Email: · Concerns or recommendations may be submitted to the committee at or to individual trustees · The committee meeting will be public, though it may not include a period for public comment, which may come later · Any decision will take into consideration the concerns of the community, including neighborhoods, parents, teachers, and current and former students. The first step is to decide whether to change the name, the second is to select a name based on nominations from the community The final item on the HNA meeting agenda was a presentation by Austin Transportation staff member, Aleksiina Chapman, on the proposed changes to San Jacinto between Dean Keaton and Speedway. See the proposed changes. Your comments are encouraged and can be sent striping Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm. Submitted by Mary Sanger