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September 2015

Meet New HNA Historian, Tiffany Scolnic
Tiffany Scolnic has found an ideal way to apply her master's degree in public history from Texas State University. She has volunteered to be the new Hancock Neighborhood Association historian. A resident of the Hancock neighborhood since 2004, Tiffany said, "This neighborhood has a unique charm. There is a sense of community here, a sense that people take pride in this location in the center of the city close to all the action." In this area so rich in stories of Austin's past, Tiffany intends to collect oral histories from longtime residents and document the HNA's role in preserving the neighborhood's character. Her experience includes serving as project lead on the National Park Service Team for Lyndon B. Johnson National Park. The research is to be published in an upcoming Lyndon B. Johnson biography. If you have information pertinent to Tiffany's neighborhood research, or would like to contribute an oral history, you may contact Tiffany at Submitted by Carol Moczygemba

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A Note from the HNA President on Providing Input for Proposed Development
Reprinted from HNA website posted on 9/10/2015 There are several routes available to residents of Hancock Neighborhood to protest and/or intervene in a proposed development: HNA's Executive Committee, HNA's Zoning and Development Committee and neighbors right to sign up "as interested parties" with the City's Permit Department. If there is a request to demolish or remove a historic home ( 50 years plus), HNA and neighboring properties may become "interested parties" and challenge the permit request before the Historic Landmark Commission, and the option is always available to make comments at the Planning Commission and before the City Council. Since January, 2015, one or more of these avenues have been used to question and/or protest developments. The Executive Committee and neighboring property owners protested the Liberty street developments, where we were able to force minor adjustments to one of the projects. Neighbors and the Executive Committee went before the the Historic Landmark Commission to protest the demolition of the historic home on Harris Park Avenue. Not winning that venue, the Executive Committee and neighbors went directly to the new buyer requesting them to preserve the home as much as possible and to rent to families. The owners responded favorably, but we have not seen the final building plans. Kathie Tovo's aide, at the request of neighboring property owners, looked into the Beanna street duplex, and the Zoning and Development Committee has reviewed the Beanna Street project and the Duncan street permit. We have used the mechanisms available, but, regrettably,all these developments are legal. There is not a neighborhood in Austin that is not faced with the demolition of historic homes, and the loss of single family homes to duplexes. Under current code, we can not prevent these developments. The occupancy reduction limits code, passed in March, 2014, which limits the number of unrelated people in a duplex, has greatly prevented the number of single family homes being replaced by duplexes. But the code had a two year limit and this fall we will once again need to mount an all -out fight to make the occupancy limit code permanent. During the Code rewrite, we can, if we choose, fight to prevent duplexes in single family zoned neighborhoods. As President of HNA, I personally, think residents of Hancock should be vocal about projects such as these above that raise significant concerns including using all avenues available and writing to all members of the Mayor and City Council to notify them to what is occurring. Residents of HNA must continue to be hyper vigilant and to alert the HNA Executive Committee and the Zoning and Development committee about all permit requests and any questions you have regarding those permits. Best regards, Mark Harkrider President, HNA


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We are currently in Stage 2 Water Restrictions


Published on HNA Website by HNA Webmaster, George Wilson on Friday 05/29/15


HNA Meeting Minutes

The HNA Zoning and Development Committee presented a recommendation to amend the city S-3 zoning criteria to eliminate duplex zoning in Hancock and to encourage Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's.) The recommendation addressed the destruction of single family homes and replacement with duplexes which destroy the single family character of the neighborhood. Some Texas cities do not allow duplexes in single family zones. Concerns were raised about supporting ADU's because the new rules governing them were not yet in place as of the meeting. For example, it was not known what building height ADU rules would allow, how much impervious coverage would be permitted, or the impact on parking and privacy. After omitting the item about ADU's, a resolution was passed asking the City Council to disallow future duplexes in Hancock. The next agenda item was the re-naming of Lee Elementary School. Information was given on how to contact AISD trustees about that topic. The last item was a presentation by Austin Transportation staff about changes to San Jacinto between Dean Keaton Street and Speedway. To read the minutes in full, go to the Hancock website, Select Documents then General Meeting Minutes. Submitted by Kathleen Strong

Free Trees By End of Year
It has been confirmed that TreeFolks, a local nonprofit, will be offering free trees in our neighborhood through their NeighborWoods program before the end of the year. They will mark yards that qualify for a free street tree with small flags and leave an order form at the front door. To get your trees, just fill out the order card and drop it in the mail. TreeFolks delivers the tree right to your doorstep, along with planting and watering instructions. For more information, visit .


Save the Date - Hancock Native Plant Swap Is October 24th
The Fall Swap has been scheduled. We will have both native milkweed, Antelope Horn, and Tropical milkweed seeds to give away to participants. The swap is a way for neighbors to spread great performing plants around the neighborhood. Every spring and fall, we usually see a lot of small plants pop up around mature ones. Many times we don't need more of the same, you would pot those up and bring them to the event, put them in the appropriate category of sun/shade, then go seek out plants you want/need. This free event is held around daybreak at Mother's Café & Garden, we have to start packing up around 9:30am. Check out our facebook page for info :


THE talent
All submissions from neighbors welcome! Please send to

Nameless Dread
I'd like you to meet a friend of mine who lives inside my head his name sends shivers up my spine I call him Nameless Dread In the wee small hours when a creaking floor can make me catch my breath he jiggles the handle of the bedroom door and scares me half to death In the great outdoors on moonless nights when the ground is wet with dew he'll make me think of vampire bites and what the dingoes do So now when monsters roam the skies and lurk beneath your bed ignore them all and close your eyes it's only Nameless Dread tony beckwith 2015


Neighbor in the street
When neighbors meet in the street, fascinating tidbits can be revealed. The next time you run into someone in Hancock, ask them a few questions, take a pic with your phone, and send it (with permission) to the editor at

No submission this quarter.

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I need help managing advertising for the newsletter. I've been doing it by myself for 7 years. Before we began an active advertising program, the newsletter consisted of one sheet of paper printed front and back. When we got serious about advertising, we brought in enough revenue to expand the newsletter to its current length of 12 pages. I need help contacting potential advertisers to explain our procedures, deadlines, and rates. I need help coordinating with the editor and the treasurer to see that ads are run and billed correctly. If you can help, email me at Thank you, Kathleen Strong

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Thank you HNA Officers:
President: Mark Harkrider Vice President: James Harkrider Treasurer: Bruce Fairchild Secretary: Mary Sanger Historian: Tiffany Scolnic
Webmaster: George Wilson Newsletter Editor: Carleen Edgar Newsletter Ads: Kathleen Strong


5 Annual HNA 4 of July Parade & Picnic



Important Dates
Fire Station Festival
Sunday, October 18 4301 Speedway, 4-6 p.m.

Hancock Fall Native Plant Swap
Saturday, October 24 Mother's Café 8 ­ 9:30am

HNA regular meeting
Sept 16th 7pm ­ 8:30pm Hancock Rec Center


Melissa Linden oversees another successful HNA 4th of July Parade and Picnic.

Thanks to Carol Moczygemba for the great pictures!